Sunday Rant – 1724


Joe’s Comment – I found the following tag line on some wit’s commentary –
I’m a dyslexic agnostic insomniac.
I lay awake at night wondering if there is a dog.”
Not bad!
The less than stellar weather is exacerbating the growth of grass – cool, somewhat cloudy, and rain.  I am a sunshine worshiper.  Almost the end of April and I’m getting antsy.
My sleeping is getting better – I can sleep 3 to 4 hours in a row!  A quick intermission then another 2 or 3 hours.  That is an improvement.  Winter sleeping is always less restful.  Summer sleeping is great.  I’m in transition…..
As for the existence of “doG”, not my issue in the great adventure of Life©.
My job is challenge myself, help others, and use the Golden Rule and the Platinum Rule as guiding stars.  Life-long learning is the key.  As long as you don’t forget.  As Rudyard Kipling said –
I’m ready for summer weather.
If it comes early, I won’t complain…..



Quick Dick McDick
In this episode, Quick Dick retires Morty, his old Ford pick-up, and gets a new old truck – a 4 x 4 Dodge.
Big Mustache Al is a Dodge fanboy.
We think that fact influenced Quick Dick.
Joe and I can’t even imagine:

Stephen Harper and Preston Manning
The following video is from 22 of March, 2023.
Stephen Harper begins speaking at 11:50.
The conversation between Mr. Harper and Mr. Manning begins at 32:50.
Joe and I miss these men.
There is ample prediction about the future of Canada, and some good advice to Pierre Poilievre, as well as some cautions.
Sorry about the embedding that didn’t happen.
The two URLs below will take you there.  Just select, copy, and paste into your browser in the URL box, and select “Enter”:–march-22-2023?id=ac7a3ce4-41f7-4ea7-8561-97c3bc211188


The damn embedding method didn’t work on this one, either:



Israel vs Hamas
Joe and I like the historic summary a Quora commenter, Michael Gross,
composed to detail the back and forth between the Israelis and Arabs.
We presume his history starts with the English domination of the region at the end of the 19th century with the decline of the Ottoman Empire, and the consequent impact of World War I on the region.  Here’s how Michael summarized the interplay of Jews and Arabs –
“England: Hey, I have a bunch of land I don’t want to bother with anymore. How about I give half back to Jews and half to Arabs?
Jews: Sure!
Arabs: No.
England: Okay, new plan. I gave over half to Arabs to make Jordan. Give rest back to Jews?
Jews: Sure.
Arabs: No.
England: Okay, new new plan. We split what is left, give land Jews already own to Jews for new country and worthless desert to Jews, and give rest, and good land, to Arabs to make own country. Cool?
Jews: Fine.
Arabs: Fck no!
England: Fine. I’m done. I wash hands.
Jews: Okay. We are now Israel! Mazel tov!
Arabs: Noooo! Attack attack attack!
Jews: Fck you. We don’t roll over and die this time. We win!
Arabs: Noooo! Give back land! 1947 borders!
Jews: Fck you. You lost war you start. Can’t demand 1947 partition plan now.
Arabs: Fck Jews. Kill all Jews. Drive back into sea! Attack!
Jews: Again? Do you not learn? Come at us same old way, we beat you same old way.
Arabs: Noo! Dirty Jews steal land! Give back!
Jews: Fck you. You lost war. Again. Go away.
Arabs: Please give back land? With cherry?
Jews: Promise not to attack anymore?
Arabs: Promise.
Jews: Okay fine. Have Sinai back. Okay?
Arabs: Attack!
Jews: Goddamnit.
Arabs: Noo! How do we lose? Inshallah!
Arabs: Israel is evil white European colonizer! Israel is illegal! Israel is Apartheid!
Jews: The fck?

Arabs: Israel is doing genocide to Palestinians!
Jews: Who are Palestinians? You mean Arabs?
Arabs: No! Palestinians who are native of Judea…I mean Palestine!
Jews: The fck? They were Jordanian, Syrian, Egyptian, yesterday.
Arabs: No no, always Palestinian! Give back country of Palestine! Attack!
Jews: Stop throwing rockets.
Arabs: No!
Jews: Fine. We shoot you.
Arabs: Genocide!
Jews: Ugh. Fine. We build Iron Dome.
Arabs: Not fair! Give us Iron Dome too! UN said so?
Jews: What? Why? Just stop throwing rockets.
Arabs: No!
Jews: Okay, fck this. You want own shit? Here. Have Gaza. We leave. Wait, why are you tearing up water pipes and shit?
Arabs: For rocket bodies.
Jews: Goddamnit.
Arabs: Waah! Israel won’t give us water!
Jews: Fck you. You are in charge of Gaza. You dug up pipes. Own problem now.
Arabs: Fck Jews! Attack!
Jews: Knock it off! Okay, fine, we blockade. Stop throwing rockets!
Arabs: No! Waah! Open air prison!
Jews: Just stop throwing rockets! Then all problems stop!
Arabs: No! Fck Jews! We throw more rockets! Resist occupation!
Jews: Jesus Christ. What occupation? We left!
Arabs: Apartheid! Genocide!
Jews: Whatever. Look, you are poor. Some of your people want to earn money in Israel. Promise not to make problems?
Arabs: Okay…
Jews: Cool.
Arabs: Attack! Murder! Rape! Hostages!
Jews: You motherfckers! We kill you!
Arabs: Waah! Why Israel so aggressive? Waah!
Very clear.
Joe queries – is this the result of failed negotiations between people with an average of 2 standard deviations in IQ difference?
The Arab grasp of critical thinking as applied to Israel seems lacking.
I hope Michael Gross analyses the Ukraine vs Russia conflict.


Tree Ring
John Robson takes a close look at how climate data is gathered.
How can a scientist say with any confidence, that temperature averages are X, Y, or Z?  Indeed, how can a scientist know anything about temperature long ago and far away?
Mr. Robson does a very good job in explaining that the data scientist’s use is susceptible to error.
Joe and I are no guru or wizard or magician.  What we are is a mud pecker with a good nose for bull shit, and a half assed idea of logic, critical thinking, and flim-flammery.
We suspect that ANY argument about proxy data is rife with controversy.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the melt down continues.
Shades of Little Black Sambo.
It seems that politicians, usually testing the political wind endlessly, are tripping over themselves to bet the farm on flaky science predicting the end of times.
Joe and I say let the discussion continue.  Keep the questions flowing and encourage the argument .
The Truth will out, and honest debate only hurries The Truth along.
Lord knows The Truth has been kidnapped and sequestered for political gain too many times in the past, and there is no indication of future change:


Dr. Peter McCullough introduces parenting secrets to combat excessive childhood vaccination, febrile seizures, and the risk of autism.
The Bell Curve standard distribution for autism is NOT THE SAME for children who have not been vaccinated vs vaccinated.
When Joe and I was a puppy, we received a few vaccinations – always singular (focused on only one malady, i.e., polio, or measles for example).
In our modern world, babies and children receive many vaccinations, some of which focus on a multitude of targets.  Dr. McCullough’s argument is that for some children this is a disaster and is a strong risk, if not causative – the vaccines induce autism.  The video is only available at Courageous Discourse.

Baker and Berry
Two of the doctors that Joe and I heed.
Dr. Berry coined the phrase PHD – Proper Human Diet – referring to low carb high fat as a nutritional wellness strategy.
Dr. Baker has been advocating for the same – carnivore nutrition.
Lots of facts.  Some disturbing (ranches are dwindling), some encouraging (red meat is the least inflammatory food).  A long but interesting discussion:

Questioning Vaccination Technology
Joe and I are not a fan of Bret Weinstein.  We will not elaborate.
However, the subject of this discussion made moot our distaste for Weinstein.
Mr. Forrest Maready is a researcher.  An unbiased researcher.
The net result of his research will help you become biased.
As Mr. Weinstein purports, this work, “The Moth in the Iron Lung” is a study in complex systems.
The moth precipitated DDT.
DDT was used extensively.
Polio appeared.
Mr. Maready thinks there is more than enough evidence to support causality.
Joe and I are suffering cognitive dissonance:

Joe’s Garage

The Power of Nature
Joe and I remember a few curves on the highway from Parksville to Port Alberni on Vancouver Island.  Along Cameron Lake in MacMillan Park, there are huge rocks and cliff faces overhanging the road.
The following video shows what can happen.
Once again, a Ub2b video URL that WordPress doesn’t acknowledge.  Copy and paste the URL and see the problem huge amounts of land and rock can impose on people:


How and Why – Honing Cylinders
Tony from Uncle Tony’s Garage talks about preparing engine cylinders for new piston ring seating.
Joe and I learned a thing or two.  Or three.
Uncle Tony made a boo-boo at 14:40, but the cylinder turned out OK:



This week’s sermon is a sober discussion between Dr. Jordan Peterson and a man named Mosab Hassan Yousef.  Mr. Yousef is a Palestinian ex-militant, now living in the U.S. of A.  His father was a co-founder of Hamas.
Incredibly complex situation in the Middle East.
Joe and I think it may be beyond a rational solution.
We pray to be wrong on that issue:


This week in Vernon BC the weather has finally decided to “bring May flowers”.
We’ve had cloud and rain beaucoup.
Cold, too.
The furnace cut in during the early morning on several days this week.
Better than snow and freezing temperatures.
Quantum level below satisfactory.
Not heaven on earth.
Almost the end of April.
Joe and I haven’t mowed any grass this year.
We don’t know how much longer we can say that.
Joe says we’re going for biodiversity.  It’s a fad!

Joe (one sweater) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez had a good week –



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