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Getting Older

My current doctor and I have been at an impasse for a number of years.  When I moved to the Okanagan Valley in the early ’70’s I had the good fortune to have my M.O.T. medical with a wonderful doctor, Hugh Clarke.  For over 30 years he was my GP.  My annual medical, whether M.O.T. or class 1 driving or visit with cause was conducted in a very amicable and amiable manner.  Hugh was a doctor who allowed you may have some sensibility and cognisance.  His interaction was matter of fact, down to earth, straight goods, without bias.  He always told me what the issue was (if there was one), and what the options for remediation were, if required.  No judgement.  No pressure.  He gave the impression that it was your life to do with as you wished.  Your choice.
The new guy who took over Hugh’s practice is a great guy.  I approve of Hugh’s choice (if he in fact chose).  But, we have had a difference of perspective.  Perhaps I was spoiled by Hugh over the years to think it was my body to do with as I please.
The new doctor, Louis Basil Boucher, is smart, savvy, and thoroughly modern.
In everyone’s life there comes a time when the people who serve you are much younger than you instead of vice-versa.
During my life, my cholesterol has been above average (like my IQ), and my blood pressure / pulse the same.  It is on record at the current doctor’s office for 40 years now.  I have always been like this.
Louis used to admonish me and suggest cholesterol and blood pressure medication.  To humour him (and myself) I tried both for a short period.  The medication had side effects.
Joe said this ain’t happening.  No meds.
When I told Louis about my decision (I didn’t tell him about Joe putting his foot down), he was none too pleased.  I told him we must have a “natural” resolution; i.e. no medications, only diet, exercise, and healthy choices.  We discussed it from both sides.  Left it unresolved, even though when I dieted, exercised, and made healthy choices the results were better.
Something changed.
This year’s medical (for my class 1 driving license) we went through the same dance.  Louis looked at me and said we have to have a talk.  I agreed.
He said, “is it my understanding that you want to live naturally, die naturally, and enjoy yourself?”.
I said you’ve got it!  Joe nodded vigorously.
We laughed, talked about cars, and shook hands.  Seven years to d’accord!
I like him more than before, and Joe is happy too.  The pills made us have horrible nightmares, and upset our stomach.
In Louis’ honour, a few “getting older” cartoons –
"Place under your tongue and swallow. Then spit it out when no one's looking."

“Place under your tongue and swallow. Then spit it out when no one’s looking.”

James Bond: Senior Years.
James Bond: Senior Years.



This word is defined as “concise and elegant expression, diction, or the like“.  Most people would like to think their communications are all of those in attribute, even when the words tumbling from their pie holes are strings of profanity injected with the odd noun or pronoun.  So it is with myself.  I tend to write more carefully than my everyday speech.  Efficiency of expression, terse and exact meaning, no misinterpretation – all wonderful objectives.
Joe says fuck it.
You can imagine my dilemma.
The irony of growing older while still feeling somehow guilty of not trying hard enough or being smart enough to formulate the necessary words to describe exactly your position that is unambiguous no matter whom you talk to or whatever the intensity of the exchange might be…. that is a burden I carry every day, in every social exchange of words.
Joe says fuck it.
Joe might be the best communicator I know.  Of course, I had to ask him what in the world he means by such a common vulgar response?
His response is a quagmire of twisted clues and connect-the-dots logic that often mystifies.  How can the complex issues of the day or the most mundane events possible elicit such a blasé response?
Our exchange went like this…..
Joe said listen up, dummy.  Not everyone cares to be that precise.  Not everyone knows what they mean or they don’t have a position on any given issue, or haven’t thought things through, or are focused otherwise, or simply don’t give a shit due to their concentration of energy and attention on their own personal interests.   That is how it should be.  Watch for behaviour, not silver-tongued fantasy spun out of whole cloth.
I say to Joe, isn’t there a chance to be misunderstood?  And isn’t it a risk worth managing?
Joe said, yeah, 100%.  Fuck it.  Listen to this song:

Joe said what did you hear?
I say memories, melancholy, strength, beautiful intro, especially the horns, inevitable sadness, and a message of detached continuity, of inevitability.  And heartache, heartbreak, the fickleness of mortality, of time.
Joe said whatever.  Now listen to this song:

I say OK, interesting, but what’s your point?
Joe said I can argue they are the same song separated by 56 years.
I say I’m listening.  Make your point.
Joe said fuck it.
I say oh…..


Freedom to Trade
Too much of everyday life is taken for granted.  Milton Friedman used to use a pencil to make his point about autonomous cooperation achieved via free trade.  Here is a short video called “I, pencil”:

Freedom to Think
Milton Friedman was a little grinning gnome of a man.  With a brilliant insight of human nature, economics, and social forces.  This video is a classic analysis of the rights of workers.  An eye-opener from 1980 with only 38 thousand views.  Amazing clarity.  Too bad no one takes the time to view this excellent material.  There is tons of it on YouTube:


Al Gore Income

Marvelous Disguise


A few excellent Dixon Diaz comments forwarded by Ron D. – 
Brainwash a Liberal

Uphold the Constitution

White Folks and Polar Bears

Cat Moving In

Help Their Own Economy

Hus On First

Maybe Bears

Fair weather flies,
Fair weather flies,

Need Socialists

Teaching Liberals

Team Jackass





Some day the true nature of “liberalism” (modern day liberals, that is) will be well understood.  Tom Trinko does a passable job of generalizing in this article, “The Lie at the Core of Liberalism:”We Care“”.

Pat Condell insists the people of Britain have “A democracy Problem”:

How We Rolled



Rape Deterrent



Wake Up Britain!
Paul Weston is a British politician.  He has a few words to say to David Cameron, the Prime Minister.  He says “Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace, Mr. Cameron”:

Je Suis Charlie
In September 2010, France passed a controversial law that prevented people from wearing face-covering headgear such as a burqa in public places. Charlie Hebdo commented on the legislation when they published this cover, which says, “Yes to wearing the burqa… on the inside.” Not everyone was thrilled with their suggestion.

Charlie Hebdo
 thought to myself, what a strange way the French express themselves.  Am I getting the true meaning?
Joe laughed ’til he cried.  He said, Dave, you dummy, they are saying stick your burqa up your ass!  Gotta love the French!
You, dear reader, will make your own conclusion.
Joe says we are getting a subscription to Charlie Hebdo.  Might be worth learning to speak French just to read their saucy comments in context……



Today’s presentation is the views of Steven Weinberg, Nobel Prize in physics, interviewed by Jonathan Miller in the BBC documentary “The Atheism Tapes”:



Spring is still springing.  The magnolia tree is blossoming, the three-lips are in full bloom.  Daffodildos are done flowering.  The white oaks, maples, Lombardis, and birch trees are all foliagingizerating.  A cool week, but no snow like some folks in southern Ontario received, hey Delsie.  The septic tank and dry well are almost stable.  People on the streets.  Women in dresses, skirts, blouses.
Fair Weather People
Life is good.
The neighbourhood is buzzing with lawn mower noise, gardening starts, spring cleaning efforts, backyard fires, music.
Simply lovely weather we’ve been having –
Lovely Weather

Apologies to all the less fortunate weather aficionados wherever you may be……


Joe (Blooming) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for any weather – from Investor’s Business Daily

Worth repeating until EVERYONE understands –


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