Sunday Rant – 1713

[date Sun, Apr 21, 2013 at 8:25 PM]



The aftermath of the Boston Marathon terror bombing is bringing out the best in some Americans. Here’s a brief article about fundraising for some of the victims:

It also comes to light that Russia warned the U.S. two years ago about the elder brother. The FBI apparently didn’t get the message even though they interviewed the man. Bad juju……

Of course, the politicians will come up with a solution. They always do………..-
Res Ipsa Loquitor

How could any force on earth think they had a chance against the might of the West? Here’s an easy to look at video response from some of the troops in reply to the Miami Dolphins cheerleader video, sung to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”:


If nothing else, the West will out beauty anyone anywhere…..



Cousin Delsie sent along this little gem. The brilliant fearless mindless politicians in the UK have made it an official proposal. They have tabled a motion (43 to 0) to make “Islamophobia” a “hate crime” against Muslims. God damn, I’ll be happy when this politically correct but treacherous idiotic demeaning assault on common sense thought is over. If only to stop myself from abusing and using “””quotation” marks”””. It will pass, won’t it? After all, people have enough common sense to……..!!! Aaaarrrrrrgh!:

Pat Condell to the rescue. Ha ha Islamophobia he says:

A young attractive Romanian woman speaks her mind on the subject very eloquently, using (God and faith forbid!) LOGIC. She speaks very good English:

Her name is Criss. Very brave young lady who thinks her own thoughts. Another of her videos is here:

In this video she puts me to shame. She knows about the Canadian Human Rights Commission case against Mark Styne, MacLeans Magazine, Ezra Levant and it’s lack of credibility. What do I know about Romania?:


Joe Mekanic says all cultures are not equal. If you believe so, you are (at least) ill informed, and (at most) a delusional retard. A healthy fear and a phobia may have clear demarcations in a theoreticians mind, (doubly so in a fearless politicians “mind”) but how will you prove it in a court of law? How can you stop someone from “phobic” thought by law? Does perspective and voice have a place in the decision? An example: statistics are that 1 in 4 women will be raped in her lifetime in Sweden – the vast majority of said rapes provided by the virile young (and not so young) Muslim males who are but a single digit percentile of the population. If you were a Swedish female, would you have a healthy fear, or would you be “Islamophobic”? What a sham. What a perversion of logic and language. George Orwell would muse…… And, as an afterthought, WHERE ARE THE “FEMINISTS” IN THIS DISCUSSION? The sound of crickets is deafening. Keep speaking loud and clear young Criss…………


Daniel J. sent along this poignant reminder that the most hostile force against humanity in history has been……. government. A defense of the second amendment (as if one were necessary):

The Obambi administration’s gun bill did not pass. Here is the POTUS in his mean street thug persona, calling a large portion of the American people liars:

The man has no class. He is a bum. Uneducated, delusional, narcissistic, progressive. Impeach the bastard (he is literally, da?)


Einstein is a wonderful African grey parrot with a large vocabulary and an impressive comprehension. Here she interacts with her handler:


Smarter than some people in politics I’d reckon…..


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