Sunday Rant – 1623


Joe’s Comment – One serious but delectable question everyone faces is Time™.
There is an allocation for every person who survives birth.
Very few know how many days, how many hours, how many years they will be blessed to spend.
Me, I am constantly reading.
There are three basic reasons for reading:
–  vicarious (pleasure, enjoyment)
–  learning (gain knowledge of subjects)
–  technical (detailed information)
In my experience, reading is often a combination of the above.
I am in the process of buying a mostly disassembled 1928 Model A Ford tudor sedan.  It should look like this from the factory –
On the open market, such a vehicle as pictured above would fetch a price in U.S. dollars of $25,000+ give or take.
My budget is more modest, but money isn’t the reason I won’t buy a pristine Model A.  A majority of the pleasure I get is from learning about a new project; researching, analyzing, learning, understanding.  Even, in the end, fixing, repairing, assembling, completing.
It is very rewarding.
If you look at my collection of vehicles, you will understand that if I never actually drive any of them, I have enjoyed owning them all for the above mentioned reasons.  My technical support library is voluminous.
Here is a picture of the Model A I am buying –
Which leads to the point I’m trying to make – I love to research, and spend an inordinate amount of my time doing so.
Happy happy, joy joy!
No sooner than I’d shaken the hand of Jack S.(current owner) to seal the deal (he’s almost 15 years older than me), I was drooling in anticipation of researching everything I want to know about Ford Model A vehicles.
On Saturday I received the first hard copy document, ordered via Amazon and delivered in only two days, titled “How to Restore the Model A Ford”, produced by Clymer Publications (the manual company).
Awfully selfish of me, old boy.
I’m sure my best path in Life© would have me doing amazing service for fellow citizens.
Don’t distract me.
I’ve already learned that Jack’s Model A is equipped with a Warford auxiliary transmission.  You can see it in the following picture about half way along the door opening in the middle of the floor –
The three speed Model A transmission feeds into the Warford transmission.  This gives the vehicle a low range, direct drive, and overdrive out of the Warford, and increases the top speed to dangerous levels: almost 60 mph!
The Model A replaced the Model T, and is the first Ford with a “standard” control layout, i.e., clutch pedal on the left, brake in the middle, and throttle on a pedal on the floor.  The Model A also used an electric starter with a mechanically operated Bendix, pushed by your throttle foot.
While the World™ is descending into Hell®, I am selfishly pursuing a personal interest in old cars and simultaneously indulging in hours and hours of research.
Spring has sprung!
The grass is riz,
I wonder where my next car is…..
One seriously fat happy cat am I.



Ukraine Fiasco
Colonel Douglas Macgregor describes the problem the Ukrainians are facing.
Russia can destroy them at will.
Just keep poking The Bear.
Joe and I feel disgust at the American foreign policy that has fulminated this situation.  We mourn for the terrible loss of innocent life, both civilian and military.
This debacle will be the legacy of Joe Biden, the worst president in American history.  Bad news, and worse news ahead we reckon:


COVID Story – mRNA Exosome Loading
Dr. Peter McCullough reports that Chinese researchers have successfully(?) loaded cow’s milk with a shortened mRNA code of 675 base pairs in phospholipid packets called exosomes.  Fed to mice, this concoction causes the mRNA to enter the bloodstream and cause antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein (receptor binding domain).  Read it all here.
The spectre of the mad scientist comes to mind.

Trans-gender Agenda
Investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek has done a deep analysis of trans-gender culture.
In this interview with James Patrick (Big Picture) she explores the history of trans-gender activities in the U.S. of A.
Joe and I know in our heart this entire cluster fuck is political.
What we are not sure of is what will be the cost to the culture if the political goal is achieved?
At what cost to innocent people?
The principals, the families, the parents, the friends, the community.
Life is NOT a benign friendly Force.  Life is brutal, unconscious, and ruthless:

The #1 Threat to Your Health
Dr. Shawn Baker and Dr. Paul Mason make sense out of the actual nutritive demands of a human body versus the government approved official health industry.
Lots of physiological facts and details to support each viewpoint, each declaration.
Two doctors that Joe and I do respect.
We continue to pursue our goal of optimizing our personal nutritional regime.
The words of Yossarian ring in our ears – I’m going to live forever, or die trying:


Dr. Patrick Moore
This interview is a year old.
Joe and I are determined to post every Dr. Moore presentation or discussion or interview in this rant, sooner or later.
This particular conversation has more political analysis than is usually part of a Patrick Moore dialog.
Perhaps it is a reflection on the questions poised by Chris Williamson, the interviewer.  Joe and I cannot hear too many presentations from Dr. Moore:

Joe’s Garage

P-51 Mustang
When Joe and I watch video of the fabulous fighter aircraft of the Second World War, we are overwhelmed with a nostalgia that we don’t really have.
We were born in ’49, 4 years after the end of the war.
Our childhood fantasies orbited around flying, specifically fighter planes.
The ceiling in our bedroom had a mock battle with the few model aircraft we could afford to purchase with our skimpy paper route dollars.
The following video is of a solo P-51 doing a demonstration flight at the 2017 Oshkosh Air Show.  The aircraft is “Quick Silver”, piloted by Scott Yoak, powered by a Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 e/w 2 stage supercharging.  Music to our gearhead ears:




This Sunday’s sermon is a companion piece to the video featuring Jennifer Bilek (Who Is Behind the Trans Agenda?), the segment above the fold.
In this video, Jordan Peterson explores the progressive gender dysphoria that is disrupting the Western culture.  The conversation is with Dr. Miriam Grossman, a physician and author of the book “You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?“.
Their broad conversation talks about the history of the trans movement, the impact on the parents and community of this progressive madness.
Joe and I wonder where this will end, why it started, and who will pay:


This week the weather in Vernon BC has been unsettled.
Joe and I were so pleased to see a few sunny days that we overlooked the cloud and chill that were predominant for the last few days.
Today, Sunday, while driving home from Armstrong, the car was hydroplaning and the Heavens were wide open – windshield wipers on high speed!
Lots of water.
This coming week the greenery will pop out as if it was always there.
The forecast sees a few days next week when the overnight temperature dips to zero Celsius and below.
It is the middle of April, Spring is almost one month old, and we People of the Okanagan could sure use a few weeks of sunshine and warmth.
That would make life simply marvelous!

Joe (sweater-ish) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for rainy cool weather –

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