Sunday Rant – 1622


Joe’s Comment – I have lived in this house in Vernon since January of 2005.
Every single year since moving in, these loverly daffodildos pop up at Easter time.
I never water them.
They compete with weeds and scrub grass and whatever.
As you can see from the photo, they are growing around and among some machinery I carelessly parked there last fall.
In a world where the Hopes of humanity seems to be dashed on dark shores of insanity, don’t these daffodildos make me smile.
Nothing is guaranteed.
Nothing is free.
Hard work is not always rewarded.
But, in the words of Alexander Pope in his poem An Essay on Man: Epistle 1
Hope humbly then; with trembling pinions soar;
Wait the great teacher Death; and God adore!
What future bliss, he gives not thee to know,
But gives that hope to be thy blessing now.
Hope springs eternal in the human breast:
Man never is, but always to be blest:
The soul, uneasy and confin’d from home,
Rests and expatiates in a life to come.”
Easter is the renewal of Hope.
In our corner of the world, the harbinger of milder weather.
All the grasses and trees and flowers are budding.
The air smells with living things.
Life is good.


Quick Dick McDick
Once again, Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world (and the rest of Canada) breaks the news cycle monotony with a home-style recipe for pork and beans.
In the old days before Joe and I were carnivore (and ailing) this would have been a must try recipe.
Alas, carbs and sugars shall not pass our lips…..
As it is, QDMcD is entertaining, and the attitude he displays regarding our illustrious leader(s) in Ottawa absolutely makes our day:


Joe and I spend a significant portion of our research time investigating the validity of the old adage “You Are What You Eat”.
The human body is an amazing machine – it can survive on a plethora of food types / nutritional sources.
There are some food stuffs that are better than others for optimal nutrition.
Indeed, there are some “foods” that although they allow a person to survive, the accompanying side effects can manifest in health disabilities, illness, and death.
In our search for data, for information, for fact, we watch a lot of videos, read a lot of books and articles; our laboratory is our self.
Some recent interesting data and information for us came from Dr. Benjamin Bikman, who spoke to “Low Carb Down Under” on the topic of “Insulin vs Glucagon: The relevance of dietary protein” from 2018.
Lots of information – mostly new to us.
It will take Joe and I a “few whiles” (thank you Donny!) to digest (very punny).
We will probably watch it again, or another of the many videos available online:

Another oldie but goody is this conversation between Dr. Ken Berry and Dr. Jason Fung from December of 2020.
Joe and I remember Ms. Morrison.  She was a wonderful math instructor we were blessed with in high school.
We remember her helpful adage: “Understanding a problem is 95% of the solution”.
Cancer is a medical problem.
It hasn’t been solved.
Is it possible that  cancer has been misunderstood?
The following conversation explores the paradigm shift in understanding cancer:


Uncle Roger
What has the world come to?
Joe and I like the faux “racism” of Uncle Roger and his cooking interests.
Nigella Lawson doesn’t detract from the fun:


A passionate and forceful presentation of facts from “The Front Line Doctors” organization.
Some forceful fact backed testimony from 10 very credentialed doctors.
The list of speakers, in order of appearance:
–  Dr. Richard Urso
–  Dr. Ryan Cole
–  Dr. Pierre Kory
–  Dr. Paul Marik
–  Dr., PhD.,  Flavio Cadegiani
–  Dr. Aaron Kheriaty
–  Dr. Lynn Fynn
–  MSC., PhD., Dr. Paul Alexander
–  Dr. Brian Tyson
–  Dr. Robert Malone
Joe and I are convinced that these 10s of thousands of doctors and scientists are not deluded.
Unlike the data of Big Government and Big Pharma, The Front Line Doctors have made their data, evidence, facts, and experience an open record.
Joe and I are also convinced that the guilty will be rewarded, and the innocent will, once again, for ever and ever, suffer the consequences:


Ukraine vs Russia
Joe and I maintain our perspective.
We cannot “pick a side”.
There is a body of work done from the close of the Second World War to present that befuddles us.
We agree with this short quote from Pat Buchanan –
Why spurn the advance of peace with Russia?
Why romance China?
Why isn’t Joe Biden in prison?
Life has many mysteries…..


Joe’s Garage

Bread Eating Fungus
Nothing new here….. or is there?
A research lab at the University of Borås in Sweden is creating products such as paper, yarn and leather derived from a bread-eating fungus.
Joe observes that the “Natural World” still manages to provide everything and more needed for human survival.
And human advancement.
Our objection is that one of the foundation drivers for such research is the false belief that products made from this fungal by-product are “more sustainable” than natural sources.
Such as leather.
If anything, the world needs more cattle.
Joe thinks some of these scientists need to talk to other scientists without the approval of the Overlords who fund such research.
The two young women in the video would benefit greatly from a discussion with either Dr. Allan Savory or Dr. Peter Ballerstedt.
There isn’t a sub species of human that thrives solely on a diet of plants or plant products.
As of The Year of Our Lord 2022, the only food stuffs that contain all essential amino acids and nutrients for survival are animals and animal products.
Put that in your pipe and pump it:

This short video is from Summit Racing.
They sell automotive parts and pieces.
Lots of $$$ are spent every year trying to improve performance, whether the measure of performance is maximizing power, increasing economy, or extending durability.
There is also the “Bling!” category – the category that Joe and I pretty well ignore.
We mostly adhere to the “form follows function” argument.
Automotive manufacturers are bound by government dictates that compromise the manufacturer’s ability to optimize any particular category at the expense of the others.
The “after market” is where entities like Summit Racing do their business.
The government is always looking to restrict, prohibit, and penalize what used to be called “hot rodding”.
There is an analogy here.
Wearing a mask on your face constricts and blocks your respiratory exhaust pipe!
It doesn’t improve power, economy, or durability.
There is a large body of data that proves quite the contrary.
Isn’t it comforting that biology and machinery have some commonality?
Like a government that can’t keep it’s nose out of the People’s business:

Project Farm
Joe and I often watch an episode from Project Farm while waiting for sleep to coddle us.
Todd, the creator of Project Farm, goes to great lengths to compare competitive products for performance – cost, durability, meeting product claims, value.
This video is the low-down on metal cutting products.
Joe and I are still using abrasive wheels on our cut-off saw.
They are cheap.
They are also noisy and filthy.
We might like to change.  Better watch and see what Todd finds out!:



Brett Weinstein and Heather Heying of Dark Horse Podcast talk about the Nuremberg Trials, the Nuremberg Declaration, and the consequences of ignoring what was established at so great a cost.
What Brett is contending is the rules for humanity set in Nuremberg are being eroded, “rolled back” by the COVID mandates established by Big Government and Big Pharma.
The cost to humanity is staggering:

The above is a segment of a larger podcast.  The original full podcast here:



This week in Vernon BC has been that time when the nighttime temperatures still drop below zero Celsius.
The daytime temperatures are not tropical, either.
Lots of cloud this week.
A few sunny moments in the early morning or late after noon for most of the week was de rigueur.
Today, Sunday, was what most Vernonites have been longing for – a warm sunny day, all de doo dah day.
Joe has been grousing about the weather for damn near 6 months.
He cracked a smile today.
Our body doesn’t tolerate the cold well anymore.
It makes us cranky.
We wonder if that is enough reason to plead for asylum in a more equatorial land?
We pledge to soak up as much sunshine this year as the good Lord will allow.

Joe (sweaterman) Mekanic
Ramirez will get us through Spring –




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