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Calvin - Super Genius
Joe’s Comment – I like the zipper in the back.  Less dangerous if you catch my drift….

Quote o’ the Week
If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?” – John Wooden

Slavery Is Fun
What could possibly be wrong with having some fun with the very serious no foolin’ subject of slavery?
Really, “Black Lives Matter” not withstanding, the bumper sticker pretty well sums it up for Joe and I – “I never owned slaves and you never picked cotton… fuck off!”
Here is Gavin McInnes and Jim Goad with 33 fun facts about slavery.  No apology necessary:

Joe Is Pissed
This week, driving from point A via points B to G in order to get Home, we tuned in the CBC because the CD player in my truck is broken…. and the commercial radio stations in Vernon either play vapid breathless female ululating mouth breathers or rap crap…..
That would be the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Joe tried to suppress his reactions.
He ended up parked at the side of the road screaming at the top of his lungs at the program he was hearing, and at the smug assholes insinuating that they knew what they were talking about.
What pompousness.
First offense?
The “acidification” of the ocean.
Previous rant postings have demonstrated this point.
The pH of the ocean is over 8 on average, but varies all over the world.
That is basic (i.e. alkaline), not acidic.
To talk about “acidification” is unscientific and totally distracting.
And so fucking what if the earth does what the earth does and the oceans all become acidic?
What the fuck will humanity do?
They will wring their pathetic little pale hands and wail at the fate delivered to them by our way of life.
Why not just throw some virgins into a volcano?  But this time, throw male virgins.  See how they like it.
But we digress……
So Joe is listening to these fucking idiots bemoaning the change of local flora and fauna they insist acidification is doing on B.C.’s coast.
Why are they fucking idiots?
They are blaming the “acidification” of the ocean and implying carbon dioxide is the culprit.  Some of the experts connect the dots and state that CO2 is the bad guy.
Second strike…..
Joe and I aren’t making this up.
After trotting out some “experts” from various universities who actually used the term “acidification”, and pointed the finger at CO2 and “fossil fuels”, the consensus was to reduce CO2 emissions by curtailing COMPLETELY the use of “fossil fuels”, and applauding the “carbon tax” implemented in B.C. in 2009.
It is enough to make a thinking person cry.
Third strike is using incomplete inaccurate ill-defined or misleading words – very Orwellian.
Job One is accurate communication.
Joe says thank doG there are clear minds who have a voice.
Once more, with feeling, here is the gospel from a man who knows how to think big picture then distill meaningful data for the hoi polloi.
First, a short presentation from PragerU from a legitimate Canadian hero, Patrick Moore:

Hear that folks?
Drive CO2 down below 160 ppm and life is done.  Kaput.  Finito.  Not a “theory”, not conjecture, demonstrably so.
Did you catch the rest?
Mankind, by releasing CO2 into the atmosphere, has prolonged life on earth.  Inadvertently, the “Industrial Revolution” and human reliance on hydrocarbons for energy, actually did good!
The data about CO2 is conclusive.  The downward trend of atmospheric CO2 was arrested just in time to stave off plant death, ergo, all carbon based life on earth.
That includes humans.  Although Joe feels there are a lot of creatures walking about on two legs babbling incoherently that are confused with human beings, the point is valid –  we are carbon based entities.
Further, as Mr. Moore points out, CARBON IS NOT CARBON DIOXIDE.
Joe has been saying burn MORE hydrocarbons for years.
If you haven’t noticed, heat is energy.  Cold is lack of energy.
Humans can live naked in 100º F weather, no problemo.
Try living naked in -100º F for 5 minutes.
We humans rely on plants and animals for food.  The foundation of the life chain is plant life.
Plant life flourishes in 100º F weather.
Still going over your head?
The earth is recovering from a cold spell, but is STILL IN AN ICE AGE.
Shit, I’m wearing out the “caps lock” key……
Here is Patrick Moore again trying to educate the Euro-wienies about the subject.  From last year, in November (and a second appearance in this rant):

If you don’t appreciate the irony, GWPF is the Global Warming Policy Foundation.
The question must arise in yer head sooner or later.  Let’s make it sooner: why?  Why demonize the odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is the engine of life on this planet?
Another Canadian hero will “tell all” (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher).
Dr. Tim Ball, author of the book “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science”, tells the story with data, analysis, facts, and humor:

Now, back to the CBC.
If we MUST have publicly funded propaganda from the Liberal think tank of intellectually superior ass-holes, is it too much to ask for a little bit of fact instead of Chicken Little hysteria delivered by oh-so well modulated incredibly level-headed talking heads on the fucking CBC??
Christ on a moped with Mary riding side saddle…….

Social Justice – Appropriation
Mr. Bill Whittle once again nails the edict to the wall.



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Mahatma Ghandi

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As Joe and I have mentioned in previous rants, there are many brave persons who come from an Islamic background but DO NOT follow the teachings of the most notorious pedophile in religious history.
We have posted links to presentations from many of these people.
This week Nonie Darwish speaks her heart and soul about the hollow facade called Islam.
Mrs. Darwish has lost family members and suffered personally because of the politics of Islam.
In this presentation she explains the flaws in the foundation argument of Islam.

Nonie Darwish has written four books on the subject of Islam.
A brave humane woman.
Her website has more for your edification.
Grand Mufti Quote


Thomas Sowell is an elite member of the class of persons known as “intellectual”.  He studied under the incomparable Milton Friedman, and went on to become a famous economist in his own right.  He is a polymath extraordinaire.  In this interview with Peter Robinson of the Hoover Institute, they discuss wealth, poverty, and politics, the subject of his latest book:


Definitely a not weather week.  Sunny every day.  Warm and warmer.  No rain, or precipitation of any variety.
Life is good in the little city of Vernon.The magnolia is in full bloom.
A yellow flowered bush beside the magnolia is also in full bloom.  Unlike the magnolia (which has no odor) the yellow flower bush smells divine.
Time to mow the grass!!!
Can't Cut the Grass

No Lawnmore No Problem

Old Bike New Mower

Joe (Smiling) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez mows down the competition – from Investor’s Business Daily –


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