Sunday Rant – 1614

[Date: April 20, 2014]

Rant on John Frum-ism

Lots of folks aren’t aware of “John Frum Day”. No harm, no foul. Lots of the same folks are also unaware of “Cargo Cult” behavior. Here’s a short semi literate article about John Frum and John Frum’s fromwhereabouts:

and another about “Cargo Cults”:

It is easy from our cultural perspective to form an opinion of the phenomenon that is not complementary to the indigenous peoples (read: ignorant primitives) involved.

Postulate: If this is human behavior, then ALL humans have this behavior.

Question: What are our culture’s “John Frum-izims”, what are our “cargo cults”? Give it a thought before dismissing the concept. What, in our ignorance, are we confusing the cause and outcome of? (Dangling participle time out…..)

Answer: There are many. Here’s a list of some:

  • Global Warming® ( )
  • “Islam” is a religion
  • “Islam” is a religion of “peace”
  • Politicians change the culture
  • IQ has no influence on behavior, nor has race, language, cultural tradition, education, or wealth. It is all genes and environment
  • “Social engineering” as a “cure” to behavioral and cultural “issues”
  • The American “Civil War” was fought over slavery
  • Democracy is the answer (what is the question?)

Sometimes perspective obfuscates clarity. Sometimes an objective logical analysis can unveil problems with understanding. Unfortunately, clear sane pedantic thinking is hard work (as George Bush often said).

Sometimes observing a phenomenon from within the phenomena biases the data (Uncertainty Principle), or compromises the data (Pauli Exclusion Principle).

Sometimes the cognitive dissonance of what is being observed renders the data invisible.

Sometimes, an outcome is so desirable, so necessary, so important, that any perceived path to the goal, no matter how erroneous, how problematic, how unsuccessful, how WRONG…… is chosen from an emotional framework of perceived need or moral superiority or plain old “political correctness”. These are the times the angels weep.

There is a problem with our culture in that all individuals irrespective of ability / knowledge / wisdom have equal measure in voting. This is mob rule: at best it is benign. Is there an antidote for this Achilles heal of “democracy”? A quote from Thomas Jefferson to ponder –

“If the children are untaught, their ignorance and vices will in future life cost us much dearer in their consequences than it would have done in their correction by a good education.” –Thomas Jefferson to Joseph C. Cabell, 1818. FE 10:99

Further, the advances of science and technology are truly enormous. There are no “Renaissance Men” because there is no limit to the growth; no one man knows much, let alone his expertise in his chosen field. The way back is not an option, no matter how we long individually and collectively for the past of personal or imagined experience. Thomas Jefferson says –

“What but education has advanced us beyond the condition of our indigenous neighbors? And what chains them to their present state of barbarism and wretchedness but a bigoted veneration for the supposed superlative wisdom of their fathers and the preposterous idea that they are to look backward for better things and not forward, longing, as it should seem, to return to the days of eating acorns and roots rather than indulge in the degeneracies of civilization?” –Thomas Jefferson: Report for University of Virginia, 1818.

When mere mortals (or in the case of most politicians, the merest of mortals) are charged with making decisions for the masses, poor or wrong choices can cause misery or worse to large numbers of people who are often disenfranchised from the decision making process. Once more Thomas Jefferson speaks to the subject –

“Laws will be wisely formed and honestly administered in proportion as those who form and administer them are wise and honest; whence it becomes expedient for promoting the public happiness that those persons whom nature has endowed with genius and virtue should be rendered by liberal education worthy to receive and able to guard the sacred deposit of the rights and liberties of their fellow citizens; and that they should be called to that charge without regard to wealth, birth or other accidental condition or circumstance. But the indigence of the greater number disabling them from so educating at their own expense those of their children whom nature has fitly formed and disposed to become useful instruments for the public, it is better that such should be sought for and educated at the common expense of all, than that the happiness of all should be confined to the weak or wicked.” –Thomas Jefferson: Diffusion of Knowledge Bill, 1779. FE 2:221, Papers 2:527

Not to confuse Mr. Jefferson’s use of words like “genius” “liberal” and “liberties”, these words had slightly different meaning in his day. However, the gist of his statement is clear: the search for wise and honest politicians has been a centuries old Easter Egg hunt. The need for such people has never been more urgent. Don’t see any on the playing field.
I’m not John Frum, but I am David (and Joe) from Vernon. May the primitive and backward refer to me henceforth as Dajo Vrum…..

Of course, my superiors (intellectual and what have you) will always know me as that “dumbass Drover“.

C’est la vie. C’est la guerre. C’est domage. C’est la danse.


The Shiny Pony is taking a page from Obambi’s playbook – taking a “selfie” at a state funeral:

Justin Trudeau is not ready for the big job.


Bundy Bungling

The saga of rancher vs US Federal Government continues. Cliven Bundy stuck to his point and the Feds backed off, but they say they aren’t giving up. Meanwhile, some REAL journalists have discovered a “land grab scheme” involving Harry Reid’s son and the ChiComs. Apparently, there is big money in building a “solar farm” where Cliven ranges his cattle. Read and ponder:

I’m resigned to this sort of behavior from politicians. Joe, on the other hand, wants to organize a lynch mob. Harry Reid might be a former tough guy boxer. He is now and has been for some time an evil person abusing his office and position in the American administration. Joe would swerve to hit him.

An update that won’t be on your TV anytime soon. The Federal government was backed down by the supporters of Mr. Bundy. They are armed but peaceful:

There is an element of tyranny involved. The people won this skirmish. The “King” is not amused. Keep the cameras running folks…..

Hillary Hijinks

Joe and I believe that Hillarious is outstanding……… That is, in a world of corrupt politicians she is one of the most vile and devious and evil and guilty. Just WTF was she doing when she was Secretary of State? No one seems to know, especially her:

The video accompanying the article is replete with incrimination of shady to illegal to felonious to traitorous actions attributable directly or by “chain of command” to Mrs. Clinton (Bill’s wife). God help the Republic of the United States of America if this woman and her cronies ever occupy the oval office.

Terrific quote from Regnad Kcin (Nick Danger) – “Hillabeans Clinton is living proof that politics IS show business for ugly people”.

Agenda 21 Anyone?

I am not cognizant of Agenda 21. That is the way it is intended. What the heck IS Agenda 21?:

My summary? It is “bang vs whimper” time coming up in the Western world. Joe’s take? Screw the Delta smelt, the desert turtle, and any other lame excuse to cripple economies and decimate people’s livelihood. Bureaucracy is not benign – it warrants more circumspection than politicians.


A short note from Mike Miller (90 Miles from Tyranny) about Political Correctness® –

“Please note, there is a controversy swirling about calling drugs “illegal”. In the interest of egalitarian principles, from this point on we will call them Undocumented Medications.

The sale of these undocumented medications from unlicensed pharmacists to undocumented immigrants is leading to crime and sometimes murder of the disenfranchised undocumented immigrants by Mexican drug cartels.. Ok, I just got word from my editor, I can no longer use the word “crime”, I need to start using the word, “illegal punishment”, wait, new ruling, I need to call it, “undocumented deterrent”, and murder must now be called “premature termination by the dispossessed resulting from white privilege”. Ok, we can no longer use the phrase “Mexican Drug Cartels”, new word, “oppressed, struggling third world entrepreneur collective”.

Oppressed, struggling third world entrepreneur collective groups are engaging in premature termination by the dispossessed resulting from white privilege on undocumented immigrants when attempting to buy undocumented medications from unlicensed pharmacists.

Ok, I give up. Can I say the word cat? I can say cat? Next article, I am posting cute cat selfies!!”


More research data about the effect of marijuana use on the brain. Casual use. If you are a user or fan of using, read:

Small sample size makes the data suspect, but the disturbing conclusions must inspire further, more complete study.

More information here:

This is a problem amongst the young of our culture. The old folks are old anyway, and a bit of “brain abnormality” is undoubtedly a welcome relief.


Apple CEO Tim Cook’s remarks about the ROI posture Apple executives maintain, i.e. we don’t care about the bloody ROI:

This has prompted comments such as the following from curmdgeonly & skeptical –
When I saw this in March, I (like many of you) thought, “What a prick!” So much for fiduciary responsibility. And also an insight into Cook’s character perhaps. I’ll make this short.
Wife gave me a new iPad Air last week. She, in turn, took my old iPad I (5.111). I wiped it clean; re-registered to her, and went about restoring the apps I knew she’d enjoy. Like NetFlix, iBooks, Kindle, and a host of others. But, guess what? All of the afore mentioned, and many others, were denied with the message “This App Requires ver 6 or Higher.” WTF? I used these apps, on that box, last week.

I’m not alone.

HT1364 After updating my ipad mini, I could not download my kindle … › … › iTunes for Windows › Discussions Apple Inc.
Mar 20, 2014 – 96 Views 0 Replies Latest reply: Mar 20, 2014 6:35 AM by clcldavis RSS … After updating an ipad mini wifi, i could not download kindle books from the … When I type kindle on my iPad app page, kindle app does not appear.
Kindle and the iPad: Apple Support Communities Apr 8, 2014

It gets worse. Not only are there no Kindle or iBooks; there are no book reader apps available. None. Once you give them up, there ain’t no going back. The plaintive cry across Apple land is—

“How can I read books on an IPAD1 with OS 5.1.1”

… you pricks!

Joe and I wonder…… a slip of the freebies? A gentle nudge into updating older equipment? A “no grandfathering” clause? Or has Apple joined the ROI crowd by redefining the meaning of the word? Time will tell….. And what’s with the gay agenda logo color scheme?

Windows XP
I and Joe have enjoyed the Microsoft XP operating system. A great run of 13+ years. If you can remember Windows 98, or NT, or 2000, you must remember the total relief XP brought to the PC world. It was a logical progression with greatly improved networking and system management tools.

Over the last two weeks I’ve upgraded over half a dozen machines from XP to Windows 7. Why Windows 7? The real world abandoned Vista and is reluctant to get on board with Windows 8, which enables interactive screen. Most folks don’t have interactive screens on their main machines. Other operating systems (like Linux) don’t have the breadth or depth of programs available to Windows. Talking to the “real” geeks in my world, the suggestion was Windows 7 Pro if the machine was good enough, otherwise bite the bullet and buy a newer / new machine. Windows 7 mainstream support ends 1/13/2015 with extended support ending 1/14/2020.

A number of friends have questioned me how to do it. Microsoft has two applications that make the conversion easier (but definitely not painless):

Download the Upgrade Advisor and run it. The output is a list of all the systems and programs your computer has and whether they are compatible with Windows 7. Several machines I upgraded had chipset incompatibility issues, but running the “Windows Update” program was able to solve / patch the issues to make the machines work properly. After installing Windows 7, Windows Update is found by clicking on “Start”, clicking on “All Programs”, clicking on “Windows Update”. Follow the instructions to search for and install updates as required. The total time per machine was 5 to 6 hours (running time), depending on how many programs had to be reloaded and upgraded.

You were a great operating system XP! Thanks for the memories and the easy learning curve……..


Factoid: If the history of the Earth was compressed to a single year, modern humans would appear on December 31st at about 11:58 p.m.

Earthly Wonders

4 Amazing things hiding on Earth that have just been discovered:

Cracked has tongue firmly planted in cheek with a healthy shot of snicker and sarcasm, but the links all deliver.

This is NOT discrimination –

Global Warming Alarmery

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister of Australia, seems to have his head on straight. His government recently abolished the Climate Commission in Australia. He also stated the UN climate head person is “talking through her hat”. Refreshing:

Australia has a good chance with this man at the helm.

Hydrocarbon Fuel Futures

Sea water to hydrocarbon fuel? Who (besides Jesus of Nazareth) (and Merlin the Magician) can do such a thing? Why, the U.S. Navy, that’s who:

The only question Joe has is how much energy in to get how much energy out?


“Indeed, it could almost be said that wherever liberty as we know it has been destroyed, this has been done in the name of some new freedom promised to the people,” Hayek wrote.



What a sadness for these people. Here is Beethoven’s 9th, conducted by Wilhelm Furtwangler in 1951. A masterful interpretation of the great man’s great work:

It saddens me that millions of people will never be able to watch a performance such as this in person. To think music is the tool (voice) of Satan is beyond mental retardation.


Bill Maher sets up today’s sermon with a brief review of religion:

Joe and I are not Bill Maher fans. In the least. He does make some pertinent points.

Happy Easter! The religious aspect takes a second to the celebration of spring for me (and Joe). It is about the rebirth and renewal of the land (and the people living in it). It is about hope.

Can’t think of a better way to celebrate than presenting a few select cartoons –



Weather this week has been sporadic – typical for Vernon at this time of year. The photo below is a reminder that it ain’t so bad here in God’s country –

Somewhere on the east coast of North America. I’m sure the young lady’s temperature indicators are measuring “cold”.

Joe (Budding) Mekanic

Ramirez buds all year –