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Joe’s Comment – Well, well.  The Iranians smell blood in the water.  They are pushing at the edge of Western civilization as represented in the Middle East by Israel.  The usual bravado, threats, and aggression.
Not much news on the Main Stream Media.  Not surprising.
From the Epoch Times comes reports of drone attacks, 99% defeated by Israel.
Is this a time foretold in the Book of Hosea?
Hosea 8  tells a story of Israel losing it’s way.
Hosea 8:7 –
They sow the wind
    and reap the whirlwind.
The stalk has no head;
    it will produce no flour.
Were it to yield grain,
    foreigners would swallow it up.”
and Hosea 8:8 –
Israel is swallowed up;
    now she is among the nations
    like something no one wants.
The future relies entirely on the behavior of Israel.
My thought is that Iran believing they will deliver the whirlwind to Israel is a serious miscalculation – doomed to fail.

The Culture

Jason Siler
Is the prospect of a better future over?
Joe and I are inclined to side with Mr. Siler.
We hope the future is bright, filled with hope and happiness.
What we see around us belies that sentiment.
Joe has no idea what that strange creature is, or why.
Our mother Rose used to say “it takes all kinds, David”.
Just what the Hell is this kind?  Asking for a friend:

Viva Frei on Canada
Viva has been living in Florida.  Soon after the Trucker’s Protest he plotted his escape.  In the following video he shares his impressions of a return to Ottawa:



Brains vs Plants
Dr. Georgia Edes and Dr. Anthony Chaffee discuss the effect of consuming plants in general, and certain plants in specific.
It ain’t pretty.
Joe and I are very pro consuming the PHD (proper human diet).
We don’t think cyanide and other toxins are part of a PHD.
Mental health and autism seem to respond to a keto or carnivore diet.
Joe and I can always benefit from better mental health:

Joe’s Garage

Naval Stores
Joe and I said to ourselves (and the 37 scattered souls in our melon), what pray tell is naval stores?
First thing we found out is that naval stores are; that is, more than one thing.
The days of sailing ships were low technology.
The construction of boats required some sort of preservative treatment to protect the wood and ropes and sails from deteriorating.
Enter the products called naval stores, mostly processed from special pine trees in forests around the globe.
We sure do enjoy us some fine Internet!:

Most folks don’t have any understanding of the engineering and ingenuity involved in the transfer of power.
The driveshaft is not ancient.
In the good old ancient long time since, mobile power was transferred with belts or water or animal power.  A shaft drive has unique engineering challenges.
All of which have been addressed over the years to give multiple solutions to the original problem – how to make that thing over there perform using the output of this thing over here.  Many minds at work over the past century have damn near perfected the mechanical transfer of rotary energy.  Bravo!:

Oil Level
What happens when you put too much oil in an engine?
If the following video is an example, not much – even at 100% more than recommended.
Joe likes the way they put viewing holes in the engine block, and built a transparent oil pan.  The oil in a running engine has a very complex flow pattern:



At last!
Joe and I left a comment for Dr. Peterson twice in the last year, implying that his S.T.E.M. game needed bolstering.  We further said that there were great Canadians that he could choose to converse with, such as Dr. Patrick Moore.
Insert drum roll here…..
What follows is a master helping a student organize his facts, then his thoughts:


This week in Vernon BC the weather has been a close parallel to the Burl Ives song “Mr. In-Between”:

Too warm for Winter, too cold for Spring, et cetera.
The weather is in-between.
All an historic inclusion under the umbrella of “Spring”, yet not a perfect fit.
An odd year so far, as was the Winter odd – unusually mild and short on precipitation.
Joe and I enjoyed some sunshine for an hour or two today.
The rest of the week had some sunny moments, but mostly bleh.
The grass is riz, the buds are budding, the birds are yelling.
All in all, Spring is here and there ain’t no denying that fact.
The daffodildos at the side of the attached garage are two weeks late this year.
What that means specifically we don’t know.
Joe and I have close to six riding mowers.
Not one of them is able to run and cut grass at the present time.
The clock is ticking…..
Joe figures there is a fight coming, all right:

Of course, the upcoming battle, the fight against green and growing, puts a big smile on Joe’s mug.  If the riding mowers won’t mow, and Joe has to resort to pushing a gutless wonder, so be it.
Joe would rather mow the grass with nail clippers than shovel snow off the driveway.  The picture below does not tell a story of defeat.  Think rather of Ferdinand the Bull, in the shade of a cork tree, sniffing flowers and listening to the birds warble.  When the grass wins, so do Joe and I.  Viva Summer!

Joe (tee shirt) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is a constant –

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