Sunday Rant – 1523


Joe’s Comment – Well, well, I’m in a quandary of a situation.  Spring has sprung, on the calendar and in the yard.  The buds are appearing on most of the trees and the grass that isn’t in the shade is greening nicely.
Yet I’m stalled.
I have so many projects to do, lots of which I will enjoy (others not so much), that will make the house more livable, the yard and property more tidy and organized, and my collection of fabulous Fords more fabulous and even more valuable.
Yet the weather is not conducive.
Perhaps I am getting too old to be productive in ho-hum weather: I’m too cranky and want perfect conditions to work.
Perhaps it is the political climate around the world, in the States, in Canada.
I am full of energy but I’m very weary of the histrionics and hubris and idiocy of the world at large.
I don’t want to whine, but who let the progressive wackos get control of the future?
An example: you can place me firmly in the camp that thinks “trans gender” people are unfortunately suffering mental disorders beyond my comprehension.
Surely to Christ Almighty there is more to life than proclaiming your sexual orientation.
I call for the return of mental institutions to care for those unfortunate folks who cannot function productively in their communities.
Instead of focusing on your private parts and insisting the world applauds and cheers you on in your heroic struggle, why not get on with your life?
Why not discover what you like, what you have passion to do, study hard, and do something positive for yourself, your family, and the community at large?
Whether you chop off your private parts and switch sides, or withdraw entirely from civil society, what then?  Do you expect me to believe that your entire waking life is consumed with these topics?
Moral virtue is not the de facto foundation of the very radical leftists who seem to be directing and manipulating “The Culture”.
I really don’t have the time of day or the resources to argue any of the coarse or granular points of their platform.
As a matter of fact, it offends me that I spend any time at all thinking about such issues.
From the above memes, history has proven that this mice shit is just that, but if you don’t pay attention and get it under control, the fecal excrement will contact the rotary air displacement mechanism.  Think Nazi Germany.  Think Iran and the Ayatollahs   Think Venezuela.  Think Jimmy Carter in the White House and runaway inflation.  Think about wearing a useless mask for no reason.
The closest metaphor I can summon is all is bright and shiny until the septic tank fills and floods.
It isn’t about the rock…..


Word O’ the Week

Like Weltanschauung, Gleichschaltung is a German word.
Gleichschaltung is a noun, meaning “the enforcement of standardization and the elimination of all opposition within the political, economic, and cultural institutions of a state
You can learn how to pronounce it here.
The WordPress spell checker is having a panic attack trying to tell Joe and I that it isn’t an English word.
However, it does have an entry in,,, and, among others.
So what?
So, if this isn’t the way of the world for the past two generations (or more?) what, precisely, is?
It is the operating manifesto of socialism in all its forms.
First, take control of the government apparatus.
Second, pass laws that favor your agenda.
Third, eliminate the opposition lawfully.
The following meme pictorially identifies the cultural / social / psychological impact of Gleichschaltung –
Joe and I are fans of one word all inclusive terminology.
A word that cannot be misunderstood or misused.
An entire idea in one word (cumbersome and hard to spell) that is not ambiguous.
Gleichschaltung is a word that has a place in our Weltanschauung.


Global Concerns (As the World Turns)

The Future of Warfare
Colonel Douglas Macgregor (not retired, relieved) has an interesting Ub2b channel, DouglasMacgregorStraightCalls.
This video presentation by Col. Macgregor explains why the old paradigms of warfare are no longer viable.
Joe and I listened with interest:

Long Story Short
Some humor might be timely.
After all, no matter the progress of science, of technology, of Humanity™, the World (of humans) looks like one nasty shit show going forward.
Colin Quinn is a fabulous comedian.
Following, for amusement and reflection, is the history of humanity – a long story, short:


The On-Going Saga of Donald J. Trump
Joe and I laughed.
It is this ridiculous –

Stevenvoiceover has done a service for We The People.
When oh when will politics lie down and be a good dog?
The answer is a Bob Dylan song title:

Viva Frei & Robert Barnes on the Trump
A legal review of the complications and impact of the latest “Orange Man Bad” escapades.  The precedent being established will bear evil fruit that harms The Constitution, the political players, the functionality of The Republic.
Joe swears the Democrat Party acts like an hysterical female relentlessly and without pause.
Robert Barnes becomes very passionate in this video conversation.  He is an intelligent well educated, well connected, well informed man, and he sees the end of his country, the country he loves.  As Canadians, Joe and I also mourn what is ending.  We have had a wonderful life:

More from Donald Junior About His Papa’s Trials
A good rant.
He covers most of the concerns about the travesty of justice happening.
The French couldn’t have this peccadillo in their country, for having a mistress is de jour!  In the land of Galoises and hairy armpits, if a man doesn’t have a mistress he might be a fag…..
Once again, Mr. Trump has broad shoulders and is no naif at street fighting.
The danger is the damage to the stability of the political structure after establishing a new paradigm.  The future, despite TELUS’ advertising, is NOT friendly.  If politics is downstream from culture as Andrew Breitbart proclaimed, our culture, our politics, and our future is in for some hard times:

Babylon Bee on Indictment
The team at Babylon Bee makes their perspective known.
If the Democrats continue this charade, they will drive staunch Democrats to vote Trump.  Seems like the hysteria party has, once again, zipped their dick in their pants fly.  Joe laughs:


Cancer and Metabolic Health
Dr. Thomas Seyfried explains to Dr. Ken Berry that cancer is a metabolic disease.
This is earth shattering news!
The good doctor has been experimenting with “nutritional warfare” to manage cancer with very good results.
The entire argument pivots on the fact that cancer cells are fueled by glucose.
They cannot use ketones for fuel, but normal cells can and do.
The brain can too.
There is a delicate balance of how to and how long and let’s see.
This means reducing sugar intake to zero if possible.
This means reducing carbohydrate intake too.
Joe wonders why it has taken the medical authorities so long to discover this information.
According to Dr. Seyfried, they have the knowledge yet do not change their perspective.  It sounds like “business as usual” to us:


Joe’s Garage

Speedway Motors Museum
What an amazing collection!
This website, MuseumofAmericanSpeed, has one of everything when it comes to the Ford Flathead V8 engine.
Here’s an example of a flathead v8 with Cummins OHV cylinder heads –

Here’s an example of a 60 series flathead with Meyers-Clem hemi heads –
One more is the “Tornado” flathead, developed and sold by Lee Chapel of Lee’s Speed Shop, Oakland CA in the late ’40s and early ’50s.
This particular engine set a Bonneville record in 1950 of 175 mph, the fastest OHV V8 record of the day.  It was claimed to produce 275+ hp; a laudable achievement at the time –
The website has many many more displays of vehicles, engines, toys, and people famous for their role in the early history of vehicle performance.
Joe wants a tee shirt…..



Are we, the citizens of Earth, on the cusp of World War III?
Is the situation so buggered that there is no return to sanity?
The sermon this week is a discussion between Jordan Peterson and Senator Mike Lee from Utah.  The topic of conversation is what in the hell happened to put the modern world “on the eve of destruction” as Barry McGuire sang so many years ago.
Joe and I have a sheepish smirk on our face.  Mingled with astonishment.
We cannot believe that our fate is not our own, that no matter what we do, this wackydoodle situation will play itself out without us: we are one of billions of bystanders.
Never get out of the boat.  We feel like bugging out the same as Chef in Apocalypse Now.
But that is a problem…..
Where can you bug out to?
The island is getting smaller.  There will be no conscription this time around.  It is a time of potential global destruction.
Or not.
We’ve always maintained that if the sun shines and the grass grows, the cattle will eat it.  All will be well.  It is truly an amazing situation technology has birthed.  Enough brilliance to design “end of the World” munitions, and enough madness to use them.
One thing for sure.  Talking out the issues can only make things better.  Joe and I are cheering for intelligent people to take control.
We are such a Polyanna!:



This week in Vernon BC was a typical sluggish Spring in action.
Chilly, cloudy, some rain, some wind, not much sun.
The temperature during the day hit two digits several times.
The overnight temperature gratefully only dipped a few degrees into negative numbers early in the week.
Winter is over, but Spring hasn’t been exactly sunshine and lollipops.
Joe is happy to leave his jacket in the hall closet, but can’t risk not taking a sweater along everywhere he goes.
Both of us are itching to get a sunburn, to sweat from heat.
That is our prayer.
The reality is more like looking for a sign –
No bugs yet, just a few buds.
No red breast invasion either.
Waiting is hard work we are not designed to do…..


Joe (chilly) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez rocking in the chilly free world –

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