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Joe’s Comment – As time takes it’s toll us baby boomers change focus.  My walker will have a good sound system and a beer cooler!  Long live old timers…..

All Hail Spring
Joe and I have been reveling in the lack of snow.
Our Spring is very rainy.  More like monsoon.
Already the buds are budding, the grass is greening, and the septic tank is flooding.
In recent years, a flooding septic system is a sure sign of Spring.
So are flowers; the fecund ambassadors at the juncture of the animal and plant kingdoms.
The following video is a fantastic look at pollination, the process by which most plant life is renewed every Spring.
From a TED presentation by Louie Schwartzberg:

History a la Carte
Joe likes learning facts from history.
With so much unrest in today’s world, the search for solutions to persistent, unique, new and ancient problems will benefit by taking lessons from the past.
What better instructor than Napoleon Bonaparte?
A three frame reality play follows –

What is the point of this week’s snippet of history?
In light of recent “achievements” in the noble art of “diplomacy”, a reminder of the brutal reality of human history.  It is the sticks and stones which break bones.  Words lack sufficient momentum when the opposition refuses to broker solutions or compromises from that medium.
Best summed up by Robert A. Heinlein –

Nikki Haley
Joe holds this woman in the highest regard.
Whether this strategy leads to open conflict or détente is an important consideration, but not a show stopper.  The show must go on.
The best U.S. ambassador to the U.N. since John Bolton.  Maybe since the start of the U.N.:

Government Insight
A few thoughtful quotes from thoughtful men, concerning the perpetual struggle of  individuals in exercising their natural rights –

Which leads to the meaning behind the Second Amendment of the American Constitution, a conundrum faced by all citizens of all nation states: Who will watch the watchman?

As George Orwell so eloquently stated with his support of the 2nd Amendment –

The ability for “We the People” to back speech with steel is the last bulwark of liberty, the last stand of individual freedom against the advance of Statism, of the welfare state.  It is a heavy responsibility that every citizen must accept.

Pat Condell Goodness
Mr. Condell explains the dichotomy of the citizenry in post Brexit Britain.
Does this fit the mold of politics in Canada and the U.S.A.?
Does the Pope shit in the woods?
The European Union is a flawed construct built without the input of the citizenry and despite the protests of the citizenry of many nation states comprising the Union.
The Progressive world is being met with a response they don’t understand or accept.  Their reaction is similar to the anti-Trump brigade in America, or the pro-Trudeau gang in Canada.
Joe says drag them into the cleansing purifying sunshine of reality.

Intellectual Froglegs
Joe Dan Gorman hits it out of the park this episode.
Both Joe and I love his insight and vision and record – he has been saying this stuff since before the Republican primaries.  His vision of the future makes us rejoice.  Here’s the latest.  Enjoy Trump Train vs Crazy Train:

Cultural Equivalence
The West is Best – this is a phrase Joe repeated just before being welcomed to north Calgary by Steve C.  Short scuffle followed.
In our case (Steve and Joe) it wasn’t about anything but culture.
Here is a short presentation which challenges the nature of cultural and moral relativism.
If you are an intelligent (Joe says semi-intelligent too) person, how can you possibly maintain or argue that all cultures are equivalent?
If there are superior cultures, what say ye about morality within said cultures?
Here are Sam Harris and Douglas Murray with insight.  Watch and learn:

Joe and I are in accord with Douglas Murray: we in the West have a moral obligation to press the argument that Western values, Western mores, Western culture are superior.  Quoting Ayaan Hirsi Ali from the video –
Multiculturalism is indifference disguised as tolerance.  It allows the affluent person to turn his back on those whose freedoms and rights are compromised – on the poor and most vulnerable.  It gives people an excuse to claim tolerance in the face of intolerance.”
To hammer the point home, here’s Sam Harris talking about religion and belief and fundamentalism:

Joe’s Garage
Here’s a 1970 Mustang Boss 302 in vintage racing at Watkins Glen from 2012.
That 302 doesn’t see the bottom side of 5,000 rpm for the entire 20 minute race!
Shifting a 5.0L motor at 7,800 rpm seems kinda fun:





Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Golden Age
Same Harris does a quick review of the contributions of Islam to the world community.  It is an interesting intellectual contortion to insist that the “golden age of Islam” actually produced anything of value.
Joe suspects that by slaughtering their way to dominance, the so-called contributions of the Islamic world are actually derelicts and remnants of other cultures; cultures literally beheaded.
I speculate how much more has been lost to religion over the millennia?
How much more unique precious humanity helping thought and development has been squandered in the name of someone’s imaginary “friend”?:

Another perspective on the golden age of Islam is from Dr. Bill Warner, who has made a study of Islam and Islamic history.  To the victor the spoils.  As Dr. Warner comments, the Muslim world only preserved what it considered spoils: the taking of slaves, the confiscation of wealth, and the adoption of ideas and practices which complimented the beliefs of Islam:

A quick summary of the delusion pervading the West from our hero, Pat Condell.  His analysis is spot on.  The video is not from Mr. Condell’s site.  An entity nicknamed “Denon” created this collage of Condell think:


Crusade Facts


Today the sermon focuses on the Tomahawk missle attack launched on Thursday evening by President Trump to disable a Syrian airfield identified as the source of a chemical weapon attack.  A variety of speakers with a variety of analytical approaches and a variety of conclusions.
First up is Canadian Mark Steyn:

Second to speak is Stefan Molyneux, Canadian philosopher, who views the event from a much different perspective.  Much analysis, much criticism:

Third is Paul Joseph Watson, who is more critical of the Trump foreign policy than the others:

Finally, a Syrian survivor of the 2013 chemical weapon attack in Syria, Kassem Eid gives his perspective:

Net tally?  Some emotional “pros”, many emotional “cons”.
Only time will tell.


This week in Vernon has been cool and rainy (again!).
We are not amused.
It is time for warm weather and sunny skies.  Ww&ss are about 3 weeks overdue.
Last year we turned the furnace off the end of March.  This year the decrepit shaky rattly noisy SOB is still running every night.
Some day soon…. (listen to the wind blow)…. the sun will return!….. wistful sigh.

Joe (trench foot) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is the remedy –

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