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Mensa Test
Joe’s Comment – “The tax code in Canada is so bogus that we cannot start filling out the forms without a 60+ page guide.
What ever happened to the “flat tax” movement?”
I regret having to pay any taxes whatsoever.  Until we have direct input on what the tax $$$ will be used for, and a veto if there is no acceptable usage, Joe and I will not be happy paying taxes.
It ain’t the money, it’s how it is spent…..

Prager U Video o’ the Week
Tax Me I’m Canadian
It’s that time of year.
Joe and I thought we were catching up, but the taxman straightened us out on that count.
Somewhat depressing.
How is it in other countries?
Prager University tells all about the rich and their tax obligations:

We’re not finished yet.
What about progressive taxation?
Prager U sets us straight again about life in the U.S. of A.:

This all doesn’t make Joe or me feel any better.
What we would like is to TELL the government what our tax $$$ must be spent on or be used to support.
A snowy day in Hell you say?

Monday’s election should be a beacon for all us conservative Canadians, big C or little c.
Brad Wall has won re-election, increasing his parties majority by 3 additional seats to a 51 seat majority.
His election night speech:

This is his third term.  In 2007, his Saskatchewan Party won 38 seats.  In 2011, the total was 48.
Joe says take heart, Canada!  All is not lost.
And with a population of less than 2 million people, there is plenty of room in Saskatchewan for the remaining Conservatives in the country.

Rob Ford has died of cancer.  We missed it last week.
Rex Murphy, a uniquely Canadian pundit, delivers an appropriate and astute eulogy to mark his passing:

Joe and I liked what Rob Ford did for Toronto.  His tragic personal life notwithstanding, he was a steady, sane hand on the tiller of Canada’s arguably most “multicultural” city.
The left, in typical fashion, lost it’s collective shit condemning the man in life, and now, in death.
And so it goes…………
RIP Mayor Ford.

Democrat and Black

Bill Whittle only leaves out one salient detail from the following excellent analysis of data.
That detail is intelligence, commonly referred to as IQ or G Factor.
Well worth the investment of time to watch.
Joe wants to know the demographic of these cities.  Without researching, Joe goes out on a limb and says all of them have a majority or close to majority of “black” citizens.
Q.E.D. says Joe.
Life is harsh……..


The 1950 Ford project saw some progress in the last two weeks.  We have a video of what Joe believes to be the first self-propelled movement of this vehicle since it was stored in a Strathmore AB farm shed sometime ago – 1969 is the last license plate date.
Joe has tasked me with the YouTubing of the video in order to imbed it in this rant.
I didn’t do it.  Maybe next week.
In lieu of, here’s a picture of the ash tree stump(s) after we sawed it at ground level.
Our Echo chainsaw is a beauty, but the 18 inch bar couldn’t reach through the stump.


On Sunday night we built a fire on the stump after dousing it in diesel and gasoline.
Monday we’ll find out how deep if at all the stump burned down.

Ford GAA
During World War II Henry Ford proposed to build Rolls-Royce Merlin motors for the war effort.  Ford had built Liberty V12 engines under license during World War I, and wanted to contribute to the current WWII production of aircraft engines.
The licensing agreement could not be reached with Rolls-Royce.
Henry decided to build an aero engine better than the Merlin, and in true Henry fashion, proceeded to build the tooling to produce an all aluminum 60º V12 double overhead cam engine for America’s war effort – before reaching an agreement with the government.  The U.S. government went with Packard, who built the Packard Merlin for the P-51 fighter.
Ford did get a contract to build a V8 tank engine.
By chopping the last 4 cylinders off the proposed V12 aero engine, Henry’s team built the GAA, the world’s largest displacement alloy double overhead cam, 32 valve V8 engine (1,100 cubic inches, or 18 litres).
In 1945 tank trim, it produced 175 horse power at 1,000 rpm, with over 1,000 foot pounds of torque.  Enough to move a 35 ton Sherman tank.
You can read about this incredibly advanced engine at this website.
Why bring this up?
Because this engine was amazingly advanced for it’s time.  A more sophisticated design than the Rolls-Royce, built in large numbers, it is still around today and has captured the interest of many tractor pull enthusiasts and a few hot-rodders.  Several examples:

Here is a picture of a GAA project in modern hot rod application.  Who wouldn’t want 1,000 foot pounds of torque off idle?
GAA in 73 Mustang
For the rest of this project, check out this link.


AF1 Returning From Cuba

Let's Talk About Jesus

Bats In the Belfry

Who Won - ISIS

Drink From Skull

The Right Dog Back


Joe and I are in accord: the “religion of peace” is the most glaring example of corrupt foundation belief implemented and imposed on people without their explicit consent.  Of the existing religious “faiths” being practiced, we believe TROP to be the most evil, the most destructive, the most corrosive to human civilization.
The problem with Joe and I “believing” as we do was and is a lack of concrete evidence – other than the events occurring all around the world – of how the words of “the book” are used to program the people.
Enter the most excellent Robert Spenser.
Mr. Spenser has dedicated his life to understanding the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Sira. He visits mosques, he debates Islamic scholars, radicals, “moderates”, and most importantly, the Western apologists of whatever ilk.
The following presentation explains how the writings of the Islamic faith are taught and followed:

Another very revealing exchange is this panel composed of Robert Spencer, Nonie Darwish, and Raymond Ibrahim answering questions of a more pedantic nature.  The differences between the average Muslim and the average American are defined clearly:


Joe has brought up the subject of slavery in previous rants.
Q.  Who were the first slaves brought to the “New World”?
If you answered Africans, sit back, pour yourself a cup of kindness, and watch while Stefan Molyneux reviews the history and the facts of slave life in the Western cultures, and the world.  We are all “free range” slaves in Canada if you use the specific definition of slavery Stefan explains in the video.  He makes the case that slavery has nothing to do with race:



This week has been spectacular.
It is too sad and too bad for folks down east sampling more of the Arctic blast Canada is famous for delivering.Not to brag but the daffodildos by the attached garage are close to finished blooming.
The magnolia tree is looking very Spring-like today.
Take a look at these flowers close to opening.
I expect an eyeful by Tuesday if the weather stays as glorious as today.
We actually broke a sweat just standing in the sun.

Joe (Sweaty) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is cool headed as usual, from Investor’s Business Daily


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