Sunday Rant – 1424


Joe’s Comment – Like the dog says, it’s not going to throw itself.
How long does a culture survive?
Is a culture like a biological organism?
It is born, it struggles to survive, it grows, it flourishes…..
And then what?
I saw protesters in Alberta, peaceful protesters, surrounded by “police” in SWAT gear, no IDs, no name tags, no conversation.
I hear of corruption at all levels of government (read and watch “Sunday Sermon” below).
I read that the population of Canada has grown by one million in less than a year, at the expense of the taxpayer.
The censorship of the Internet and those who speak on it grows.
I see a federal government following an agenda that does NOT represent the will of the Canadian people.
My life has been an easy road.  Perhaps all the years of experience and living have given me enough knowledge and wisdom to survive what is coming.
Not a bed of roses, methinks….


Quick Dick McDick
A fierce rebuttal of the Trudeau government, bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo, and the carbon tax that has absolutely no effect on the climate.
Just another tax grab to feed a bloated and ever growing “civil service” that no longer is civil and no longer serves the people who provide for their existence.
Quick Dick is a one-man ambassador for agriculture in Canada, and with this episode, a well spoken (if somewhat vulgar) advocate for We The People, the folks who pay for the government some dumb son-of-a-bitches voted in twice.
Joe and I appreciate Quick Dick’s ability to enunciate his disapproval.
Our desire is, more than ever, to move off grid physically….. we moved off grid intellectually (what is left of intellect in our little pea brain) the day we finished reading Steppenwolf almost 60 years ago.  We are a watered down pale reflection in turbulent water of one Harry Haller.  Perhaps a touch of Marlena Dietrich, too.
A tempest in a tea cup.  Joe and I are retreating – our love of humanity is quick becoming an ideology, not a reality:


The Culture

The Demon Alcohol
Joe and I (and the 37 mad men in our head) no longer drink alcohol.
It isn’t because we didn’t enjoy a drink.
Or two, or a few more.
It is more along the lines of balance.
For many years we thought there was an equilibrium state in us – a pleasant confluence of a rational cogent, sporatically intelligent soul partnered with a spirited sometimes devilish yet mortal Bacchus or Dionysus, fueled by the grape, the barley, and on occasion, the still.
Alas, a flawed analysis, based on a flawed argument.
We never found that “happy medium”….. although we found happy many times.
Joe and I are the lowest of the low among mortal men.
The “nectar of the gods”, and ambrosia are the food/drink of the immortals in mythology, not us.
Furthermore, confusing whiskey and beer and all their intoxicating relatives with manna just isn’t right either.
It is over three years since Joe and I have had a drink.
We don’t miss it at all.
After a career of 55+ years as a tippler, we can honestly say we’ve had enough.
However, for many years we mostly enjoyed our version of drinking, and don’t discourage anyone or anybody their free will to determine what relationship with alcohol they might have.
The point of this entire monologue is to draw attention to the truly lowest morally bankrupt among us worldly souls.
No, we’re not talking about lawyers or bankers or politicians;  they have a special place in Hell.
We’re talking about marketing “professionals”.
Joe and I fall for it every time – base desires extrapolated and exploited until the weak (that be we) think it could be us, too.
Take a look at this short video of the “Best Liquor Commercials of all Time” and see if you don’t agree.  Oh! Lord!  We are not worthy!:



Dr. Anthony Chaffee explains how the ketogenic diet helps the body maintain itself with autophagy.  Fasting is one way to “force” autophagy, but it is not necessary.  It is dependent on insulin levels which in turn are a function of nutritional intake.  If the intake is high carbohydrate, the insulin response limits or prohibits autophagy.
It seems so obvious.  What are we missing?:

Dr. Anthony Chaffee has a conversation with Lierre Keith.
This is an important discussion because the topic addresses the conflict at hand – does man “manage” the earth, or destroy the earth?
Using ruminants to restore land to its proper place in the environment is essential for life.
Joe and I purchased Ms. Keith’s book, “The Vegetarian Myth”.
It is a passionate argument for the proper human diet, and for restoring farmland to a more natural harmonious ecology.
A conversation between Dr. Ken Berry and Ms. Keith was included in Sunday Rant – 1224:


Joe’s Garage

Water Injection
The use of water injection in internal combustion engines is not a new concept.
Water injection provides several advantages such as anti-detonation and allows higher compression ratios.  Information for free!
Joe says we should experiment with one of our IDI Fords:

Oil Viscosity
When Joe and I were young motorists, there was only single viscosity motor oil.
You could have 30 weight.  Or 40 weight.  Or 20 weight.
There were no multi viscosity oils.
Nor were oils laden with detergents or “special sauce”.
Times have changed…..
Lake Speed Jr. is an oil technology specialist.
In this video he discusses the latest technology with very low viscosity multi grade oils.  With all things material, there are pluses and minuses.
Watch and learn!:



On this Sunday, the sermon is closer to home.
Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson brings a little religion, and a story about corruption by government officials in Chestermere AB, a bedroom community east of Calgary.
We know the place from our long ago past.
We have no idea about today.  Laura-Lynn brings disturbing news.
Joe and I think that serious problems are not in the future.
Serious problems are here, now, and always have been.
That is why a “virtuous and moral” society is the only way; it is not an alternative:


This week in Vernon BC the weather was acceptable.
But only in the realization that something much better is on the way.
There were only a few nights of sub zero temperatures.
And only a few days of cloud and spitty rain.
All in all, acceptable.
Next week’s forecast calls for rain four days out of seven.
The snow pack was very low this year – less than 60% of normal.
We need some water to fill the lakes and reservoirs.
Joe would rather live in a desert than a rain forest.
The old adage is April showers bring May flowers.
Is there another adage…..?

Joe (happy) Mekanic
p.s.  Another week of Ramirez magic –

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