Sunday Rant – 1421


Joe’s Comment – Hope springs eternal (in the Spring).
Happy Easter to one and all!
It is good to be…..
(Note: the Johnny Hart Easter graphic above received negative criticism).


QDMcD on Beef
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world, Quick Dick McDick, welcomes the week with another excellent video aimed at younger folks (and us oldsters too).
“What’s Your Beef?” describes the process of raising beef animals for human consumption.
This is the fifth “Little Quicks” episode:


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

The popular Republican governor of Florida might be popular for a GOOD reason.
By some fluke of Nature®, he was born with a good brain, the ability to think, and the gift of articulation.
Jesus be praised!
The discussion about the “pandemic” with the subject matter experts he convened in this public health “round table” (Joe insisted on quotation marks because he didn’t see some round – he insists they mean around the table) is not ass-covering or ass-kissing.  It is a review of data and time and outcome.
Unlike some states further up the east coast (say New York?).
We love us some statistics:


Dr. Shawn Baker
There is more sugar in an orange than a bowl of ice cream.
Joe says probably in an apple, too.
The old adage “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has a nice ring to it, and will be difficult to eradicate entirely.
Instead of an apple a day, Joe and I watch one of Dr. Baker’s daily video.
This one has news about a Canadian hero in Calgary AB.
The video of pastor Artur Pawlowski follows this video:


Artur Pawlowski
This man has big Canadian balls.
He brought his immense testicles from Poland: he’s an immigrant.
This makes Joe and me incredibly sorry that natural born Canadians don’t have the fortitude of this man:


Joe’s Garage

Ever Given
Chief MAKOi gives a follow-up briefing on the fate of the Ever Given, Suez Canal constipator, free but not loose after plugging the waterway for six days.
What is the fate of Ever Given?
Somebody gotta get a spanking:

Bee puke.
Sweet bee snot.
A fantastic sugar complex with built in antibacterial compounds.
Although Joe and I don’t eat any sugars or carbohydrates, those little insects have done a masterful job of creating a self preserving food source high in energy:

The last year has been a cornucopia of crap.
CORONA hysteria is continuing to horrify Joe and me with the power of the mob and the inversion of wrong over right.
People no longer wonder if life is shitty: it’s a fact, Jack.
Enter Dr. Ken Berry.
We now know life is shit, but by what measure?
Dr. Berry helps us analyze the size, color, and shape of shit, and more importantly, what it all means.
A time appropriate presentation if ever there was:

doG Bless the West
There are crazies everywhere, but nowhere as crazy as wackos from The West.
Here is a 1/4 mile match race of two lawn tractors, at Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire, England.
Makes a man proud to be racist.
Why racist you ask?
Joe has 6 lawn tractors and he too racists around the yard in the summer sun!:






This week the sermon is a Q and A with Dr. Paul Mason.
Dr. Mason is a scientist first, a politician maybe never.
If you didn’t get our drift, he isn’t politically minded.
How refreshing!
He follows the evidence, the data, the reality.
His modus operandi?
His mojo?
His raison d’être?
He truly wants to help people lead a healthier life.
Fancy grapefruit, fancy that – almost too much to comprehend…..
Joe thinks this guy is a truth sayer:



This week in Vernon BC Spring is continuing to blossom.
The daffodildos beside the attached garage have, once again (with feeling), appeared at Easter time.
These are the most hopeful flowers in our yard.
Every year we do NOT water, weed, trim, fertilize, or otherwise pander to these harbingers of Spring, of Easter, of hope.
Last year was tough on the bulbs – they were covered with garbage cans and car parts, then snow.
They don’t care; they are on a mission.
The temperature has been gradually warming, but tonight (Sunday) it is forecast to drop to zero Celsius (the weather at sunset was clear skies).
All in all, Joe is pleased with the lack of rain, the warm days, and the greening all around.

Joe (frenzied) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez takes no prisoners –



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