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Joe’s Comment: This Spring is a slow starter.  Akin to wading in molasses, or the above graphic.  A function of age, or the cool rainy weather?  Gotta get going…

Dieting With Joe
How are you doing, diet wise?
Joe (and I) are 68 years advanced on the zero to RIP scale.
We are overweight (paid in full).
We are sluggish (we are overweight).

We are determined to stick around for kids of the kids of the kids, just to laugh in a 4 generation picture.  That’s the best our paternal family-line has been able to produce.  Don’t want to let the side down.
What is the perfect diet to obtain and maintain your life-goal?

Joe says our diet must include beer, ’cause he likes it.
We found the following website, getdrunknotfat which explains the entire issue in great detail.
Our brand of choice (and of our father) is what is now called Carling Extra Old Stock Black Label.  Used to be O’Keefe’s Extra Old Stock Black Label.  Used to look like this a long time ago – notice the old style can (seam on the top) and quantity (341mm vs 355 today – 355 is 12 oz. American) –

Joe is concerned that the calorie count is 157 calories with approx. 12 grams of carbohydrates.  He likes data.
I am concerned because like Pringles, betcha can’t eat just one.
Picking up the pace might be the only solution.  You know, burn calories instead of reducing calorific intake.
More in a month or two.

History for Joe
Joe doesn’t pay attention to politics as much as I do.
He focuses on trying to solve mechanical problems, because they always have a solution.  Less stress on the head muscle.
I, on the other hand, struggle mightily to understand why so many non-Western entities insist on pursuing a “zero sum” calculus.  Shades of our misspent youth, when it seemed so simple.
Prager U. has over 160 short subject videos well worth investing an afternoon’s time viewing.  A few about the Israeli struggle follow:

The following is a blunt analysis of performance in the Arab world.
Joe and I tried breaching this subject recently while out and about.
We were pronounced “racist!” before we could finish our thought.
Whatever happened to thesis / counter-thesis / synthesis?
Religion needs a working definition:

The following video is Dennis Prager at Oxford University, participating in a debate.  As you will hear, Mr. Prager cannot believe the veracity of the debate topic.  Other than an academic exercise, there is no argument!:

Joe’s Heroes
William Happer is in high regard.
His brain power is immense and, refreshingly (for an intellect), equaled by his common sense.
He also has a sense of humor and humility.

U.N. Follies
Nikki Haley continues to impress Joe and I.
She is the perfect face to confront the lunatics in the asylum.
A woman telling the Muslims where to get off?
Absolutely magnificently spectacularly awesomely fantastic:




Douglas Murray is an outspoken Englishman who has a very clear understanding of the future in Europe with Islam populations expanding geometrically.  He believes there will be no “soft landing” with regard to Islam.
The clip below is cut from the longer interview with Gad Saad found here:


At the podium is Jay Lehr with his talk from 23 March 2017 at the International Conference on Climate Change.  The focus is the slide presentation Dr. Lehr showed President Trump.  Professor Lehr is science director at the Heartland Institute:


This week in Vernon has been relentless rain, cloud, cool (even frosty one morning) mud bog front yard excitement.
Very difficult for Joe to get moving.
Harder for me, due to my natural affinity to vitamin D (for David) from natural sources (read: sunlight).

Joe (mudbog) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez never bogs down –

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