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April Fool
Joe’s Comment – April brings flowers and gentle rains to nourish the flora in the Northern Hemisphere.  The fruit trees will be budding and flowering.  However, April begins with “All Fools Day”.  Western culture will continue it’s suicidal policies led by the “most powerful leader” in the world who is a fop, a nancy, a failure, and mostly, a fool.  In this sense, Jay Leno is a prophet, Obambi is a failure,  The origin of April Fool’s Day is not known exactly, although the custom is documented thousands of years ago in many cultures.  Perhaps it has to do with the end of Winter in the northern hemisphere, and the giddy reckless enthusiasm people have for better weather.  Too bad the foolishness isn’t avoidable the other 364 days of the year.  An example below in “Sunday Sermon”, where the lunatic left tries to make light of the suffering of our culture at the hands of “just a few”, “a small minority” of “refugees”.  Appropriately debated on the 1st of April.

This Week in Rant
A very busy week, this week.  Not much to post, so we won’t.  We have been simply trying to overdose on sunshine and warm weather.

Political Video o’ the Week
Pat Condell is a truthsayer from the UK.  He has been ringing the bell about rising restricting bureaucracy and lost freedom for many years.  In this video he talks about the underlying forces fueling the Trump phenomena:

The Shiny Pony Speaks
If this man means what he says and the “majority” of Canadians agree with him, Joe and I are no longer Canadian.
Reading the quote below, we can only rationalize a framework where that argument has weight by callously misinterpreting “honor”.  Or “honour” if you must be different.
Joe says again, if he was not the spawn of Pierre of the carnation, he would be laughed off the world stage.
Trudeau Honor Killings

Joe’s Garage
This week was a milestone for the ‘50 Ford project.  While still very far from being road-worthy, Florence (Flo) backed out of the shop under her own power.  More importantly, Flo was able to stop, albeit with only front brakes, when the whoa! pedal was depressed.  Two short videos of the event were captured, and will be posted in a future rant.  After a slumber since 1969, Flo awakens!  Joe is excited about the project.
An example of period authenticity, here’s a picture of a ’49 Ford that Turner Classic Movies uses in one of it’s advertisements.  If you’ve ever watched TCM, you’ve seen this car –
TCM Advertisement - 1
We screen captured the above image.  In the ad, the car is parking, and the lights are turned off.  The bridge is the Brooklyn Bridge.  Very lovely images….
Slumber Interruptus
In recognition of Flo once again breathing fire, here is a video of a very large diesel generator set being brought back to life after a 30 year rest.  Joe says this generator itself is every bit the antique the Enterprise DSG-36 engine is.  Enterprise started building monster diesel powerplants in 1917.  The diesel stationary generator (DSG) in the video displaces 10,179 cubic inches and is in non-supercharged configuration – producing 600 horse power.  The bore is 12 inches and the stroke is 15 inches.  Totally old school steam-punk awesome.  A link to a DSG-36 marine engine 187 page data sheet/operating manual here:



Bernie Clueless

Teddy Roosevelt Visiting Cuba

Why Can't You Fight ISIS

What Is Missing Bernie

Where the Second Amendment Touched You



Old Water


Chance of Cervical Cancer



Today we have a “debate”.  Mark Steyn and Nigel Farage face off against Louise Arbour and Simon Schama arguing the pros and cons of “Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” in a Munk debate held in Toronto, April 1st, 2016.  Joe and I put debate in quotes for the simple reason it ain’t a debate.  Watch, listen, make up yer own mind:



This week was marvelous.  Lots of sun.  A few crisp mornings with frost on windshields.  A bit of rain early in the week.  The grass is greening.  The buds are budding.  Life in Vernon is good.
We saw some nasty weather on the tube from down East.
Very sad.

Joe (Tanned) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez thrives, from Investor’s Business Daily



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