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April 1, 20015
Obambi April Fools
Who do YOU think is the fool?


Discrimination and Prejudice (and Bull Shit)
Cruisin’ the Internet in my intrastellar light speed browsers (Chrome, Sea Monkey, and Firefox) the following images popped up out of somewhere
Colorado Sucks
Colorado Was a Better Place
Montana Was Beautiful
Being an ex-flower child and uber sensitive touchy-feely, I thought, gee, somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed didn’t they.  How unkind to the Californians visiting or immigrating.  This is prejudice!  This is discrimination!  This is bigotry!  This is racist!  Call the thought police!  Kumbaya, two verses!
Joe said cool it.  You and everyone else do it every day.  The difference is these folks put it on a sign.
A man of few words.
Joe always has a way of making me reflect…… and put perspective to work.  It is no different than here in the Okanagan Valley when the annual “Blue-eyed Arabs” show up.  Heard that comment from some folks on Friday about the Alberta license plates moving up on the hate parade from 1 in 10 to 1 in 4.  In the heat of the summer the ratio approaches 1 in 2 in some areas.
Some folks move to the city ’cause they don’t like the country.  Some folks do the same in the other direction.  These are people who know what they like then proceed to get it.
Others aren’t as fortunate.  They don’t know what they like, or can’t afford to change their environment.  They drift in the stream of culture unattached.
Do people have the “right” to control their environment?
Does the environment involved include all aspects of “culture”?  Behaviour?  Thought?  All social environment?
Indeed, some ethnicities and groups and “cultures” go to great lengths to control a myriad of details in their captive audience’s existence.
Joe objects on some levels and agrees on others – it is impossible to live a human life in complete isolation.
Human behaviour leans toward “likes attracting likes”.  To discriminate with prejudice is not a negative.  It is a reflection of the cultural current you have adopted, or adapted to for survival.  The only argument for good or bad is determined by what behaviour is precipitated.
In the spirit of neutral discrimination and prejudice (neither good or bad, just different) here are some “bumper stickers” to contemplate-

After Trillion

Car Look Big

Sorry Now

Go Home


Dads Against

These slogans have an attitude and suggest a preferred behaviour, based on prejudice.  Not bad or good, not deplorable, not to be condemned.  Opinion.


Religious Eggs
Now for some very tasteless rude irreverent disrespect aimed at the man of the hour(s).  Open the music link here, then enjoy the humour.  Humour is what separates us from the savages –


Jesus and Easter Bunny

Hasta la Vista




The mind boggles.  Good times for cartoonists.  Not much more to say.
Kerry Easter Eggs

Obambi Bunny

Netanyahu Wins

Nixon vs Hillarious

Obambi Moron

Unintended Consequences




Capitalist Pigs
I am a capitalist pig.  Joe is a disgusting capitalist pig.  Nous sommes porcines de capitalist.  Socialism seems to be a dream of youth or old age.  A sort of if the world was just and fine and loving I could have everything I need without fear, favour, or working for it.  The failure of socialist experiments is legendary, brutal, deadly.  Some folks are born every day, and they seem not to know or care about the lessons of history.  Or the nature and make-up of the human being.
Joe and I are schlubs.  Average people.  The best possible world for an average Joe (or David) entails freedom, liberty, private property, free trade, protection from powerful hostile forces.  Socialism in all and every form it takes cannot supply these essential ingredients.  Indeed, it struggles to provide ANY of them for a free thinking independent person.  The smallest minority is the individual…..
Joe says a short primer might help.  Here we go:  Humans are fallible: inherently, naturally, predictably.  The education of people (outside “street” or “peer” or “home” or “community” modes) ESPECIALLY WOMEN leads to emancipation, prosperity, health, opportunity, development, and a thousand other perks delivered by knowledgeable people IF conducted in a Petri dish of liberty, private property, free trade. .
So, why didn’t someone tell the poor sons of bitches in Venezuela about the load of unicorn turds they would reap by electing Hugo Chavez?  Was it similar to the Obambi mass hypnotism?  Promises of goods and services for each vote?  A ride paid in full with an “X” on a ballot?  The language they speak?  The colour of their skin?  The indigenous population?  What in the world blinds people to reality?
Well, the proletariat in Venezuela are living la dolce vita, baby.  Read and weep for them.  Read and learn what could happen to us if education / government interference keeps up the slow but irreversible murder of freedom.  Read about the bankruptcy of socialism in Venezuela here.
Here’s a corny quote that sums it up   “What light is to the eyes – what air is to the lungs – what love is to the heart, liberty is to the soul of man.” ― Robert Green Ingersoll
Socialism Explained



Chicago ISIS

Bibi to Obambi



Obambi Scandal


Big Lie

Fat and Ugly


Hilarious Clitone Alcohol

Jay Leno on Obambi

Holding Breath


Hilarious Clitone Running

John Q Citizen


Hilarious Was Fired

Meeting Women





Energy and Where to Find It
The following is a brief presentation that identifies major problems with electrical transmission lines and the impact of integrating so-called “green energy” electrical production (wind farms, solar arrays).  The presentation is at the TEAC6 (Thorium Energy Alliance Conference, number 6):

Joe is an enthusiastic supporter of nuclear energy, specifically the Thorium family.  He has included information and data about thorium reactors in past Rants –

Time to lobby.  Time to organize.  Time to spread the word and stop the madness.  Why kill the birds and bats with propellers and mirrors?  If anyone REALLY “loved the Earth and wanted to “conserve””, clean, safe, limitless energy is possible with thorium.  Future technologies will arise that are even more attractive.  Another very good description of fluoride – thorium reactors and why they are superior economically and in terms of public safety / environmental hazard:

I and Joe don’t condemn individuals very often.  We make an exception for creatures like “Dr.” Helen Caldicott.  This woman is in the same category as Rachel Carson, author of “Silent Spring” – appallingly delusional yet dangerously influential in certain circles.   Professor Robert White-Stevens said about Rachel Carson “If man were to follow the teachings of Miss Carson, we would return to the Dark Ages, and the insects and diseases and vermin would once again inherit the earth.”  Read about the deadly fantasies of Rachel Carson here.  We had to drink heavily to listen to “Dr.” Caldicott spew her misinformation and lies.  The same criticism of Carson applies.  The worst part was underlying her points – a desire to return to primitive society.  She is evil, whether by design or ignorance (akin to “Code Pink” activists).   However, the documentary is excellent in identifying the real impetus behind energy – the standard of living of humans is in direct proportion.  The segment in this documentary exploring an arc furnace steel recovery plant is an excellent example.  The furnace runs at a order of magnitude most people cannot comprehend, much like super tanker ships.  The quantities of energy required and the resources consumed make it more efficient than having 10,000 Chinese or Taiwanese, or Sudanese, or whomever squatting on the ground doing what parts of this recycling they could manage.  100,000 of them COULDN’T MELT THE STEEL.  The furnace uses enough electricity (200MW) every day to power a large city for a year.  However, the kettle pours in excess of 100 tons of recovered steel each cycle at a fraction of the cost of mining and smelting ore.  Truly a miracle.  A documentary well worth the 2 hours.  Keep the cold drinks handy!  Cheer on the engineers and chemists and physicists who make this possible:

Global Warming Last Words
Stupidity Expert



Pat Condell presents a short guide to the dark side:


Andrew Klaven has a perspective on the dark side with this expose of magical leftist thinking:




Que Pasa “Smart”?
Rex Murphy on the sorry state of universities.

Albert Einstein




As the man says, “life is valuable. Protect it”:




Will Rogers - Religion

I’m not sure Will Rogers meant what I mean when he said the above.  The gold standard for me is damn right I have no consideration for this faux religion.  Latest statistics from the gentle folks of Islam.  25,509 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11.  What a team!  More here.





Today the pulpit is host to Sam Harris.  His topic is “The Problem with Atheism”



The Spring keeps springing.  Lots of sun.  Lots of clouds.  Some rain.  The daffodildos are about half done.  Lots of mud in the yard from the strange run-off.  All the trees are budding and leaving.  Magnolias next.  Life is good.  Very exciting! –
Wet Our Plants


Joe (Springing) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez rules!  From Investors Business Daily.


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