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Joe’s Comment – I have some thoughts centered around the word “Fungibility”.
The word “fungible” means “capable of being exchanged or interchanged” or “something such as a currency, share, or goods, that can easily be exchanged for others of the same value and type”.  Fungible is most commonly used in law or commerce to imply same same, to imply interchangeability.
On Friday morning I read in the Epoch Times morning brief that the population of Canada has increased by one million in only 9 months – now 41 million.
The words of Andrew Breitbart (RIP) immediately come to mind “politics is downstream of culture“.
What in the world is the federal government up to?
The million soul increase is a 2.5% bump.
I will bet the farm that the addition is not a million Europeans or Americans or Australians.  Not of average IQ = 100 either.
The million are from cultures unlike Canada’s.  I will bet the farm again (that’s two farms) that the majority of these people are not white, do not speak English, and are not particularly educated or trained in the fields and endeavors that are the economic engine of Canada.  As for their politics and morals, an open question.
People are NOT FUNGIBLE.
You can’t take a bunch of Somali pirates and insert them into Bay Street – Toronto’s financial district – and expect harmony, productivity, and success.
This leads to several conclusions that I feel are incontrovertible.
1.  The Culture of Canada cannot survive such dilution.
2.  There is no intention of inserting these immigrants (legal or not) into positions of influence or power – they are pawns
3.  The majority of Canadians have no idea that this is happening, and if they did, the vast majority would not approve.
4.  The fiscal cost will be dwarfed by the impact to the culture and the social fabric.  I’m talking crime, and misery for innocent folks.  I’m talking no recourse.  I’m talking coercion, censorship, and punitive action to those who speak up.
Someone, somewhere, somehow, wants Canada to die.
The question then is what does Canada become?
Is it a Phoenix story, reborn from its own ashes?
In the parlance of John McEnro:

Just what, in the name of Christ, are you bastards doing to this country?
Indeed, to all of the countries of the West?
You cannot be serious.
In any case, you cannot succeed.
The resistance is growing.

The Culture

Good Friday
Joe and I were raised in the Anglican branch of Christianity.
That doesn’t stop us from enjoying some Katie Hopkin on this Easter weekend:

Best Liquor Commercials
Joe admits that in the past, the very sight of beautiful women would get him to buy and consume alcohol.
Thankfully, Joe was spared the sight  in a TV commercial, because he didn’t watch TV.
Fortunately, Joe and I no longer drink.
We do think that advertisers and marketing specialists take advantage of human weakness in their effort to peddle goods and services to an unsuspecting public.
Men make up a great portion of the unsuspecting.
Joe and I did enjoy the teasing semi-erotic inferences built in to a crass sales pitch in every one of the ads in this video.  Joe watched more than once.
That is Salma Hayek, isn’t she?  Joe could use a whiskey….:

Neil Oliver
The battle of lies.
How long will the “powers that be” promote their agenda with lies that defy what our eyes and minds clearly see as not so?
Is it a psychosis?
Is it a “hold my beer” challenge to determine who or whom the GOAT liar is?
(GOAT = Greatest Of All Times)
Is it about power and wealth?
Or is it a grand farce, a joke, a “fart in your general direction”?  (ht to Monty Python)
As the lies stack upon lies, lining the container of lies with more lies, supported on a foundation of lies reinforced with lies and by lies, where does a sane person plant their feet, their foundation of truths?
Joe and I are siding with Mr. Oliver – lies seem to have a life of their own.  The best counter is to tell the truth and face the consequences:

Jason Siles – Blue Collar Logic
A complement to the piece on lying by Neil Oliver (above).
Jason talks about a recent Rasmussen poll that reveals dark evil intent by the progressive left – the willingness to discard truth, the willingness to cheat and lie, the willingness to employ any corrupt behavior in pursuit of their objective.
This is not acceptable, even if their objective were noble and just and pure.
Their objective is unlimited control of others, power beyond dimension, and to control the purse strings of all wealth.
Once more, Joe and I find ourselves in accord with Mr. Siles:

South Park
Joe and I think that South Park might be the moral authority of the West.
We have our favorites over the years (Joe damn near died laughing at the rug licking episode).
Seeing as though it is Easter weekend, how about a little humor at the expense of the Mormon “religion”:

An interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of South Park (1997 –  still going strong).  Two best friends making each other laugh.
Life can be beautiful if you work at it:

Tulsi Gabbard
Only 11 years from Democrat rising star to CPAC speaker!  In her first year as an elected Democrat, she rose to the position of vice chair of the Democrat Party Committee.
Joe and I like her message.
We also like her fortitude.
Unlike a long list of Democrat players, she didn’t capitalize on her insider knowledge when she was in congress.
She actually did what they all should do – represent those who elected her.
Joe predicts that she will rise in the political arena.
Whether as a Republican or an Independent he will not say:


Apologies regarding the next four.  We weren’t successful in embedding them from “X” (we don’t have that skill set…. yet).  Highlight the URL below, right click on it, and select “open in a new tab”:



Ivor Cummins promotes the short presentation by Brian Sanders that details the facts about the nutritional value of meat, especially red meat.
The same video embedded in Mr. Cummins’ release was featured in “Sunday Rant – 2721“.
No excuses from Joe and I.  It is an accurate reading of red meat and nutrition.
As far as CO2 and “fossil fuels” not so much.  Watch it as brain food!:


Joe’s Garage

Baltimore Marine Accident
On Tuesday, March 26th, at approximately 1:25 a.m., the container ship Dali struck one of the main pilings supporting the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore MD.  There are many Ub2b videos of the incident, and more opinions about what happened than there are stars in the sky.
Joe and I have watched a number of them.  We chose to include the following.
We were fascinated at how frail the bridge appears when subjected to a fatal disruption of a support pier.  The bridge is a cable type continuous suspension design.  Very stable in torsion, tension, and compression until one or more of those parameters are driven beyond design capacity.
Then it falls like a house of cards, as you can see in the video.
Joe says no more bridge for him!
He’d rather go around:

Another perspective of the same event.  A tragedy.  Note that the piers are NOT protected by “dolphins”.  A simple addition of dolphins would have prevented such an accident from occurring.  Joe questions the design objectives – surely safety or accident risk analysis were part of the design frame of reference?:

Lake Speed Jr. – Oil Specialist
Dave at Dave’s Automotive and his sons meet Lake Speed Jr.
What ensues is a detailed and scientific history of oil additives, oil characteristics, and government dictum / interference.
Of special interest is the new piston design discussed, with second groove “gap-less ring”.
Joe and I learned muchly:

Land Speed Record
A brief history of the land speed record, and those folks who want the next.
The last record was set in September of 1997 by Andy Green in the Thrust SSC – 713.99 mph.
The next record?
There are some mad dogs (and Englishmen) reaching for 1000 mph.
Joe and I aren’t interested, although the technology is fantastic.
We don’t see the point – other than the challenge.  Right up there with mountain climbing – because it is there!   Joe says this one fits in the different strokes category:




Easter Sunday is a time of reflection and renewed hope.
To celebrate, let’s get serious and talk about the fall of the West….. and what can be done to have it rise again.
In the following interview, Tucker Carlson has a conversation with Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller about what is and what can be done to render what should be:


This week in Vernon BC the weather was typical early Spring.
It still gets frosty overnight – enough to require window scraping on windshields if you hazard an early motor vehicle escapade.
Most days the sun came out which brought the temperature to an early two digit maximum.
The cloudy days not so hot, but no precipitation.
When the wind blew, sun or shade, very nippley nippy.
As a matter of record, it has been a very dry Winter – the snow cap is estimated to be less than 70% of “normal”.
Friend Elaine (BC Hydro) says the dam in Revelstoke has cut back the number of engaged turbines due to low water behind the dam.  This causes BC Hydro to purchase surplus from other sources.
Joe and I are very happy with a dry year.
We are very selfish.
We like hot and dry and cloudless sky.
Although the farmers and electricity generators and (eventually) boaters need a thorough soaking, a torrential rain, Joe and I like the hot and dry.
We’ll leave it up to the weather spirits.
Joe says don’t change on our account.


Joe (sweaterman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is our kind of conservative –


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