Sunday Rant – 1317


Joe’s Comment – Is this or is it not reminiscent of the GOP “solving” Obamacare?  WTF is the government doing in the health business in the first place?
Smaller government more individual autonomy less regulation better lives…..

Winds of U.N. Change
A problem with the legitimization of rogue / theocratic / non-“democratic” / dictatorial countries is the watering down of the possibility of the U.N. to be meaningful.
Joe is in love with Nikki Haley, the U.S.A.’s ambassador to the U.N.
Watch the following joint statements with the ambassadors of South Korea and Japan in relation to the recent activities of the wackjob running North Korea:

Here is the Ambassador commenting on her first meeting with the “Security Council” (Joe insisted on the quotation marks).  This woman has steel:

With firm but fair words this woman has set a tone that will either transform the U.N. into a body worthy of its namesake, or initiate its fiscal collapse.
Joe hasn’t been this happy about a U.N. appointment since John Bolton under George W.

’50’s vs ’10’s
What made the ’50’s such a success?
Despite the problems unresolved from the dreadful conflict of the ’40’s, the ’50’s Korean conflict, and a host of problems national and international, the ’50’s are remembered for optimism and growth.
How so did this go?
Joe and I have a theory that isn’t too complicated – the politicians of the day were less lawyers / elites / intellectuals.  The politicians of the day were more agrarians, businessmen, ex-servicemen; not “professional” politicians.
I’m sure that our theory is full of holes.  For now, we’ll stay with it until a better explanation / theory comes knocking.
To run a country takes many hats, many minds, much cooperation, much agreement.  The part of running a country that is “business” must be run as such.  If not, politicians concerned with their personal interests will not be remorseful if they should make and keep promises that subsequently drive the country into fiscal ruin.  They are not accountable.  This is a real problem.
Joe found the following testimonial from Mark Burnett (creator of “Survivor” and “Apprentice”) to be very insightful.  He discusses his relationship with Mr. Trump long before he became President.  Mr. Trump is true to his word, doesn’t back down, and makes things happen.  The result is a 14 year financial success, created from whole cloth, face-to-face, between these two men.
There are advantages to having a President who understands business:

What would a week be like without the ascorbic wit of Paul Joseph Watson to brighten Joe’s outlook?
It would be less bright.
If YouTube / Google / advertisers have their way, there might not be any PJW to watch on YouTube.  Seems the progressive forces of goodness tend fascist when the results they seek aren’t trending:

Joe has been warning for years about the encroachment on “free speech” that well-meaning progressive-minded busybodies continue to promote.
The libertarian / conservative position on free speech is coherent and straight forward: no censorship – the marketplace of ideas, of debates, of conversation will eventually produce the truths and facts much like sunlight bleaches bones.
Be ever so vigilant, please.

Scott Adams
Joe and I find the reflections of Scott Adams revealing and illuminating.
Here is a recent analysis by Mr. Adams which eliminates some false perceptions while digesting the possible political ramifications of the POTUS acting out all on his own:




The writings and words of Charles Krauthammer are oft quoted and recurring in Joe’s Sunday Rant.
Joe doesn’t concur 100% with Mr. Krauthammer, but his posture and outlook are always well thought, deliberate, and well founded.
What of the man?
The following interview from 2015 with Bill Krystal has an overview of his life, his gradual but steady political shift from left to right, his education, and an interesting segment on growing up in Quebec.
Well worth the time:


This week in Vernon the Winter weather has relented.  Only one morning, a clear night sky morning, was there frost on the vehicle windows.
The daffodildos alongside the attached garage are just now poking their little green heads out of the soil.  A “normal” year would have them pretty well finished their annual display.
Today, Sunday, was grey all day.  The threat of precipitation stayed incipient, and the sun broke through very weakly for a few minutes in the late afternoon.
Thank doG for global warming.
Just think how cold it would be otherwise!

Joe (sarcastic) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez calms shattered nerves –

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