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Cloud Thought

Joe’s Comment – Men are capable of not thinking, of having a “blank mind”, of kicking it in neutral.  Not so women…..  This is a pleasurable experience for men.  Not so for women (watching men not think).  Another detail that mocks “equality” of the sexes.  Take five, Joe!

Favorite Month of the Month
March is a wonderful month compared to February.  St. Patrick’s Day.  First day of Spring.  Easter / chocolates / eggs from a bunny.  Oh yeah, some religion too.  Can’t win ’em all.
Humor and humour are in order.  Already did St. Patrick’s Day.  Spring is covered in “Weather (Or Not)” below.
That leaves Easter.  Some of my collection –
Can't Get My Slipper On
My Arse Hurts

Try Laying a Colored Egg

Jesus Smile

Prager U Video o’ the Week
A promise broken.  We’ve neglected to include a Prager U video every week like we promised.  Not good.  Almost as contractually sound as a New Year’s resolution.  Here is history professor Larry Schweikart from the University of Dayton, explaining how America overcame it’s Socialist origins:

Joe says we should send this video to Bernie Sanders and several million college students.  Doomed to repeat history.

Intellectual Froglegs
Once more Joe Dan Gorman makes the pitch for Trump.  Joe and I still wonder where Superman is hiding:

Joe’s Garage
Joe finally (!!!) started looking into the ’50 Ford Fordor waiting for attention.
The vehicle sat for 46 years.  Remarkable.  Most vehicles don’t escape the crusher for half that time.
It also was driven for 19 years since 1950, because the odometer has 13,482 miles showing.
From the body, interior, and general externals, Joe thought it might be low mileage.
But once started, the blow-by and general dirt and corruption under the car suggests 113,482 miles.
No matter.
This week we removed the master brake cylinder for a re-build.
The arrangement is “pedals through the floorboard”.  The clutch actuation lever passes through the master cylinder via a hole in the casting!
The brake lever is still attached in the picture –
46 years is a long time.  Lots of corrosion, dirt, grease, and oil caked onto the assembly.  An end view of the cylinder under the rubber boot.  This is what happens to aluminum in nasty environments  –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This looked ominous for the interior of the cylinder.  However, when I pulled the piston out of the bore, this is what was there –OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After 46 years, there was still fluid in the bore.  Tar-like, thick, dirty, nasty, but oil – not water.  Looking down the bore –
The picture is blurry – can’t see too well that the entire cylinder is filled with the same stuff.  The bore is not pitted or rusted beyond a gentle honing and new rubber cups.
The next problem was removing the reservoir cap on the master cylinder.  This is how it looked when Joe took it out –
The top of the cap is supposed to be a square boss to put a wrench on to enable removal.  It had been broken by someone trying to remove it.
The use of an alloy cap (seems to be a poor grade of aluminum + ?) with a cast iron body combined with 46 years of sitting idle caused it to be seized beyond release.  Remember high school chemistry?  Two metals makes a battery.  Joe tried penetrating oil, heat, punch and hammer to no avail.  The cap was brittle and frozen.  Joe had to break it to remove it –
This master cylinder is totally re-usable.  It is soaking in a solvent / de-greaser solution for a few days to loosen up the grunge before honing and re-building with new internals.
Score is now Joe 1, time 0.
Next challenge – wheel cylinders and lines.


Conservative cartoonist Glenn Foden has died.  A few of his recent political cartoons to mark his passing.  –

Glenn Foden - Escape Conspiracy

Glenn Foden - Raise the Minimum Wage Plague

Glenn Foden Cartoon - 10 Years Since Inconvenient Truth

Glenn Foden Cartoon - New York Times - Trump

Glenn Foden Cartoon - Progrescargot

Glenn Foden Cartoon - Science Was Settled
Rest in peace Mr. Foden……

Red Neck Baby

Bernie Sanders Facts

Stay Home

Campaign Trail Droppings

Dumb and Merkel

Ted Zeppelin

Rub My Belly

Bernie Sanders Poverty Roll

Lego Fire Walk

Everything Liberals Hate

Bernie's Economic Illiterates

Hillary's Accomplishments

Vagina Monologues

Shiny Pony Stupid Statement

Things That Make Liberals Cry

Irish Are Not Pussies



John Wayne Quote - I Won't Be Insulted



Sam Dickens is called a racist.  He is a lawyer, too.  On the surface, two strikes.
However, there are nuggets of truth that cannot be denied in his presentation.
Here he is from the American Renaissance forum, with paradigm shifting concepts and peripatetic conclusions:



This week has been a death knoll for old man Winter (conceptual image below) –

While the east coast continues to get freezing, snow, sleet, nasty winter weather, in Vernon Spring has sprung.  Another conceptual image re: Spring –
Notice the difference?  By the way, here is the proof natural.  The daffodildos growing beside my attached garage have never failed by emerging too soon.  Today, Easter Sunday, March 27th, the little darling opened it’s first flower of the year.  Accompanied by some little white flowers whose name I don’t know….
Life in Vernon is good!

Joe (Sprung) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez continues to hit the sweet spot – from Investor’s Business Daily




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