Sunday Rant – 1222


Joe’s Comment – Another week, another constant barrage of bullshit.  British Columbia, my home province, has its head so far up its ass it is in another dimension.  The cultural pastime is now Ukraine vs Russia –  pick a side and if it isn’t the right side yer a racist homophobic useless-eater fringe despicable.
It is true I’m now 73 years old.  Around the Sun again, old chum!
The culture I was raised in and thought I was continuing is changing.
Excuse my age and anger, but I don’t think it is changing for better.
I will not be subdued, restrained, or chastened.  Instead, I will lay careful plans and form alliances.  What is happening seems wrong.  Here is a mild bit of inspiration from the lovely song “The Mary Ellen Carter” (originally composed and sung by Stan Rogers – RIP).  Play the video and sing the words aloud, especially the following chorus –
For we couldn’t leave her there, you see, to crumble into scale
She’d saved our lives so many times, living through the gale
And the laughing, drunken rats who left her to a sorry grave
They won’t be laughing in another day
And you, to whom adversity has dealt the final blow
With smiling bastards lying to you everywhere you go
Turn to, and put out all your strength of arm and heart and brain
And like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again
Rise again, rise again; though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again
Rise again, rise again; though your heart it be broken
And life about to end
No matter what you’ve lost, be it a home, a love, a friend
Like the Mary Ellen Carter, rise again.”



Remembering Andrew Breitbart
It was 10 years ago, February 26th of 2012 that the world lost a cultural guru.
The rise of Mr. Breitbart through the tumultuous ’90s and early ’00s was a unique example of the amazing spirit of America.
His early left-leaning roots gave him an insight that allowed him to communicate effectively; his belief that the Left is toxic in believing that their ideology supersedes right and wrong.
He was a pioneer in corralling the power of social media to reach and affect the multitudes.
The following video is testimony to the influence and stature of Mr. Breitbart in the conservative community.
We acknowledge the “Happy Warrior” who was Andrew Breitbart:

An interview by Peter Robinson (Hoover Institution) about 6 months before Mr. Breitbart died:


Quick Dick McDick
From Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world, a review of the Freedom Convoy events, and his “tooney’s worth” on the subject (2⊄ not being worth that much).
Always a treat to hear from a true Canadian.
Spoiler alert: QDMcD is not kind to the embarrassing joke of a Prime Minister and his actions during the occupation:


Musical Interlude for Seafaring Souls

Derina Harvey Band
Lovely cross-over music (Irish folk to American folk).
Their version of “The Mary Ellen Carter”, followed by “The Last Shanty”:

Catherine McKinnon
“Farewell to Nova Scotia”:

Roger Whittaker
“The Last Farewell”:

The Chieftains (featuring Ry Cooder)
“The Coast of Malabar”:

The Beach Boys
“Sloop John B.”:

Neil Young
“Captain Kennedy”:


Canadian Banking
What ho!
The digital conversion of your life ratchets another click.
The Bank of Canada is hiring!
YOU could be the code writer / architect who ushers Canadian citizens into a convenient but totalitarian control system where no currency is physical.
This bright young woman says there is a connection with the COVID hysteria.
Joe says the list of institutions and organizations he does NOT TRUST grows daily:


Tony Heller
Mr. Heller has been doing yeoman work in the trenches of truth for many years.
His website is “Real Climate Science“.
Here’s a short but fact rich presentation about climate from September of 2017, featured in our “Sunday Rant – 4019“.
With tongue in cheek, Mr. Heller boasts about his software that enables “environmental alarmists” to build frightening (but totally misleading) graphs of climate trends by adjusting the time period analyzed:

Mr. Heller is leaving Ub2b after years of posting there.  He is moving to NewTube and Rumble (among others).
The following is his goodbye statement on Ub2b.  Joe wonders just how long it will exist on Ub2b?  After over 40 million views of his subject matter, which isn’t about cats or funny animals, the world owes him thanks for the facts and truth:

A recent video from Rumble regarding fossil fuels, Biden lies and ineptitude, Ukraine politics:


Coma Time
What if?
What if your last memory was before the American election for president in 2019, and you woke in the early Spring of 2022.
Would you believe what had transpired in your conscious absence?
Joe says there might be a business opportunity here for those folks who have a weak constitution and fear what will happen next:


Holistic Management (and controlled grazing)
Allan Savory caused an upset in the world by thinking.
He thought long and hard about “desertification”, the slow change of various environments to desert.
This video is from 2013 – nine years ago.
Joe says the agricultural industry giants have been unhappy with Mr. Savory and his work.
When you think about it, North America was home to vast herds of buffalo (bison?) estimated to be in excess of 60 million animals at one time.
The bison were doing the work Mr. Savory uses beef cattle (or other grazing animals) to do in his video.
We liked the “before and after” photos the best:

A second video, a documentary about the subject, and the man who promotes it:


Joe’s Garage

Roundest Sphere Ever Built
You might ask yourself…. why?
Joe says “ooo-la-la!”.
By that he means the French.
In their earnest endeavor to establish a system of weights and measures, the kilogram was born.  Which led to the problem.
What happens if your standard measure of weight changes weight all by itself?
You can watch the video to learn the answer.
What made us smile was the statement that if this sphere were the size of the earth, the maximum variation from “true” would be 14 meters.
From an amazing website called “Veritasium“:

Another video titled “World’s Lightest Solid!”.
The subject is a class of substances made of silica that are called Aerosols.
Amazing insulating properties with a weight only two times greater than air!
More from Veritasium:

More Music
A nice version of Steve Earl’s “Galway Girl” by Fiddler’s Green:




This week a moral lesson from the Pulpit of the Rant.
Joe and I are often asked our opinion of the Ukraine vs Russia debacle.
The fact is, we haven’t enough information to form an opinion.
As we’ve stated in past rants, Russia, Ukraine, Europe, U.S. of A., and various other nation states are culpable.
Not one saint in the bunch.
Our heart goes out to the Mud Peckers, Dirt People, and “Salt of the Earth” folks who live in all of these countries (we include Canada in that group).
The following image sums up our opinion of government everywhere –
Reminiscent of Yossarian in Catch-22 when he was informed of the catch involved for his return to The States – all he had to do was “like” his superiors – to agree with their agenda.  After contemplation Yossarian refuses.
Most citizens of most countries, in our humble opinion, want to be left the fuck alone.
Which brings us to today’s sermon conversation.
It is a clip of Joe Rogan interviewing ex-CIA officer Mike Baker.
Watch, listen, and ponder, if you will:

The entire interview (over 2 hours) is available on Spotify as podcast episode “#1793 – Mike Baker“.
If you could stomach listening to the entire interview and thought it had value, you might want to read the comments following the video.
Joe and I agree with most of the commenters who demeaned Mr. Baker’s ability to talk a streak but magically say sweet fuck all.  Tough guy cursing and rambling.
The CIA can’t possibly be basing actions, plans, or decisions based on such bull shit…..
Joe and I don’t have a great deal of respect for Mr. Rogan (just can’t get the vibe), and we certainly wouldn’t take for gospel one word (cussing or not) spewed by Mr. Baker.
We do not have a clear picture of what is happening in Ukraine and Russia.
Good information, data, facts, “man on the ground” perspective is missing or spotty.
Meanwhile, the talk talk talk continues.
My sympathy lies with the average Joe and Josephen in the Ukraine and in Russia.
The Ukrainian population, previously unarmed (by government fiat), is now being armed, with ginned up “Patriotism”, to sacrifice themselves on the altar of group identity.
I’m sure that most Ukrainians love their families and communities and their state of being.  And the geography with its history that they occupy.
I’m also sure, much like Canadians, their government is a necessary burden that is a constant restriction on freedom.
So too, the Russian people.
They’ve been demonstrating against Putin’s aggressive mobilization.
Net result is the Gulag will have new inmates to abuse.
Their leaders are dangerous narcissistic psychopaths.
And the almighty U.S. of A. is complicit along with Europe.Four Children Working in Ukraine.jpg
If I said ALL leaders are dangerous narcissistic psychopaths I’d be closer to truth than fiction.
What a cluster fuck.
Notice, by the bye, no mention of COVID anymore?
It is time for the OTHER bunch of useless eaters to earn their keep (I’m talking about lawyers, judges, and the so-called “Rule of Law”).
I’m still waiting for the legal weight to punish the RCMP for their crimes in southern Alberta 7(?) years ago during the flooding, when the Mounties were breaking into people’s homes and confiscating firearms.
It has never been resolved to my knowledge.
The political cabbage patch stinks to high heaven…..



This week in Vernon BC the weather pissed off Joe.
How much longer will it be ’til the warm sunny skies bless us?
On Saturday we transferred a vehicle from one trailer to another.
We carefully backed one trailer tail to tail with the other.
We set up the winch and blocked the deck.
We turned up the music.
The very second we hit the winch wind button, it started raining.
It didn’t stop until we got in the cab of the truck to drive home.
This wasn’t an isolated incident this week.
From Monday to Thursday Joe and I planned to travel to Tappen BC to pick up the Massey Ferguson MF30 industrial tractor we bought.
Each day we woke and thought let’s go to Tappen!
Not soon after thinking that thought, the rain abandoned the plain in Spain for the gentle hills and streets of Vernon.
Perhaps April showers have come early.
We have been running our dry well pump for two weeks straight.
Net result no flooding.
Life is good.
Spring is welcome any day now…..


Joe (impatient) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez ushers in Spring –


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