Sunday Rant – 1221


Joe’s Comment – Ah!  The vagary of aging!  I’m finding that a sunny Spring day more than compensates for all the bits that are failing, are failed, and those which soon shall.  There is no equivalent feeling to the warm Spring sun on your face in the morning.  Big smiles!  Grinning like the oldsters racing to the bottom in the David Sipress cartoon above, there ain’t nothing like being alive…..
Happy Spring to one and all!


Safety Engineers
What yer seein’ here is the early years of several budding safety engineers.
Or maybe one safety engineer and one doofus.
On second thought, two doofii (doofuses?)
You are seeing an experiment on the protective ability of a snorkel mask.
Joe and I have been there, along with the 37 other wackos in our head.
Thank doG we weren’t able to hurt ourselves as much as we deserved.
Our conclusion?
We all start life on the Blue Pill side of the equation.
All emotion, dreams, fantasy, feelings (lots of feelings), and wishing.
A lifetime of trial and error, failure and break even, two steps ahead and one back, that’s what puts hair on your dreams and feeds you the Red Pill.
It’s easy!
All you have to do is stay alive long enough to know how damn lucky you were!:



Ode to the Irish
Joe and I like the idea of Ireland.
And we like the idea of the Irish people.
The first slaves in North America.
Is it coincidence that St. Patrick himself was kidnapped and taken to Ireland as a slave – or was it more common an occurrence in  the past than we admit.
The past, not forgotten, gives lessons on how the world was, how it became what it is, and an idea of how it could be.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day all you lovely Irish men and women!
Beautiful brunettes and stunning red heads.
There are some men there too.



Virus vs Mask
Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson, neurologist, neurophysiologist speaks.
Dr. Griesz-Brisson talks about oxygen deprivation and masks in a video.
Unfortunate for us, we do not speak German.
Thanks to Claudia Stauber, we watched this ad hoc translation video.
Quoting our narrator’s interpretation of Dr. Griesz-Brisson:
Who’s responsible for this crime?
The one’s who want to enforce it?
Or the one’s who let it happen?
The one’s who play along?
Or the one’s who don’t prevent it?
Wake up Germany!
It’s not about masks, it’s not about viruses, and it is certainly not about your health.
It is about much, much more.  I’m not participating.  I’m not afraid Ms. Merkel.
I came from Romania, I survived Ceausescu.”
Joe and I have (so far) been able to function without a mask in our home town of Vernon, BC.
It isn’t getting easier: the teams are self selecting, and the stress is rising.
Our personal experience says those who walk and drive alone with one (or more!!) masks on their face might actually believe the government.
The government is NOT our doctor, nor is the government our leader, our superior, our commander, our dictator, and in general, is not particularly proficient at anything.
Au contraire, mon ami! as our Quebec brethren might utter with tongue planted firmly in the cheek (not such good the English): the government has very fundamental and limited functions, which they persistently refuse to perform to the benefit of all Canadians, while frittering away tax payer dollars by the billion on whimsical endeavors not endorsed by the public at large.
Joe and I (and the other 37 souls in our head) will be the arbiter of our health, and as much as we understand, our destiny:

Dr. Greisz-Brisson’s remarks have been transcribed.  You can read her address in English here, or here.
The Great Barrington Declaration , as of today (21 March21) has 819,768 signatories, of which 55,686 are medical professionals and the remainder are, like Joe and me (and the 37 other mutts in our head), concerned citizens of Earth.
As much as online declarations can influence or change anything, we heartily endorse endorsing this declaration (link here).
If nothing else, it will make it easier for the readers of the list to find and extinguish everyone on it.
On that paranoid and conspiratorial note, we move on, with objections expressed.


COVID Politics
Dr. Shawn Baker is the founder of
Joe and I believe him to be an island of sanity in a world gone mad.
Each morning he takes his dogs Sasha and Maximus for a walk while recording a short video for his followers.
Today (Wednesday – St. Patrick’s Day) his message addresses the political theater regarding COVID/virus shenanigans (a little Irish ref.).
It is no surprise that filthy lucre is at the end of the rainbow.


Dr. Baker Declares War!
This video is passionate.
Dr. Baker says some bad words to get his point across.
The government has no business telling you how to eat or what to eat.
The government at any level should include itself the fuck out of our lives.
Joe goes further and says the government has no business in business.
Wouldn’t it be loverly if they stuck to the task given them by the Constitution and the citizens who voted them into office?:

Wouldn’t it be loverly!:

A meme to describe my and Joe’s contempt for those who cannot do their own thing without preaching to everyone what they can and cannot do –

Meanwhile, being the little angels we are, the order of the day is to follow doctor’s orders (Dr. Baker’s of course) –
A thought to round out the thinking.  If meat is so bad, so evil, WTF? –
Saving the last word for John Cleese –


Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s foremost ambassador doing what he does best:


Joe Biden’s Little Boy
Centuries ago, Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus wrote:
The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow translated a poem by Friedrich von Logau (Göttliche Rache) thusly –
“Though the mills of God grind slowly; Yet they grind exceeding small;
Though with patience He stands waiting, With exactness grinds He all.”
In modern times, a coinage about justice rings the same –
The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.”
However, there is another phrase that is almost a corollary of this –
Justice delayed is justice denied.”
So what is it going to be?
Will justice or doG ever settle accounts with the Biden crime family?
Joe and I will quote Ludwig von Mises to salve our indignation and outrage –
According to the man being interviewed, Jack Maxey, the FBI had Hunter Biden’s laptop in 2019, yet nothing negative ever surfaced.  Or was “leaked”.  Or was “whistle blower” revealed.  According to Mr. Maxey, the FBI suppressed information.
Watch and formulate your own conclusion (or opinion):


Joe’s Garage

Acceleration Tutorial
This video is old.
But the data and facts are not.
The adage is – how fast you want to go is directly proportional to the $$$ you have to spend.
The brute force method is awesome:

Jeep in a Box
In WWII a new vehicle was more like a Lego challenge.
Here’s how the venerable Jeep was delivered to customers in every Allied theater around the world –

The following video shows how some able bodied soldiers can disassemble and reassemble a Jeep in apple quick time.
They zoomed ahead in the parade to give themselves a 3 minute window:









He’s back!
Finally and anon, Jordan Peterson sounds like his old self AND a bag of chips!
This is a milestone interview.
Instead of focusing on his fall from grace, he put on his old six guns, stomped down to the OK Coral, and let everyone know he’s back on the job.
Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster run a podcast called “Triggernometry” (well worth subscribing).  JBP and these two men conduct a fabulous fact and data operetta.  It’s like Dr. Peterson is in spring training:



This week in Vernon BC the weather continues getting milder.
That is A-OK with Joe and me!
Today, Sunday, there was a very pathetic effort to snow.
No snow for you, Vernon!
We are pleased to be in Spring officially.
A week and a bit left in March – plenty of time for the lion thingy.
Our outlook is optimistic and our energy level is max energetic.
Work on our 30 Ford truck collection continues.
Work on the house continues.
Work on the yard continues.
Amazing what a little Spring weather can do.
Gotta get doing before the Spring monsoon…..


Joe (tee shirt) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is our hero –


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