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Joe’s Comment – Gotta love a new perspective.  On reflection, Spring is a new perspective….

Wood and Chuck
What more can be said to alleviate the concerns of John Q. Public et alia when the subject of Carbon Dioxide bubbles up?
One fact that eludes or is unquestioned by most folks is what about people?  Never mind the earth.  If CO2 is poison, at what level are people in danger?
Here are some interesting facts you may not know:
The air we breathe is comprised of a mix of gases, roughly composed of (by volume):
– 78.6% nitrogen
– 20.84% oxygen
– 0.96% argon
0.04% carbon dioxide
– 0.5% water vapour
The air we exhale is roughly composed of (by volume):
– 78.04% nitrogen
– 13.6 to 16% oxygen
– 0.96% argon
4 to 5.3% carbon dioxide
– 1% argon and trace gases
This information taken from an in-depth article about breathing (Wikipedia).
The approximate CO2 concentration in the atmosphere is as above: 400 parts per million.  The air you exhale has 40,000 to 53,000 parts per million.
The question is: Why aren’t you dead?
The answer is: CO2 is not a poison, it is THE indispensable foundation of life.
Our lungs release CO2 (a by-product of cellular energy “combustion”) and absorb O2, via blood.
This is not to say CO2 is harmless.  Humans need oxygen to survive.  If the surrounding air is very high in CO2 or low in O2, it can be fatal.  I.e. submarines, the space station, or any closed system uses “carbon dioxide scrubbers” to reduce the CO2 concentration.  The magic number is 45mm Hg: this is the partial pressure of CO2 in your blood.  If the air you breathe has the same concentration, you cannot purge the CO2 from your blood into your lungs.
Hence, 45mm Hg = 60,000 parts per million.  The CO2 you breathe in from the air would be 150 X greater than today’s concentration (400 ppm).
An easy to read and understand explanation of how it works here at
Can CO2 ever reach 60,000 ppm (6%) in the atmosphere?
Good question!
From scientific research ( ), the most CO2 ever present in the atmosphere peaked at slightly over 7,000 ppm about 525 MILLION YEARS AGO.

Needless to say, there wasn’t any human presence.  Furthermore, this level of CO2 in the atmosphere would be tolerable by the modern human body.  Another graph of geologic period notes that CO2 has been dangerously low in the past.  150 ppm spells the end of plant life, ergo all life:

So what happened to all the CO2 that was in the atmosphere?
To answer that query, Joe says look at trees, look at plants, look at the White Cliffs of Dover, look at corral reefs.  All of this plant and marine life sequestered the CO2.
Further, left to its own, Nature® (of Mother Nature© Inc.) would continue to sequester CO2 until plant life dies out (approx. 150 ppm).
Realistically, human intervention by burning “fossil fuels” and wood helps in a very small way to delay the continuing decline of CO2 in the atmosphere.
The question is how long will it take for this scientific information to permeate the populace?
Time for a Robert Zimmerman sad song :

Chuck and Berry
Joe and I haven’t ever purchased a record, an LP, a cassette, a CD or a DVD, VHS or Betta video recording of Charles Edward Anderson Berry.
Thinking back over our life-long appreciation of music, there is a pattern of favorite listening.  Our music taste doesn’t crave the rawness, the vitality, the fundamental bareness of the Chuck Berry sound.
His passing this week brought fans and musicians out of the woodwork to proclaim his body of music, and many professed the influence he had on their own musical efforts.
Joe and I will remember him with one of his songs that we do like whenever the doGs of the radio waves deign to play it.  This particular YouTube offering has an extensive biography of Mr. Berry (below the video):

A second perspective as offered by Ricky Nelson:

“Someone opened up a closet door and out stepped Johnny B. Goode,
Playing guitar like ringing a bell
And looking like he should.”
Not a one trick pony.  More an artist who knew his genre because he more or less defined it.  RIP

What Trumps Religion?
Joe was watching the CF regarding a Hawaiin court granting first amendment rights to foreigners who have never touched foot on this continent.
Seems the third branch of the American Republican government (judiciary) has taken up politics.  No matter what their intention is, it is wrong.
President Donald Trump has the name of the times.
The Leftist bullshit on TV is mind boggling.
Nothing trumps religion?
What if an entire religion was based on hate, and killing everyone in your culture (read: any culture) who doesn’t adhere to that religion?
Religion is a delusion, akin to déjà vu, which is a phenomenon of conscious thought.  There are three states of mental disorientation associated with this particular phenomenon : déjà vu, presque vu, jamais vu.  None of them are demonstrably “real”, only mental aberrations.

Shadow Government
Joe suspects that the politicians who manage to get elected (love them or leave them) are not the number one problem.  After all, politics is downstream of culture, isn’t it?
What Joe is concerned with is the massive bureaucracy of entrenched, unelected, unionized, left-leaning minions who comprise much of the “Deep State”.
The Deep State could be benign, akin to a “benign dictator”, but what are the chances when the Deep State requires more of the same to stay entrenched?
Any government department (the moment it is legitimized) shifts it’s focus from becoming legitimate to ensuring an endless inflation of budget, an endless ratcheting upward staffing growth, and endless Gordian complexity to ensure security and career opportunity for it’s principals and their followers.
This is what Joe calls “human nature”.
It is what I call appeasing appetites for power and wealth – at the expense of We the People.

Trump’s Word
I think the lowest forms of humanity are those who prey on the young.
Joe has a darker view than I: he insists that just because it is upright on two legs doesn’t make it a human.  Judge it by it’s behaviour.
Which begs the question: what is acceptable punishment for non humans masquerading as human?  That is grist for another mill.
Joe and I agree that those who make sexual fodder of children, of the young, of the disabled or mentally challenged, those are the lowest of the low.
While exploring the Internet, we found the following gratifying information – seems President Trump has a similar view.
In the month following President Trump’s inauguration, there have been over 1500 arrests for pedophilia per FBI data.  Contrast this number with a total for the entire year of 2014 of less than 400 arrests.
Why hasn’t this information been front page news?
Is the obsession the main stream media has (to find a reason to shame or impeach or denigrate or condemn Donald Trump the man, and the GOP the evil party) completely overshadowing this wonderful statistic?
The author of the above article, Liz Crokin, states:
It’s been clear to me for awhile that Trump would make human trafficking a top priority. On October 8, 2012, Trump tweeted:
“Got to do something about these missing children grabbed by the perverts. Too many incidents – fast trial, death penalty.”
My suspicions were confirmed on Feb. 23 when Trump gave a press conference from the White House addressing how human trafficking is a “dire problem” domestically and internationally. He gave further confirmation when he said: “Dedicated men and women across the federal government have focused on this for some time as you know — it’s been much more focused over the last four weeks.” Trump’s press conference was barely a blip in the mainstream media and the massive arrests have been almost completely ignored by the MSM altogether.”  (reference links to supporting data at the web link above).
You would think that this is a non-partisan issue.
You would think that cleaning up the scum of the scum would be celebrated.
You would think that everyone would applaud a new sheriff in town.
Joe and I repeat: Trump was not our first or even second choice.
However, he is the POTUS.
He made a number of promises to the American people.
Let’s see how he does on the promises he made.
If this unheralded action is part of “draining the swamp”, hallelujah.
He’s got Joe and me on side because of and precisely for the above actions taken to defend our most vulnerable citizens.
Joe wonders what the numbers will be for prosecuting illegal criminal aliens?

Paul Joseph Watson
What is a week without the savvy perspective of PJW to help you align your mind?
It would be a week without sunshine! says Joe.
The latest moronic antic coming from the oh! so progressive edgy left is an offering from a fellow who goes by the handle of Snoop Dogg.
This must be some of that ebonics dialect so prevalent amongst the 85 average IQ crowd.  You know, the folks who perpetually jerk around like 14 year old kids with adult toys denying responsibility and refusing to be accountable.
How refreshing!
How creative!
Let’s mock the President by staging an assassination of him dressed as a clown.
Joe says ridiculing this fucking idiot isn’t enough.
I say the irony is lost on Mr. Dogg – had he done the same with a Barack Obama staged assassination, that there would be edgy enough to land him in prison or garner him a huge collection of death threats.
Mr. Dogg isn’t about clarity of thought (check out his lyrics).
He is about $$$.
Here is Paul Joseph Watson to elaborate:

Joe’s Attitude
Sometimes a cartoon says it all.




Today, the thoughts, history, and writings of David Horowitz are discussed in an interview by Dave Rubin with Mr. Horowitz.
Joe and I read the book “Radical Son” written by Mr. Horowitz (1997).  The book was the history of his life as a “Red baby” (card carrying Communist Party of America parents), his education, his development as an intellectual of the left, his involvement with the Black Panthers, and his subsequent conversion to the politics of conservatism.  Joe and I found the story compelling.  As a failed university student, we (in the late ’60’s / early ’70’s) had similar ideological leanings, a strong yearning for a vaguely defined big kumbaya society of free love, shared wealth, and common goals.
In other words, we were courageously ignorant, captive to a shadowy self developed, egocentric and deceptive vision.
We were intellectually slothful, uneducated; we were crayon-level aware of Western culture and our responsibilities to that culture as a citizen.
We were deliberate in our stupidity, refusing to see the reality, focused on a vague dream, a nebulous path to happiness, a cameo role in a sunny future that no living person could attain.
We were dangerous dreamers.
David Horowitz is a conservative, an intellectual, an activist, a prolific writer and author of 23 books and co-author of another 7.
He is founder and current president of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, and editor of FrontPage Magazine.
His current book “Big Agenda” is on our reading list:


This week in Vernon was the arrival of Spring.
How do we know?
No snow (finally!)
Mud mire in driveway.
Joe left winter madness behind, and broke the bonds of cabin fever –

It was a hellish nasty Winter.
Good riddance!

Joe (born once more) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is getting better all the time –



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