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A Liking Trucks Thing

Joe’s Comment: If truckers and farmers decided to go “John Galt” (stopped doing what they do), the major centers (cities) of any country would implode within days.  I find it fascinating that you can load 20 tons of material in the back of a heavy truck and drive it anywhere the road goes with ease and efficiency.  Joe agrees; it is a liking-trucks thing.

St. Patrick’s Day
Joe and I like the colour green.  We’ve never met an Irishman or Irishwoman we didn’t like.  The first slaves brought to North America were Irish people, pre-dating the arrival of the Negro from Africa.  We will celebrate the 17th with a series of cartoons that play on the Irish stereotype….
Flooding in Ireland

Best Thing That Ever Happened to You
Irish Flu Shots

Irish Special Forces

I’m not sure if the alcoholic Irishman is a deserved stereotype.
Of course,another Irish stereotype is fair-skinned red-haired women.
One of the most beautiful of all Irish beauties is Maureen O’Sullivan.
Maureen O'Sullivan

However, there are other Irish women who are beautiful and not gingers.  Here is a picture of Andrea Corr for an example –
Andrea Corr
I think the stereotype of red hair is more an observation of a phenomenon that Irish have a high percentage of “ginger” haired people compared with other countries.  Here is a map of the red-headed nations by frequency.  Outside of a small area in Russia, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are the mother lode –
Frequency of Red Hair

As for snakes (lack of), leprechauns, four leaf clovers, and pots ‘o gold, these myths are a by-product of Guiness goodness (or an equivalent).

Racist Joke o’ the Week
Anyone too young to remember Our Gang movies won’t get the following –

Sanity – American Style
I watch American political pundits a lot.  When queried why, I state how dependent Canada is on the U.S., being a conjoined twin and all, but along the lines of a mini-me twin, if that makes sense.  Whatever they do, we are in without hesitation – or choice.
Joe can take it or leave it – more an amusement than life or death.
Joe is starting to think America deserves Donald Trump.
I’m starting to feel fear.  First time since Nikita Khrushchev and Jack Kennedy were gambling with our young lives back in ’62 during the Cuban missile “crisis”.
As The Donald feels his populist way over the body politic of that great cauldron of souls south of our border, as he “thinks out loud” about what they want, speculates on what they need, as he flips and flops and twists and turns, there is some solace in listening to the words of Andrew Klaven:

Joe’s Garage
The diesel engine was first fabricated by Rudolf Diesel in the late 1800’s – he received a development patent in 1892, and had a functioning 25 hp 4 stroke model by 1997.  The following video gives an account of the history of diesel engines, the engine that replaced steam.  One of the most amazing is the “Deltic diesel“, a segmented (6 pistons per segment) stack-able supercharged 2-stroke configuration that began development in 1942.  The most advanced diesel engines are used for marine propulsion in huge ships.  They operate at over 50% thermal efficiency.  The ship in the video, the Ever Lunar, has a range of OVER 100,000 kilometers on a full tank of fuel.  The engine is 9 cylinders, 18,500 litres displacement, 75,190 hp, and weighs over 1,800 tons.  The ship carries up to 8,500 containers (20 feet).  The cruising speed is 50 kph.


A number of “New Yorker” cartoons tickled our fancy this week.  Be on the alert!!!

Way Over My Head

Nobody Cares About Your Protest

Original Menu

Cheese Fries

Calgary Stampede 1925

Wimpy Greece

French Army Knife

Three Most Hated Women In Canada

History of Physical Activity

Peace With Japan


Bad Work, Edwards

Heaven Without iPads

This Model Can't Be Beat

White Privilege Without Blame

Silent Birds




More Laws Less Justice

James Madison Quote - Abridgement of Freedom



Another escapee from the Muslim world working toward a future without “Jihad” is Gad Saad.  He has many interviews (chats) posted on YouTube on varied subjects.  In this chat he discusses Islam with Dr. Bill Warner.  Dr. Warner explains that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ISLAM TO REFORM.  Sound too rigid?  Not if you understand what the books say;

Bill Warner is not alone in his disbelief of a “Muslim reformation”.  Here (again) is a very brave woman, Dom Azrael, who explains (as did Dr. Warner) that the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira are the only books of Islam, and the word / behaviour / path of Mohammed is the only “true” path:



Joe and I will ask the question – do you consider yourself to be a “Modern Day Galileo” regarding the reality of race?  The speaker in this video is Professor Donald Templer, a clinical psychologist (retired) who is outspoken about race, especially in terms of intelligence.  He is most frequently identified as a “racist” by the progressive and left-leaning pundits, who question his work and associations.
Joe and I listened to the presentation.  The data he presents closely parallels the data in several well known works with similar research objectives (IQ, race, success), such as “The Bell Curve” and “IQ and the Wealth of Nations”.  Watch, think, and make your own conclusions:

He has other work that is controversial.  His website is here.  Joe and I found the video very interesting.  We are digesting the data while we validate his claims.



This week the weather has been mild with some frost on cloudless nights.
The sunny days are tee shirt rated.  The cloudy days (or in shade) are light sweater comfortable.  Had a fire in the fire pit until midnight tonight.
Life is good.
So is the weather…..

Joe (Pyro) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez had a good week – from Investor’s Business Daily

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