Sunday Rant – 1213

[Date: Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 11:30 AM]


This entire rant is dedicated to the following string of words:

GRIP – it’s a four letter word…… GET ONE!

It must be the time of year. Anticipation of spring brings out the enthusiasm, energy, hopefulness, belief in fairies and unicorns. We don’t need enthusiasm, we need Methuselah-ism (oh so witty!) The Internet (never a dull moment) has been delivering an impressive stream of poppycock. Not that I want people to stop forwarding things to me, but pulleez, read it and understand it before you send it. Why didn’t you pay attention in Physics class waaaay back in the days of your misspent high school youth? My hero, Mr. McKellar impressed me with a layperson’s understanding of the physical world. Outside of a few incredibly limited circumstances, energy cannot be created or destroyed. Called conservation of energy – Another way, in the real world, energy (in) = energy (out) – energy (loss)

The idea of a vehicle weighing 1.5 tons traveling at highway speeds only using a cup of water a year is not impossible. But it sure as hell ain’t using a combustion cycle engine to do it. Nay, nay.

Spring definitely brings out the wack-jobs and all the byproducts they harbor. It would be kinda nice to have a 600 horsepower unicorn…..


Oh those so sure of themselves university students (on drugs) are at it again. Whatever did their parents do to them to make them this way? As Kate of says, “what’s the opposite of diversity? UNIVERSITY!”. You’ll want to watch this video just to see the grown man (that’s debatable) dressed as a big pink vagina make an ass vagina of himself:

Savage Chickens - Life Coach

The Toronto School Board continues it’s assault on by supporting a human rights inquest that focuses on silencing the voice speaking truths, and brought by Richard Warman. Nothing new for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Mark Steyn is “far right”???:

Mike Graston's Colour Cartoon For Saturday, March 02, 2013

More from Blazing – Canada is on the right track if we are the “worst human rights violating country” in the world per an imam of impeccable credentials:

As Kathy Shadle of ( ) says, “stop Muslim immigration NOW!” (She is married to ArniieBlazingCatFur)


It seems that Cyprus actually has some vestal and vestigial remnant of testicular mass. Or are they whoring themselves to a different dominatrix? Read and decide:
Greece tagging Cyprus
Methinks Greece is awfully quiet about the mess in Cyprus. Very awfully suspiciously deafeningly silently quiet….. Think the Ruskies will do the same?:

The vote was negative. What’s next? Maybe “Drinking with Bob” has the answer:

A healthy dose of suggestion

I have always enjoyed beer after vigorous activity – it was the sole motivator for playing hockey at the end of my lackluster career. Turns out I was spot on!:

I’ll go one farther than the “scientists” and have a beer before working out, too.


The advent of “green” technology is so politically biased it’s a wonder that ANYTHING has a clear-eyed interpretation. Here’s a short article about the spectrum of possible fuel cells. Worth the read if only to not make an ass of myself in educated company:


Today’s theme – when will YOU be ready? –




Savage Dragon


What is the difference? How you hold your tongue?


Daffodildos are blooming in Vernon. Snow and cold and wind and sun in Cowgary. Not a tough choice. Spring is sprung! Thank you Jesus…..
Cartoon: Weather Forecast (medium) by Alexei Talimonov tagged weather,forecast

Joe (249 lb.) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez is spot on in any weather – his take on Cyprus is magnificent –

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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