Sunday Rant – 1124


Joe’s Comment – I’m convinced Spring has sprung.
The grass is riz.  The daffodildos by the garage are struggling their way up through the weeds, through the debris of last year’s death by Winter.
Hope is in the breast.
Smile is on the face.
Then we read the Druthers paper, featuring a certified NDP “death cult” legislation being considered –
Sure enough, those wacky NDP bastards have no social awareness in their soul.
So busy trying to guarantee outcome.
I try not to think about politics, I really do.
The onset of Spring is filling my being.
Outside of outright nuclear war in downtown Vernon BC, not much could put a dent on my feeling of being a mud pecker bon vivant.
A thick steak.
Some cool sparkling water.
A warm sunny day…..
Life is, indeed, good (thank you Jimmy B.).
Life will be gooder.  That’s my pledge.


Quick Dick McDick
Canada’s agrarian ambassador to the world is singing!
While hauling canola from his farm to the elevator in very cold weather.
What a great setup Quick Dick has – a true one man operation.
Joe and I remember visits (and working) on family farms way back before time began – we’re talking ’50s (as kids) and ’60s (as teens).
What Quick Dick does by himself in a day took our relatives many days and many workers.  Technology has made high individual productivity a reality.
Visions of Luke Skywalker living with Owen and Beru Lars at their moisture farm on planet Tatooine…… hating the work, wanting to leave the planet –
The big difference is Quick Dick loves the life, and has no desire to leave the planet.  Spoiler – not for the perfect pitch is a must crowd:


The Culture

Once Upon a Time (in the West)
Two beauties.
No beast.
The West is the Best:

John Stossel opens the bag of the next, new, loonie left crusade – “Degrowth“.
Let’s stop growth and save the planet!
Every season seems to bring a new, absolutely crackpot Chicken Little calamity.
The objective seems to be frighten as many of the susceptible as possible.
What a clown show.
Good grief, life is as good as it has ever been.  Are the new prophets and visionaries some breed of incipient Calvinists?  Perhaps they are self-flagellating Catholics.  Opus Dei anyone? Ah!  I miss the good old times…..
“Punish me, for life is too good and I am not worthy” must be the theme of their cattle call.
In true Orwellian fashion, the left has turned  upside-down the true story of what the outcome would be if capitalism were abolished and forbidden.
No “worker’s paradise” or “garden of Eden” to be found; only abject poverty and misery.
We have watched Mr. Stossel for years.  The first inclusion of him / his work was in Sunday Rant – 4413.  That, dear readers, was 10 years and 19 weeks ago.
He delivered the goods then, and he still does.
Bonus – he’s a Libertarian!:

The loonie Left might not read much.  Joe thinks the vast majority on the Left tend to think with emotion, not logic.  They disregard the lessons of history.  For the most part, well intentioned but hopelessly misdirected.
Joe has a solution!  A few quotes from the man who stopped Hitler –

Elon Musk & Saad Gadd
An interesting conversation.
Two unique and independent thinkers have a friendly chat.
The chat is friendly, but the subject matter is serious and consequential.


A Short –

Vaccines – Dr. Suzanne Humphries
Last Sunday Rant Dr. Humphries told us the danger of vaccination.
This week, Dr. Humphries tells all (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) from another perspective.
The video is located here.
You may not be able to view it, because it is on Epoch Times and may be behind a paywall.
Joe and I are subscribers.
Epoch news seems to deliver the straight goods.


Joe’s Garage

Ethanol Fuel
The following video from Engineering Explained is 2+ years old.
The number of views at the time of embedding in this rant is 2.3+ million.
Joe says this video and others like it should be mandatory viewing.
Joe and I have felt that from the inception, “green” gasoline was a politically driven fraud.  After all, farmers vote, don’t they?
It is not that ethanol added to gasoline is an inferior fuel.
The ethanol increases the octane rating (or number) of the gasoline.  However, there are penalties: less energy per unit measure, ergo fewer miles per gallon.
A second penalty is the ethanol sublimates – it absorbs moisture.  The moisture then causes problems in the fuel systems of vehicles not designed to burn such fuel.
Joe and I think that corn ethanol is best used as a blended liquor.  Use the rest of the land to ranch.  The world needs more ungulates:

A further exploration of the subject from the same source, Engineering Explained. More to WIIFM (what’s in it for me?), if you use ethanol fuel in your vehicle(s), this is what you can expect.
As usual in any situation, there are benefits and there are penalties.
Joe and I would burn only marine gas if we could get away with it.
Green is a color, not a life saving ideology.
However, dyed fuel, if “discovered” by the “authorities” being used in an unauthorized application, or method, will drain your wallet of beaucoup green:

Cutting Edge Engineering Australia
Joe and I are in wonder and admire those who work with large machinery.
CEEA produces videos that repair or rebuild or renew heavy machine parts.
It is an entirely different mindset.
We have watched many “rescues” of very expensive machinery being rejuvenated economically by CEEA.
In the following video, Kurtis refurbishes a Cat D11 final drive.  His wife Karen videos.
The dog, Homeless, and the various birds are all part of the team.
Joe wishes we had been born into a family of tool and die makers.
It really turns his crank!:




Spring is right around the corner.
Hope is in every breath.
What better time than now to talk about Artificial Intelligence?
Professor Geoffrey Hinton is considered the “Godfather of AI”.
This video is a presentation made at Oxford’s annual Romanes Lecture in the Sheldonian Theatre on Monday, 19 February 2024.
Professor Hinton discusses the pros and cons of loosing AI on humanity.
The impact will be an “event horizon”.
The question isn’t whether the AI entity will be “smarter” than humans.
The question is will humanity survive?
Joe and I will wait to experience the answer:



This week in Vernon BC the weather was very acceptable.
Above zero every day.
A bit of rain on one day.
Lots of sun and heat.
The forecast is for the nighttime temperatures to gradually creep above zero, and the daytime temperatures to reach double digits!
We are two days away from the first day of Spring – March 19th this year (a leap year).
Joe actually smiled all day today!
On the one hand, it pisses us to no end that something as unavoidable as the weather can have this much of an influence on mood and temperament.
On the other hand, when the weather becomes warm and hospitable, there is more than a heaping helping of hope and creativity and energy!
Our question is would we be the same person if we grew up in a tropical environment?  Or in Antarctica?
Joe says we’re not asking for much.
We’d like to live where the possibility of frostbite and hypothermia is approaching zero.
In the meanwhile, Joe and I think that the event we have been waiting for and anticipating since October has arrived!

Joe (tee) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for the decade –

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