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Goddam Bell

Joe’s Comment – Where do rote and habit reside?  Is it persistence of memory that takes thinking away?  Who is the middle-man between ambition and desire?
Ahh!  Sweet peripeteia..

History Reminder
What are the differences between the West, and the rest?
One difference is English common law.
Another is the Magna Carta (the great charter).
A foundation document which symbolizes justice but didn’t really accomplish what it intended.  King John being who he was and all….

Comedy Tryout
Political correctness and health / safety are put in their place by Steve Hughes.  The English see things from a different perspective:

Cartoon o’ the Week
Never did like that Wimpy character –
Wimpy Tuesday

Viva la Revolucione
Speaking of try-outs, how about that socialism – communism – statism – fascism deal going down in Cuba?  The labels are more or less meaningless.  The squalor and opportunism is not.  You will never see Joe or me in Cuba until it is set free.  Unless an army of geriatrics (like me) rises up to invade that island to “set it free”, it will never break the fierce grip of totalitarian despotism, of dictatorship, of poverty.  Alas, if it were so easy it would have been done.  The mind-set of the people is fatalistic.  Liberty and freedom are not popular words in their lexicon outside poetry and music.  They appear sheep-like.  Gettin’ down in the ghetto.  What a crock of unpasteurized horse pucky.  If this is what being Latino is all about, if this is how they roll in the Hispanic world, Joe and I offer the words of Louis B. Meyer: “Include me the fuck out”.  A political ideology that doesn’t work forced on a people with an iron fist doesn’t meet any definition of “life, liberty, property” for us.  it would have been better for the Western Hemisphere if England had resources enough to kick all the Spanish, French, Dutch, whomever asshats into the corner back in the day, and introduce them all to “the common law”:

An amazing set of twins who are not conjoined physically, but…..

OH! Canada
The Shiny Pony is making an International name for himself, and by association, for Canada.  What a piece of work…..

The Liberals are very busy making changes and reversing sound laws implemented during the Harper administration.
Zakaria Amara Gets Citizenship Back

The United States of America
Clinton Redux
This is a refreshing and honest portrait of the Clinton machine.  Bill is “on the stump” for Hillarious in Bluffton, South Carolina, fielding questions.  An ex marine makes a statement, then asks about Benghazi.  He is escorted out of the hall.  A woman asks Bill who is lying, the four families of the soldiers killed in Benghazi, or Hillarious?  She is also shown the door.
Why is it refreshing?
It shows the power of the Internet, the power of the digital network.
It records Bill Clinton lying, and attempting to lie to defend an indefensible position.  The evidence of Hillarious lying about Benghazi is irrefutable.  The power of the people is possible with the power of the Internet & digital network:

The Donald
Hat tip to Ronald D. for the following video of Oprah interviewing Donald Trump 25 years ago.  What people aren’t hearing now is that he has been consistent about trade.  His speaking style has not really changed.  A perspective modifier to be sure:

Meanwhile, back in Washington, DC –
It's My Party
Joe and I reiterate – In a nation of 325 million souls, what in the world is wrong with their political selection system?

Sharia Free Zone

She Lies About Lying


Joe’s Garage
Every once in a while Joe goes trolling in YouTube (one of the greatest inventions ever) for things of interest.  More pointedly, machinery of interest.  Here is one that impressed mightily.
Imagine being in a forest somewhere in western Europe in late 1943.  Your platoon is advancing stealthily through the undergrowth, knowing the enemy is nearby, not yet located.
Then you hear the unmistakable sound of a heavy flywheel gaining momentum.
You might not know directly what it is the first time you hear that high pitched whine.
Suddenly the pitch changes, slows, and a very large diesel engine coughs to life.
You hear the engine steady, a clank of transmission engagement, and the engine builds revs.
If you aren’t running and hiding by now, you are about to do so:

If that isn’t enough to make yer hair stand up on yer neck, you got no imagination…..
Suggested viewing – “Fury“, starring Brad Pitt and a trusty outclassed Sherman tank.  An intimate look at life in the tank command.  7.6 out of 10 by most reviewers.


Bring Back Duelling

Caution to the Wind

10 Minutes at Work

Bernie Sanders Will Fix That

Bernie and Romania

Cheese Isn't Free

Fossil Fuel Protester

Chess Plays You

Click, Click, Click

Hillary's Accomplishments

Hollywood Science

Vote For the Rich People

Irish - First American Slaves

This next one might take a little squinting and figuring and deducing –
It Figures - Vote Bernie

Left Wingers Know Secrets

Name a Queen

No Minority Rights

Unsubscribe From Government

Only You Can Prevent Big Government


Politician Bull

Rat Bastards

Progressivism Reinvent the Wheel

Rubio Exit Now

Transparency - The Promise

]Wolf Free Zone

Workers Support the Load

World Series of Poker


Sheriff David Clarke Quote - Gun Control


Augustine of Hippo Quote - Truth

HL Mencken Quote - Honor

Populism Loves the Poor

Two Types of People - Thinkers




What does it take to change the world?  Although Raheel Raza indentifies as a “Muslim”, she is taking a risk every moment she speaks.  The death threats mount:

Another brave woman, Sarah Haider, founder of Ex-Muslims of North America.  Logical, rational, well spoken, also a target of death threats:

This is the kind of bull shit these wonderful women are fighting –
Above the Law - Muslims

Meeting 72 Virgins

St Thomas Aquinas on Islam



Another of the squirmy in search of truth videos Joe and I continue to seek.  We believe that IQ (“G” Factor) i.e. “smarts” is the ace in the hole for individual humans.  Smart people, generally, do much better than stupid people, and better than “normal” people.  In the world of 2016, the requirement for intellectual ability is higher than it has ever been.  So what is the picture among all sub-species of humans?  Here’s a quick assessment of the below average:

Compare to this short video about the Ashkenazi Jews:  Almost a standard deviation above average.  Genes are really something, aren’t they?:


The weather outside is chilly.  This week has been rainy, windy, cloudy, and frosty overnight.
But, Old Man Winter is pretty well done.
The days are getting longer.Who knows?  Maybe Spring will be on time, on budget, and irreversible.

Joe (Snotty) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is without peer – from Investor’s Business Daily


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