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Joe’s CommentThe Real Time Travelers.
I must admit that when a young man, there seemed to be more time in the day to ponder the strange and unusual.
My interest in SF (science fiction) was high.  The possibilities seemed endless, only restrained by the limit of one’s own imagination.
I pondered then, with my immature, mostly empty under construction little pea brain, whether there was such a possibility as time travel, and if so, how would that fact affect and effect my life?
Part of the question is answered.
Yes, time travel is possible.  I am living proof.
In terms of H.G. Wells’ “The Time Machine“, not much of an accomplishment on my part.  All I did was stayin’ alive:

This week was the completion of my 75th journey around the Sun.
Not even a century.
All this time travel has taken its toll.
Many memories ago, a song by Mr. Zimmerman, “My Back Pages”, when released, struck a cord in me.  I wondered if I would ever understand the lyrics.
It sounded just like this:

Can I physically go back in time?
But I have come to be quite comfortable in my skin, and that is something.
Who would have thought?
As the years pile up, my ability to travel in time, within my “frame of reference”, broadens, one year at a time (indeed, one day, one second at a time).
Using the aforementioned little pea brain lodged in a cranium ever more gnarly and less hairy than in days of yore, I can travel at will through all the years of me.
Unlike history books and antiquities, which give a broad brush imperfect vision of what was, and, unlike SF, which does the same in a future framework, my time travel is personal and rich.  A granular, detailed, somewhat biased perspective of one experience.
A quick Internet search leads me to believe there are presently in excess of 8 billion fellow time travelers inhabiting the Blue Planet.
How many will leave something behind to inspire others, to be remembered?
The words of those who came before and were kind enough to leave their thoughts for all to see (thank you, Ms. E. Thrasher) constantly inspire me to ponder long and hard.  There is a relationship to be had across the years, even centuries.  Kindred thoughts that survive Time are the foundation of the future.
Nowadays, with all this time travel experience, the color and life I felt not present in those early days has filled my me full.
Not to be confused with Sheldon’s me ma.
The following rendition is more to my liking now.  I am younger than I was.
How’s that for time travel!:


Quick Dick McDick
It is calving time!
Lordy, this great agrarian ambassador for Saskatchewan and Canada keeps showing the facts and speaking the truth about farming in a country that has the second lowest average temperature on earth.
This man presents the best face of modern mixed farming with good humor and a deep abiding love of his chosen craft.  Joe and I approve!:



Tim Hawkins
Mr. Hawkins has an opinion about government.
He sings it for all to hear:

Meme Time

Trucker’s Blockade of NYC
The blockade is happening.
How deep it goes, how long it will last, and whether or not the good folks of NYC feel the burn remains to be seen.
From Joe’s perspective, he sees an effort by the largest work group in America, the truck driver, to have some influence in changing hearts and minds.
There is truly something dreadfully wrong with the American political system – despite having the world’s best Constitution with Amendments.
Joe and I suspect filthy lucre has some role in the grand scheme.
The American judicial system seems to be a political weapon.  That capacity for an executive to misuse another branch of government must be curtailed.
The American medical community, deeply in lust with Big Pharma, has propagated the worst tragedy in modern times, without firing a shot or dropping one bomb.  All they did was frighten the living shit out of the Chicken Little portion of the population, then coerce everyone to take a vaccine and keep their dirty little mouth shut.  How to change it?  A gargantuan task.
Joe and I truly believe that the dirt people, us mud peckers, the average Joe and Betty, you know, the man in the street and the farmer in the field – we all know what is right and what is wrong.  It is built into each of us.
Something is dreadfully wrong.  doG protect the truckers.  We hope their effort is not wasted or lost in the frenzy:

The “Real” Donald Trump
A video montage, featuring snippets of the real Mr. Trump over the years.
He is not my or Joe’s hero or role model.
But he may, along with the likes of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., be just what is needed to return sanity to the most powerful nation ever to exist in human history.
Joe says these short snapshots of Mr. Trump doing what he does are voluminous.
The number of similar bits and pieces are all over the Internet.
Just try to find any such video of the criminal Joe Biden.
Two different families.  Two different characters.  One obvious choice:

The Simple Truth
Jason Siler has a good helping of common sense.
In this video he comments on current events with level-headed aplomb.
He poses some simple and obvious questions, calling for solutions.
The answer is, currently, there are no solutions:


Dr. Casey Means
The world of medicine is changing.
There are some statements that are so obvious that no one thinks about them in a meaningful way.
One such statement Dr. Casey Means makes in this video is that “we put 70 metric tonnes of food in our body in our lifetime”, and that everything we are is made from that food.
Maybe what we eat affects and effects our health?
There are many causes of illness and disease.
In this video, Dr. Means and Dr. Berry discuss the likelihood that a majority of ill health has a metabolic origin.
Which gets back to this: you are what you ate, you eat what you are, and you must eat who you want to be.
Joe is proud of that last bit.  Blending the past, present, and future like that.  Sorta a Tiny Tim / Christmas Past vibe.  Kudos, Joe!
More and more doctors are waking up to realize the difference between eating to survive and the PHD – proper human diet, which is eating for peak performance.
Every one of us precious little (and not so little) snowflakes is unique.  There is not one perfect diet that works for everyone.
That is the beauty of this movement.  Everyone with an interest in living long and healthy can experiment with their own metabolism.
That is a Libertarian concept.  It all makes sense to Joe and me.  Spock would approve:


Dr. Suzanne Humphries
The world of vaccines and viruses has been around since Joe and I were children.
We have been poked over and over.
Our children were poked, too.
We hadn’t given a thought to the entire modus ponens of vaccinating folks.
We thought that it was medical science, discovered by brilliant dedicated men and women, designed to save us from little nasties we have no natural defense to combat.
Boy, are we re-thinking the entire body of “science” that concerns itself with medicine.
We’re fine with setting bones – it is a mechanical solution, not an invasive chemistry.
Antibiotics, vaccines, the existence of viruses, all those itsy-bitsy entities that you can’t see or feel or communicate with – all leave Joe and I queasy.
There are a cadre of dedicated scientists actually trying to help people.
The problem is, who are they and how do you know?
Dr. Samantha Bailey is one such dedicated scientist.  We have featured her in many past rants.  Indeed, the topic of viruses / vaccines was her presentation included in our Sunday Rant – 2923.  Surprise, surprise – Dr. Sam Bailey doesn’t believe viruses exist!
Well, Dr. Suzanne Humphries has made an in-depth study of the foundational science of vaccinating, of vaccines, and the actual data.
She finds the “science” wanting.
Joe and I listened carefully to Steve Bannon when he said There are no conspiracies but there are no coincidences“.
Then you have Dr. Thomas Seyfreid.  He makes the preposterous claim that cancer cells can only eat glucose.  If you are in ketosis, the cancer dies.  Hold on Jack!  He insists that cancer is a metabolic disorder, not a genetic death inheritance.  All these years.  All those friends and family who died, while the medical community earnestly tried treatments that were focused on the wrong target!!!
We included him in Sunday Rant – 3923.
Joe and I rarely got ill in our past.  A Spring and Autumn cold.  The odd (and even) hangover.
Since adopting a high fat low carbohydrate diet 6 years ago, we haven’t been ill for a day.  We are now 75 years of age.  We watch what we eat.  Maybe on our death bed we will eat a Mars bar.  Until then, sugar shall not pass our lips.
Dr. Humphries has come to the same conclusion about vaccination as Dr. Samantha Bailey.  Doubtful veracity.  Data supporting the doubt.
The following presentation should be seen by all mothers with children.
Note – this is part 1.  Can’t find the next three parts.  To be continued (we hope):


Joe’s Garage

Strange V-8 Configuration
This engine is the brainchild of Deiter Hartmann Wirthwein.
It is a V-8 configuration, but the crankshaft has only one throw with two rods.
Are you curious?
Joe sure as hell was…..
We are not sure of the whys.
It does do away with rod angularity, and most likely has a reduced secondary vibration.  Whether it is a durable design, whose nose?  Whose care?
Joe does.
Strange internal combustion engine designs gives Joe a tent in his pants.
He imagines himself one day inventing a motor that no one else has configured.
Joe was gobsmacked by this arrangement.  Never in a million years….:

Detroit Auto Museum
The history of Detroit in vehicles.
Joe thought he would be more interested than it turned out.
Some of these machines are very interesting.  Others, only because they are “rare”.  That is, some of them are “one of one”, or belonged to some noteworthy individual.
Joe and I liked the storage method.  An inflated bubble – controlled atmosphere.
We can only hope that each of these machines has been excruciatingly documented, because the old run-down warehouse they are housed in looks like an arson’s dream!  Only you can prevent burning down the house of cars:

Daring Rescue
There are so many points of conversation that manifest after watching this video feed from a FOX channel in Louisville KY.
A tractor trailer rig that breached the safety railing on the Clark Memorial Bridge is somehow lodged against an upright, and the tractor dangles high over the Ohio River.
When you watch the entire video, you will see the bridge has a dozen or more emergency vehicles standing by.
The rescuers are using a ladder truck ladder as a gantry to lower a rescue worker to the cab, in order to help the driver get in a harness, then lift her to safety.
Joe says this truck’s fifth wheel is in top shape.  The fifth wheel is the device that connects the tractor to the trailer.  The trailer pin is also in great shape.
Joe and I watched this a few times to ascertain what is holding the vehicle from going over the edge and falling to the river.  If it is the van body of the trailer, then we’d all best get on our knees and thank the designer.  Most van bodies collapse when they tip over!  This trailer seems built of sterner stuff.
Perhaps the undercarriage is somehow jammed against the rail structure.
So far, we haven’t found any video showing how the truck and trailer were lifted back onto the bridge.  We will keep looking.
The facts and video are astounding!
This speaks well of heroes, good will, sacrifice, and proper planning.
How so?
It is a good thing that our town of Vernon BC doesn’t have any bridge over troubled waters, because there isn’t that much emergency and rescue hardware and crews within 50 miles.
Technology makes the world go around.  In fact, technology is what made the modern world.  But it can destroy the world, too.
Joe and I say don’t run with scissors!  Use technology wisely and safely.  By doing so we can have a brilliant world for as long as people exist.
Joe asks how that damn truck could get so far out of its lane, jack, and punch through the railing.  There are more questions than answers.  To be continued:



Niall Ferguson is an intellectual.
Joe and I don’t hold that against him.
His presentation is valuable to one and all.
Can a person or group or organization be forgiven?
Is treason a betrayal without redemption; i.e., what penalty for treason?
Joe says if you want to know, first, listen to Niall.  Second make up your own damn mind:


This week in Vernon BC the weather sucked.
No, it wasn’t cruel freezing double digit below zero snow blowing hell.
It was moderately below zero overnight most days (one day double digit).
It was above zero every day.
Why the weather sucked is Joe and I are done with Old Man Winter.
We are yearning for Spring.
The season of hope!
Hope we won’t freeze our tits off any time soon.
Today is the tenth of March.
Still a week and a half before official Spring.
Joe is a bit pissy.
He wants to walk around in the yard in a tee shirt, or with his pasty white hairy body exposed to the giant campfire in the sky.
It’s only fair….


Joe (one sweater) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez keeps on truckin’ –

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