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Quote o’ the Week
If a book is well written I always find it too short” – Jane Austen
Joe’s Comment – Ditto for lives.

Canadian Conceal Carry
There is an obvious difference between Canada’s “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” and our American brethren’s Declaration of Independence and amendments to their Constitution.
In Canada, we do NOT have a first or second amendment.
We do have “freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression” BUT The Charter restricts free speech (some mumbo-jumbo about “reasonable limits”).
In similar fashion, The Charter does NOT grant you an unrestricted right to defend your person, your life, your property, for similar reasons.
The Canadian Criminal Code states that you have the right to defend your person, your life, under certain conditions (reasonable limits – ref. Section 34).  Same for property rights (Section 35).
The trouble with this arrangement is the burden of acceptable response is on the victim.
To use the example invoked by that tower of manly manness, the man who would stop the oceans rising, the one we were waiting for, BO (aka Barry Soeroto), “if they bring a knife we bring a gun.” when referring to a political “fight”, this approach would land him in prison in Canada for long enough to fall in love with Clifford Olson.  But that is another story….
If you are a female or male living in one of the bigger cities of Canada and cannot afford a posh, well secured home or work in a well secured workplace, or afford a secure transportation module, or afford to contract security personnel, your risk is higher than those who can.  The risk of being in danger of personal harm or property loss is part of a “risk management” analysis all sane people perform.  Unfortunate it is, but a fact of life.
Consider being attacked by an aggressor (or aggressors) much larger than yourself.  They are armed with baseball bats.  They are acting erratically, advancing with menace, not demanding anything but swinging at you.
Your response?
Swing at them with your briefcase or purse?
Sing a few bars of Kumbaya?
What if they have garlic on their breath, do you break out the Certs or Tic-Tacs?
Joe and I are about to begin our 68th trip around the Sun.
In our time, we’ve received more bodily harm from sports than we ever have fighting.
We be lovers not fighters.
As Toby Keith says, I’m not as good as I once was (but I’m as good once as I ever was):

If it were possible, Joe and I would draw our firearm and back them down or shoot them with prejudice, depending on their reaction.
Only one problem.
Joe and I don’t have a conceal carry permit.
Unfortunately for most Canadians, open or concealed carry of a firearm is not an option.
It is not against the law, but it is as difficult to get as a winning lottery ticket.
Joe and I answer the above what if? with the following:
This note is about conceal carry.  There is a petition you can sign to signal the government that it is time to recognize the natural rights all citizens inherit at birth.  You can sign the petition here.  Please do!

Climate Rocks
In a continuing effort to bring the other side of the argument to friends, family, casual “stumblers”, and self, here is Dr. William Gray from a July 2011 presentation to the DDP (Doctors for Disaster Preparedness) in Albuquerque NM.  His analysis is supported with data collected over centuries.  He insists the “models” can NEVER predict the long-range climate due to the inherent nature of the system: it is chaotic.
He also makes the point that until the “models” include water (all three phases), the many ocean cycles / processes, and the sun phenomenon(s), there is little chance that anything other than forecasting the past is possible.
Unfortunately, Dr. Gray has passed on.
For 60 years he was THE hurricane expert for the world.
His observations, analysis, and sense of humor are all first class:

The Problem of Race Reality
Anyone watching U.S. news is cognizant of the racial tension that has festered during the past 8 years.
One of the most interesting is occurring on college and university campuses, especially those with a high enrollment in the Arts.
The plague of “safe spaces” and anti-free speech demonstrating is attended by a movement on some campuses to have minority only organizations and accommodations legitimized.
How ironic.
The entire Lefty “civil rights” movement of the ’60’s was about equal rights for all citizens from all recognizable entities, without prejudice!
Now the stupid buggers want to bring back segregation.
What’s next, government sponsored apartheid?
This rant has included information on IQ and studies of intelligence over the years.  Joe and I believe (strongly) that “intelligence” is the single most probable influence in any person’s success.
The website ThoseWhoCanSee has an interesting and in-depth analysis of the effect intelligence has on learners and the affect the results have on professional educators, the state, and those responsible for public education.
The data is referenced and common knowledge.
The article is titled “Progressives: The New Race Realists“.
A few items from the article…..
Here is a well-published Bell Curve of IQ distribution in the U.S. –

This distribution has been a reality for 100+ years, despite attempts made to influence IQ development or obfuscate the implications of this information.
The next graph shows discipline problems charted as a percentile.  Note the first column shows the relative population density of each race.

Note the trend.  The highest average intelligence quotient students are the least problematic.
The next graph is a plot of expected results for 2017 math proficiency based on race for three states –

Notice the trend?
The elephant in the room is that a large portion of IQ is inherited.
The following graph plots SAT scores required for admission in 8 top colleges in the U.S., from a sampling of 245,000 applicants.
This is affirmative action –

The next graph shows the skew affirmative action has on applicant profiles to top U.S. law schools.  This may make some politicians happy, but is unfair to better qualified students, and catastrophic for those who benefit from affirmative action –

The above graph has matching data sets for medical schools – almost identical disbursement.  Below is the Bar exam passage rates for three states, sorted by race –

In 1971 the legal case “Griggs vs Duke Power Co.” was decided by the Supreme Court.  The judgement severely restricted employers from testing job applicant’s abilities.
The entire article is long, replete with data sources and analysis.
Well worth the read.




This week’s sermon is delivered by Trevor Loudon.
The message Trevor is delivering with his books and movie (The Enemy Within) is as follows: the Third World War started 1400 years ago.  The struggle isn’t against “terrorism”, but the creeping Sharia Law and the Leftist agendas of Marxist / Communist / Statist / Fascist / Globalist dominance.
According to Mr. Loudon, Joe and I are members of the “useless eater” category.
Needless to say, after reflection, we agree.  We do so like to eat.
A tremendously well researched and comprehensive analysis of some elements of the “Dark Government” that threatens to destroy the Republic of the U.S.A.
Well worth the listen, especially since he speaks Kiwi:


This week in Vernon has been a struggle of Old Man Winter to stay in the game.
Today (Sunday) it snowed another two inches of wet snow.
It has been freezing overnight about half the time – whenever there was no overcast.
Joe is about done with Winter, although there are two more weeks to endure, calendar-wise.
I have had enough.  As my Mexican buddy says,

Joe (chilly-willy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez will get us through –

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