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Thinking Inside the Box

Joe’s Comment – the best place to solve a problem which exists in a defined structure.  Wish I did it more often.

Political Comment o’ the Week
Michelle Malkin is a firebrand conservative.  Here she addresses the 2016 CPAC (Conservative Political Activist Conference) with no holds barred.  A true conservative, a constitutionalist of the first order.  Her view of the Presidential race?  “A pageant of imperfects.” :

Joe and I have been fans for years.


Joe’s Garage
Ford Hood Ornament
Well, Joe almost survived winter madness without a frivolous purchase.
He was sorely tempted many times – cruising Kijiji, Craig’s List, Castanet, eBay – looking at things he wants but can’t afford, things he can afford but can’t want, things he can afford and wants, but…..
It’s been trying for him.
Joe has been looking for a certain car for years.  All the above rationale applies.  The cars he could afford were too much work.  The cars he couldn’t afford to want were spectacular.  The few cars he could afford and wanted suddenly joined the first category when the exchange rate to U.S. dollars went through the roof.
Then Robert G. called.
With news of a car Joe and I have been looking for, located within one hour of Calgary.
A few phone calls, an offer accepted, a quick trip this weekend, and there we were in the dark in Strathmore with a wonderful new (to Joe) project – here she is –
On the Trailer - 7
A 1950 Ford Fordor Custom, very complete, with flathead V8 engine, 3 speed transmission with overdrive, and factory front window visor.
We are so pleased as to be speechless.
Bob saw the car advertised in Kijij as a “Barn Find”.  For the record, a barn find is something of value that has been stored away and forgotten.
This car was put in a shed in 1969 and only this year brought out for sale.  The companion car in storage is a 1958 Edsel that the owner is restoring.
Here is a picture of it in situ –
1950 Ford - 1
As Bob says, the car was stored 2 1/2 times longer than it was driven!
It is complete, relatively rust free, and original in all respects.
What a great find.  Many thanks to Bob (who would have bought it himself if he had room).
Here we are on Sunday morning just before I drove home to Vernon –
Bob and Dave
The license plate is Saskatchewan, 1969.  The year it was put away.
46 years later, Joe and I have the priveleage to make her run again.
A re-arrangement of the website will create a “Projects” page where details of progress will be posted.

Passing of Note
Nancy Reagan passed away today, March 6th.
She was a gracious and accomplished first lady.
The other story is their love and life together.
I thought this picture endearing –
Nancy and Ronald Regan
And this one too –
Nancy and Ronald
Rest in peace dear lady.

Home Made Terrorists

When, precisely, does terrorism preclude your entry to and citizenship qualification in good old Canada?
According to the Liberal government, not so much as ever.
The latest news is the anti-terrorism bill passed by the former Conservative government that penalizes terrorists who have Canadian citizenship to loose their Canadian status will be revoked.
The article mentions other changes that would not be in the interests of those 37 Canadians dear to my heart (that’s Joe, me, and the 35 other people crammed in my head).  A short explanation from Immigration Minister John McCallum at the link.
Joe and I are not fans of this move, cloaked in the “only one class of Canadian citizen” meme.
Your mileage may vary.

WWW or Bust
Enjoy the Intertubes while you can.
Joe and I have been ranting about government placing a “filter” on all Internet traffic.  Sound like the ChiComs to you?  Our new fearless leader is on record saying how much he admires the “efficient” Chinese government.  The boys and girls in Parliament are getting a laugh or two from the latest from the desk of the Shiny Pony:

Eclectic Collection o’ the Week
Old photos, especially of people, are always interesting.  Old photos of people and weirdness are even more curious.  Here is someone’s collection of strange.  Joe really liked the cold whiskey dispenser for the office.  I thought Miss Atomic Bomb was worth a lingering glance.  Meow, meow!:

The United States of America
Joe and I wonder.  We puzzle.  We scrutinize.
We ask: in a country of 320 million people, why are the choices for president so lame?
Is it a flaw in Joe?  In me?  Why can’t we see the value in the process?
Our choice was Carly Fiorina.  No apology.
The Trump phenomenon on the GOP side of the aisle is an understandable reaction of a “conservative” majority of Americans who feel betrayed by politicians who were given the keys to the Senate and the House, then proceeded to kiss Obambi ass and break every single promise made to the people who voted for them.
The Democrat offerings are cartoon fodder.
A socially tone deaf lying cheating amoral under-performing wife of Bill, and a hippie socialist who has been in office for near 30 years of trough shouldering, squealing, gravy-sucking lack-luster performance.  See last week’s rant and below the fold for plenty of cartooning a la carte.
The professional pundits, the talk show hosts, the peanut gallery haven’t a clue as to what is transpiring.
Peggy Noonan has a clue and a half.  She talks about the “protected and the unprotected” in this article.
One wise woman.
She observes this is not a uniquely American experience; the European countries being overrun by savage “migrants” and lead by the “protected” are on the same frequency.
It is akin to being told you have no need for any form of self defense by a politician with armed bodyguards.
A quote from this very perceptive article –
“I want to call them the elite to load the rhetorical dice, but let’s stick with the protected.
They are figures in government, politics and media. They live in nice neighborhoods, safe ones. Their families function, their kids go to good schools, they’ve got some money. All of these things tend to isolate them, or provide buffers. Some of them—in Washington it is important officials in the executive branch or on the Hill; in Brussels, significant figures in the European Union—literally have their own security details.
Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions.
One issue obviously roiling the U.S. and Western Europe is immigration. It is the issue of the moment, a real and concrete one but also a symbolic one: It stands for all the distance between governments and their citizens.
It is of course the issue that made Donald Trump.”
Peggy Noonan often nails it.
This time ain’t any different. Five Star Rating
A special treat – Intellectual Froglegs on the same topic:


Nobel Prize News
Question:  How many Chinese have won a Nobel Prize in science?
Answer:  Up to December of 2015 the grand total was zero.
The discovery of Artemisinin (an extract of the sweet wormwood plant) in 1979 by Tu Youyou, a chemist tasked by Chairman Mao (in 1967) to cure malaria led to the award 36 years later.  Her story is very different than the “run-of-the-mill” prize winners who most often work and live in the Western and “first world” countries.  The collective mindset promoted by the Red Revolution is one she believes – if her comments are quoted correctly (our guess is she’s a “party” girl, old guard style).  There is controversy regarding who exactly should have received the award.  Artemisinin is not a cure for malaria – but is effective in about 20% of cases.  The medicine prize was shared with an American, William Campbell, and a Japanese, Satoshi Omura, who advanced the malarial and roundworm therapy work.
Some say she really didn’t “discover” anything.  Her team found information in old natural Chinese medicine records that implied the sweet wormwood plant was useful in treating malaria.  The breakthrough was Tu’s process using ether to extract Artemisinin from the plant.
Joe says Bravo! to China for taking the $46.5 million USD prize, and joining the grown-ups at the Nobel table.
He wonders who will get the $$$.
He speculates that news will be velly long time no see.
Also, the best humor ever –
Tu Youyou


Vatican Wall

Thanks to Bernie M. for forwarding a picture of this delightful innovation.  There was an implied association with Newfoundland – BBQ Cooler

Antonin Scalia Quote - The Constitution

Chinese Person With English Tattoo

Egg Separator

Father Schober Crucifix

Happy Hour Is a Nap

George Macdonald Quote - The Best Men

Happy Leak Year

Florist Friars

Inner Peace Four Words

GK Chesterton Quote - Proposal of Sovereignity

Irish Slaves

John Travolta's House

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Lucius Seneca Quote

Mitch MicConnell and Liberty

Naked Strawberry

Never Wanted To Be In a Gang

New Hampshire Results

Only a Biker Knows

Roger Scruton Quote - Deprive Youth

Sandwich In Half

Sisyphus Meets Indiana Jones

Who Do They Fine



Vatican Arsenal

When Prey Is Armed



There are brave women fighting the injustice of Mohammedanism.
The following video is from “Dom the Conservative”.  We do not know her real name.  If we did, we wouldn’t publish it here or anywhere.
She speaks her mind and makes perfect sense.  She, of course, receives death threats.  That’s the proud Muslim tradition – submit, shut up, or die:

Joe and I have corroborated every fact she claims.  What would happen if the women of the Muslim world were given the freedom to speak their minds?  The issue with the Hadith, the Quran and the Sunnah is that the contradictions are allowed to stand and be used as deemed necessary.  Hence, you will hear argument from Muslim speakers that it just ain’t so even when standing over a warm recently decapitated body.



The philosopher Daniel Dennett describes a “Unified Theory of Information” – information, evolution, and intelligent design:



This week in Vernon has been a continuation of the miracle of an early Spring.  Warm, sunny, some rain, some gentle (and not so gentle) breeze.
A fella could get used to wearing only a tee shirt.
So far, March hasn’t been lionish.
17 days ’til Spring.
We can hold our breath that long…..

Joe (relaxing) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for everyone, from Investor’s Business Daily


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