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Winter is abating.  Three whole days of above zero nights.  A contemplative time of year.  Time to analyse the game plan.  As I say, “Planning is priceless but the plan may be useless“.  Joe says “what plan?”  And so it goes……
Will Rogers - Three Types of Men
Which begs the question: does Joe pee standing up or sitting down?

Is Joe Mekanic Racist?
That is an excellent question.  One that I, D J Drover, often mull.
Joe thinks this cartoon is “racist” –
Joe doesn’t mince too many words, doesn’t worry too much about hurt feelings, but at heart he is a very sensitive not callow fellow.  For an example, on the subject of Global Warming® (what a great money-maker that slogan has been for Al Gore and the United Nations), Joe says he can’t wait to see bananas growing in the back yard, spiders as big as his hands, and fragrant tropical nose symphonies from lush colorful foliage at Christmas time – right here in Vernon!  And a carbon dioxide count up around 2,000 ppm where it belongs.  Then he turns around and says about those in tropical areas where the water will rise 20 feet (a la Al Gore) he doesn’t care how many little brown people have to learn to swim.  Does that make Joe racist?  Are little brown people a race?  What exactly are they if they aren’t?  Joe then reminds me of the Mensa joke – “did you know that half the world’s population is below average in intelligence?”  He quotes Ron White – “you can’t fix stupid”, and an Ayn Rand favorite – “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”  Joe also is quite outspoken about the president of the United States.  He has trouble juxtaposing his respect for the position and the country, with the Manchurian candidate choom gang chuffer occupying the Oval Office.  Joe has muttered on more than one occasion “they should bring back lynching” under his breath after watching Obummer spew a toxic verbal diarrhea of lies, deceits, misinformation, misdirection, “racism”, or fantastic unicorn farting.  Does this make Joe a racist?  When you ask him, Joe says stupid people get what they cultivate and harvest – it may not be what they deserve in a caring or “just” society.  Joe says if it is absolutely positively mandatory to have a “black” president, why not have one with a brain that functions in a reality based world, not a fantasy island of kumbaya choruses.  Joe says there ARE “black” people who could lead the country as well as anyone, but it ain’t Obambi.  As for the “starving masses”, the underprivileged, the downtrodden “minorities”, the unfairness, it is an Albert function – relative.  You CAN promise equality of opportunity at some foundation level, but you CANNOT promise equality of outcome.  No one signs on for that.  If they do, refer them to the Mensa joke above.
Joe has a covey of “black” influences.  He points out it isn’t because they are “black”, but their GUIDING PRINCIPLES are aligned with his own.  THAT must be “racist”, right?  One of Joe’s influences is Dr. Benjamin Carson:

Dr. Ben Carson is an exceptional man.  His life story is so unique that a ‘biographical” movie was made.  You can watch it on YouTube.  It is called “Gifted Hands”:

Joe (and I) think Dr. Ben Carson would make an excellent cabinet member – perhaps Secretary of Health (refer to video below).  He would be an able representative because of his character.  To see where he would fit in to a “dream team” administration, watch the following presentation from Trevor Loudon.

The Ranks of the “Useless Eaters”
Lordy, lordy, I and Joe are on the threshold, ready to join the “Useless Eaters” of our society.  If you asked, some would say Joe and I have been “useless eaters” for well over 60 years, but I digress.  Trevor Loudon speaks at the Orlando FL Tea Party rally in September of 2014: he blows me (and Joe) away.  What an incredible amount of research he has done to write his book “The Enemies Within”.  His “Dream Team” for the 2016 presidential race is stunning.  Well worth the hour and a quarter required to view….

A University / College education is touted as the pinnacle of schooling for future leaders in our Western world.  The cornerstone of Western life is liberty, which requires freedom of speech.  Ergo to ensure the future leaders of the West receive the best of schooling, should not the universities and colleges be bastions of free speech?   Pat Condell is convinced this is not the case:

Well said Mr. Condell.  Joe likes it.  A lot.


Dif for heh smusma……..
Thanks for the many many hours of engrossing entertainment during my impressionable youth.
May your dilithium crystals be fully charged, your warp drive optimized.  Until next we mind meld, R.I.P. 




Nut and Yahoo

This about sums up the Republicans and Democrats.
Any Questions

Bull Shit

Can I Buy A Vowel

Clintons Broke


Government Save the Internet

Holder Legacy

Liberals vs Conservatives


No Fossil Fuels Protester

Obambi's Mother


Rudy Giuliani on Obambi

Stupidity Is Not a Handicap




What Happened to Britain?
The Pakistani rape gangs in Britain crossed my news-path again.  Joe and I are torn – whose behaviour is more appalling, the Pakistani men or the British legal / “justice” system?  What happened to Britain’s moral foundations?  An old but still pertinent Pat Condell rant tells all:





George Washington - Armed Citizenry

Robert Frost - Quarrel With the World

Groucho - Politics

Harry Brown - Loss of Freedom

Will Rogers - Trickle Up Economics




Your Lying Eyes Dept.
Islam is NOT a religion of peace.  So says Sam Harris.  An excerpt from an older (2010) presentation explains why it is not the extremists or the fundamentalists.  Rather, he insists that the problem is the fundamentals of Islam itself.  Five minutes of truth (hope that’s not too much to choke down):

Should you find this “teaser” interesting and want to see more, the entire presentation ( Can Science Determine Human Values?) is here.

Islam In America




Today Evan Sayet mans the pulpit to elaborate on his “Unified Theory of Liberalism”, which explains why the well meaning progressives are not just wrong, but diametrically opposed to reality.  His original lecture (lauded as one of the most important conservative speeches of all time) where he formulated the unified theory can be viewed here.  Grab a Sunday libation of your choice, sit back, and let Evan Sayet entertain you while delivering top drawer schooling:

Evan believes that in a politically correct world, thinking is a crime.  How much more clarity is required?




The daffodildos have shown their pointy little heads above the dirt.  I’m so proud of them!  10 years in this house and not once have I watered them, weeded them, or nurtured them in any way, yet they persist.  What would happen if I did do those things?  Joe definitely won’t – he has a “live and let live” policy about yard work.  Here they are as of March 8th, 2015 in the late afternoon –
The weather this winter has been at least one standard deviation from the norm.  For all the time in this house, the arrival of the daffodildos spells the end to winter.  April to September are the best Okanagan months, but, weather willing, March and October can also be a treasure.  The first week of March has been mild and sunny for the most part.  Yeeeeeee hawwwww!

Joe (Sap Rising) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is as welcome as Spring –

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