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[date March 10, 2014 at 1:44:25 AM PDT]


A Note to My Children:

A discussion about minorities and minority rights

We are all, everyone, a minority – we am the individual. So far, so good – it would be nice to stop here, but duty calls. Alone, an individual has what it has: a subjective understanding of it’s existence and reality. Individuals rarely live in isolation. Consider then, two people, both individuals, both a minority by definition. From the point of view of an observer, it would be obvious that the two people were separate and apart. It would also be obvious (even with identical twins) that they have differences. There is no limit to the number of categories where differences can be identified, recorded, and summarized. Still all good, but there are clouds on the horizon of a clear thought happy day. It is human nature to organize such data in terms of usefulness, or potential, or capability, or some other criteria which identifies (or attempts to identify) a capacity for performance – good, bad, or indifferent. Call it “fight or flight radar”, or “good vs bad” analysis, or “seeing the future” manipulation, or simple speculation about two real immediate criteria………those being – 1. is there a danger to me?, and, 2. how can I use this to my advantage?

Now include the other 7 billion humanoid entities…….

Long preamble to the subject of minority rights.

There are two especially harmful twins of political thought that are a poison to our culture, to our civil society, to our liberties and freedoms. Their names?

Affirmative Action, and Quotas

The following commentary by Theodore. Dalrymple identifies the dangers of “quotas” and introduced me (and Joe) to the term “numerus clausus”, which has been employed for centuries:

A quote from the above article –
“The arguments against quota systems are well-known and obvious, at least in tolerably open societies. Quotas are intrinsically divisive and discriminatory (in the worst possible sense) because the number of categories into which humanity can be divided is infinite: only some categories, therefore, can be favored, leaving others resentful and liable to seek political redress as their supposed salvation. Quotas therefore not only politicize life but embitter political life itself. They formalize favoritism, thus reinforcing the very problem they are meant to solve.

They necessarily inflate the role of government, for someone has to enforce them. Before long, the demand for equality (of a kind) undermines freedom because private associations are no longer able to make the rules they wish, a necessary condition for a truly liberal society in which government is not overweening or preponderant. The imposition of quotas is founded on the belief that everyone is a bigot unless forced by administrative fiat to be otherwise. This is a rather dismal view of human potentiality and underestimates the spontaneous changes in society brought about by, among other things, goodwill and market forces.

Quotas are condescending towards those favored but unjust towards those not favored. You cannot have positive discrimination without negative discrimination, often towards minorities (actually everyone is a member of many minorities). You will therefore end up with a virtual numerus clausus such as operated in elite universities in America against Jews until quite recently in history.”

The law as it stands guarantees certain rights to all individuals unilaterally, without prejudice, without favor. This is a fragile collection of rights: the government cannot coerce compliance if the declared rights are unreal (not natural). When individuals join together to identify as a “minority distinct” and demand certain status, clamor for special privilege, and are rewarded with such, the rights of the individual are eroded. Look around. Can you identify ANYONE who isn’t a member of one or more of the plethora of minority groups extant in our culture? This is not good for the individual, the culture, or the civil society.

I and Joe don’t know how to stop “Social Engineering” by progressive well meaning folks. They who can’t seem to accept the human creature as it is with all it’s flaws, with it’s imperfection. All individuals are NOT created equal. You can’t “redistribute” equality. The playing field has NEVER been level. The best that can be done is to encourage and promote the concept of equal opportunity for all individuals. This does NOT mean taking from the fortunate to compensate the less fortunate. It is NOT a zero sum game, nor a balanced equation. It means each individual has the freedom to employ their personal capabilities and capacities to improve their situation in life without hindrance or obstruction, with no coerced advantage or handicap. Feeling guilty about being more able than some individual is pathetic, a non productive waste.



Cousin Delsie has given me a clinical, terse, and accurate description of the weather southern Ontario has suffered since December. I’m posting this Drinky Crow cartoon as encouragement, and a reminder that two more months of cold weather may be the reality. Thank God for “Global Warming®”. We would be frozen solider without it! –

Alberta Insight

Alison Redford – advantage or disadvantage to Alberta? I am not (nor is Joe) adverse to women in government. After reading the following, I went on line to learn a bit more about Margaret Thatcher:

I agree with the question in the article – “If she conducts herself, and her government conducts itself, in this way on the small things … what’s going on in health care? What’s going on in education and seniors? Where does the waste end?”

Politics is not for the weak hearted, nor the weak headed. I can’t find a moment of this kind of weakness from Margaret Thatcher, or my lefty pal’s nemesis Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton is a special type of harridan and as such occupies a unique (nasty) category (she may not be a woman or a human).

Cowgary (moo!) has a gay Muslim mayor (might be an oxymoron if the Koran is consulted). Alberta has a Premier with limited foresight, and a socialist bent. Too bad the likes of Brad Wall aren’t available in Alberta. Too many years of surplus revenue make for left-leaning leaders. The expression is “you get the leaders you deserve”. I would argue that expression. People like Alison Redford aren’t “leaders”. They simply reflect the weakening will of the people. Henceforth, the expression for me (and Joe) will be “you get the politicians you deserve”.


Rex Murphy chimes in on the Ukraine occupation:

Every kid that used to play sports (back when there were winners, losers, and broken noses) learned about bullying and bully tactics first hand. My experience with bullying tactics came playing hockey. If you succumb and do not retaliate in a manner known, the push from the other side intensifies. Totally rational – must find the limit. This one nugget of knowledge takes courage to act upon, or implement in a strategy or tactic to change the balance. Once implemented the dynamic changes. Of course, if the other player is better at the game, and meaner and tougher, you still get your ass handed to you. Putin doesn’t have to bully – he knows the “empty suit” isn’t in the game.

Wise words from John Bolton, former ambassador to the U.N.:

By suggesting the U.S. A.’s weak-kneed whingeing is “Chamberlain-esque”, he frames the argument. Bolton, unlike most pundits, has a solution that seems tenable. However, if the 2016 election puts an equivalently weak President in the White House, his tactic is lost.



CPAC is an annual get together: (American) Conservative Political Action Committee. There have been some very inspiring speeches during the week. I listened to Ron Paul, Chris Christie, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Donald Trump, and a voice from the past, Newt Gingrich among others. By far, the best speech was the close, delivered by Sarah Palin. Anyone who underestimates her political ability, or her understanding of events is likely to attack her with ad hominem vitriol while skirting the issues. She delivers the message with humor, insight, sarcasm, clarity, and an uncanny finger on the pulse of current events, large or small. She touches every issue in her speech, and makes her position clear. Some classic Sarah:

Loved her dismissal of the Obama presidency when she talked about the upcoming election in 2016 – “The end of the Obama error” (instead of era. Get it? Taking an off the shelf over-used expression and making a double whammy statement). Brilliant.

I remember her first speech as a VP candidate. She was a phenomenon then, and remains one in American political discourse. As a reminder here is her first public address as a VP candidate at the RNC in 2008:

The teleprompter broke down during her speech. Can you tell when? No, you cannot, because she didn’t miss a beat. Why? Because she lives and breathes what she says. Very refreshing. If you listen to what she said about Obambi, she is uncannily accurate.

Academy Awards

Joe didn’t care and didn’t watch. I saw an “80 second Academy Award” video on YouTube which pretty well summed it up. I suppose I’m a racist. The only interesting tidbit for me comes tangentially: it is an article written by John Ridley and published in the December 2006 edition of Esquire. John Ridley won an Oscar for screenwriter:

The article is very thought provoking; in retrospect still an excellent POV read. The comments below the article show a sharp divide between endorsement of Ridley’s analysis and the contempt of others. No middle ground. Nigger is a word. Like all words it has a history, multiple meanings, and baggage. It has power and danger associated with it’s use. Careful with that axe, Eugene!:

Executive Power (Bad America)

To say nothing about the oath he took at the inauguration to defend the constitution and uphold the laws of the United States of America. Very dangerous. The hoi polloi haven’t lost their “grit” in fly-over country, or the parts of America not heavily urbanized. This traitor is a divider. “Those that sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind” – Hosea (8:7)


Bitcoin, electronic banking, international investment banking, all methods of moving capital accounts have some ‘splainin’ to do. The CEO of Bitcoin found dead. She joins a host of other dead money people who have committed suicide (?). Here be dragons?:

I and Joe are not alarmists, conspiracy theorists, or pessimists. Best we can do is offer a song:


Holy smoked potato chips! The Arctic is reaching unheard of levels of warming! No shite! Vetted by Snopes:

Check the date. Now take off that Chicken Little costume.

Forgot to mention. I and Joe are wishing for Global Warming. You can’t grow a carrot in ice…… Warm + CO2 = More Plants


No caption needed for this one, is there?………


Motorcycle vs Car Drifting (2)

If you like Ken Block’s videos you’ll enjoy this too:

Triumph isn’t what my Bonneville used to be…………

Genetic Engineering (the human kind)

It’s well under way. The genetic altering of human DNA to “improve” genetic outcome is out of the gate and into the first turn. How about 3 parents for every child? Just snip the best DNA / RNA / chromosomes of the three and splice them all together to get what you want. Hey, why not 4 parents, or 10 parents, or poly-parents? Adolf’s super scientists are drooling from their graves.:

I and Joe can only imagine what is happening behind closed doors……. Not that we are adverse to the concept. Selective breeding has been with humanity since logic reared it’s head and people were cognizant of cause and effect. Genetically engineered selective breeding is another step along the path.

It makes us both smirk. The scientists quoted talk about “ethical quandaries” and slippery slopes. Much like the gun control arguments, the honest folk aren’t the ones who will abuse this very promising (and young) technology.

A Quick Guide to Humanity



Norman Tebbit on the “Permissive Society” –

“Bad art was as good as good art. Grammar and spelling were no longer important. To be clean was no better than to be filthy. Good manners were no better than bad. Family life was derided as an outdated bourgeois concept. Criminals deserved as much sympathy as their victims. Many homes and classrooms became disorderly – if there was neither right nor wrong there could be no basis for punishment or reward. Violence and soft pornography became accepted in the media. Thus was sown the wind, and we are now reaping the whirlwind.”

More Norman Tebbit quotes here:


Never a dearth of dirt about the “final word of God” masses. If they aren’t killing each other over arcane obscurities of their cult religion, they are killing non Islamists, and they are always abusing women. I’m curious if they are worse on drugs and alcohol……..

In Islam, polyandry is a criminal offense (that’s a woman having more than one husband). Adultery is also a criminal offense, when women do it. However, polygamy is perfectly legal (a man having more than one wife). So, in the West, how do these assholes have their way? There is an activity called “Grooming”, carried out by “Grooming Gangs”. The worst sort of abuse:

The pdf report titled “Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam, and Child Sex Slavery” is 333 pages long. I am reading it. The information if factual (vetted with ample references) is horrific. What sort of culture promulgates this savagery? Please tell me this isn’t the true nature of the “perfect man” Mohammed.

The solution isn’t politically palatable. Then again, the solution won’t come from the political elite. There will be blood in the streets. Either it is the base nature of these animals to behave this way, or it is their crackpot “religion”, or it is a combo. Whatever it is, it is NOT acceptable in Western culture. At least it isn’t acceptable in the crowd I vote with…… It isn’t acceptable to me.


Today, the sun shone and the birds chirped. We (I and Joe) attended the Church of Natural Order outside.

Best damn worshiping I’ve done all winter……

Long live the Sun!



Days like today make me forget entirely how cruel the lack of global warming can be in Canada. I’ve grown soft and complacent living in the garden of Vernon. I took a rake and scratched away the leaves next to the attached garage. There they were, greenish-yellow shoots from the daffodildos, poking their obstinate heads through the ground. Halleluiah!

March tried the lion entrance, but there were no teeth behind the 4 inches of soft wet snow. It was gone in a few days. Sat around in a lawn chair this afternoon with only a sweater and T shirt in complete comfort. Two more weeks to official Spring®, but the forecast looks as if the meanest part of winter is past. The sun felt wonderful on my noggin. And other parts.

Pause to brush away tears…

An apology to all the other Canadians (especially cousin Delsie in Ontario) who are still a few weeks behind. I’ll try to not enjoy myself excessively until your weather is as good as mine. Is that a quota issue, or affirmative weather action? No matter.

Whoops! Sunday was the “spring forward” event. I, being the late Dave Drover, am exactly one hour behind. I did NOT leap ahead. Which makes this an early Monday morning rant at best……. Who in the world decided to move DST up? Getting old and cranky…… I wonder what Geritol tastes like…….

Joe (Twelve O’clock) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez is always timely –

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