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An entire week at home. My first question upon waking every day is “who the hell made this mess?” A quick peek in a mirror and the perpetrator is exposed. C’est moi! Ahhhh…… but then, it’s MY mess, isn’t it.

How poignant.

This is a link to a graphic of “deaths per month”: According to this chart, January and March are the worst (or the best – one’s perspective is everything). Damn near a tie.

I always felt that February is that worst of all months for deaths and dying – in the northern hemisphere – harsh weather, dark late mornings, early dark evenings. No respite. Already three months of nasty behind….. how much ahead? That sort of thinking can lead to doomy and gloomy conclusions. No hope in sight.

This cartoon is for Chris M. –

Then that S.O.B. March comes gallivanting with the promise of spring. Sucker! It’s March 6th today and it has been snowing since the gloomy dawn….. Just when there seems to be no way no how no hope…. look who shows up –

In a bed of oak leaves no less. Is that why they are called daffy-dildos? Perhaps some cheery music to lighten the load.


Apropos the weather, Ms. Iris Dement is here to cheer my soul. Here she sings “Easy’s Gettin’ Harder Every Day”:


Perhaps the March madness (not basketball but the Ides), is the last lamentable view of the past while: a reflexion before turning your face and mind into the coming winds of spring….. and hope. One more Iris, with Emmylou Harris, singing “Our Town”:


A song that speaks to me every single time – “Childhood Memories”:


The ultimate Iris Dement song for me is “Walking Home”. I’ve listened many many times. Always get misty eyed:


Of course, Ms. Dement has a more cheerful side. Here she sings an earthy love ballad with John Prine, “In Spite of Our Selves”:



A sad day for Canada. On Wednesday, Stompin’ Tom Connors passed.
Stompin' Tom Connors
Mr. Connors is a true “rags to riches” story. A Canadian testimony to the strength of the human spirit. Some words:

He released 61 albums, but this is his signature song: [youtube]


The Whatcott decision by the “Supremes” (Canada’s Supreme Court) is a flawed judgement. Thank God for the Internet (more specifically, thanks to the U.S. military and U.S. universities that invented it). Via the Internet, right thinking is easy to find and compare to non-right thinking (that would be wrong thinking in non- P.C. terminology). Here’s Mr. John Robson with some excellent observations:

Another well thought through argument from Mr. Bruce Bower:

Two quotes from Mr. Bower’s article which ring so true –

“Now, I’m not Canadian. But as a member of one of the groups the Court professes to be protecting, I feel obliged to say the following to the Court: Don’t do me any favors. I feel far less threatened by the likes of Whatcott than I do by courts that consider it their prerogative to limit the liberties of a free people in such an arrogant fashion. The justices seem not to recognize – or to care – that if you want to live in a truly free society, you’ve got to be willing to share that society with people who consider you an abomination and who feel compelled to shout their views from the rooftops. Curb their right to have their say, and you put your own rights on exceedingly shaky ground.” …………….. “The bottom line here is that the Canadian Supreme Court, in the name of justice, has struck a blow against freedom and promulgated a pack of lies – among them, first, the lie that free speech can and should be “balanced” against other worthy social objectives; second, the lie that it is possible for government officials to make “objective” determinations as to the possible consequences of a given speech act and as to the exact location of the boundary between hate and lesser emotions; and, third, the lie that “hate speech,” in some way, silences its targets. No, “hate speech” doesn’t silence – the prosecution of “hate speech” does. Yes, the Court’s decision may well be used to suppress the vigorous expression of religious people’s opinions – or, more specifically, the opinions of people who agree with Bill Whatcott.”

Worthwhile reading…..Another very well thought out article about the Whatcott decision. The Supreme Court of Canada is very wrong (left) on this one:

Thanks to the Internet all citizens with access can read the argument and decide for themselves. Ain’t world-wide media access a blessing……….
Canada is a wealthy nation, beyond question. How in the name of news-graphics-2007-_652524a.jpg can we possibly have any truck with the United Nations? Read this article about the criticism of Canada’s food supply in the U.N. release “researched” by Olivier de Shutter last year:

What utter pompous and arrogant B.S. Even buying at Safeway, a grown man can eat on less than $20 Cdn per week. The estimate of 10+% of Canadians being in danger of “food insecurity” is a fantasy. I did enjoy the comments….

Here’s Sun TV News’ Brian Lilley with his view on the subject:

I’m developing an even redder neck than I had. How red? Let me tell all – the statement “kill them all and let God sort them out” is making more sense than ever…… Libbey Davies is a big fat ignorant joke. NDPers make the popular AMC series “Walking Dead” seem realistic…….

Jason Kenny is doing the job:


A certain individual (caricatured above) suggested “sequestration”. The same individual then denied he suggested it. To top it off, the same individual went on to vilify his “enemies” by insinuating the end of the world would accompany sequestration. Sheeesh! What an outrageous liar. This video ain’t kabuki, but it mocks the messiabama greatly. And it originates in a certain Asian country…… Indeed, the Emperor has no clothes:!

Which gave rise to good news – some excellent cartooning –
Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Nate Beeler

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert
I’m partial to the ones featuring big trucks…..

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Political Cartoons by Jerry Holbert

Still no word or disappearance of the Benghazi embassy staff, though rumors abound. Funny too that none of the relatives of those involved have made much of a stir (excepting the parents of one of the marines killed). Is the entire country navel gazing while planning a trip to Disneyland? What abject moral decadence. I’ve heard of rigged wrestling, thrown baseball/baseball/football, and cheating at cards. This betrayal of those you swore to protect trumps all games. Damn them all……



These women (and man) would be in a heaping pile ‘o fecal excrement in their homeland. Other than the bared boobies, the message seems to be “we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it any more!”:


I wonder if the “freedom fighters” of the Ayatollah, those noble jihadists who hide behind women and children, will punish those few who voice opposition with death, or disfigurement? And when they try, will Sweden be able to protect them? Stay tuned……

Good news!
Hugo Chavez has gone to meet Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and countless other former living scourges of humanity. News here:

Take some weenies and marshmallows dude….. it gets very warm where you belong; where you are going. So much for Cuba’s extremely advanced medical system…… picture below –
cuban hospital More info on the “world renowned” Cuban medical catastrophe here (if you have the stomach for it):


I am a fan of Selwin Duke. He gives a crystal clear precise of events from the aggression of Islam starting in the 600’s A.D. until present. Us old schoolers remember events such as “The Battle of Tours” taught in “Social Studies”, but I don’t remember the whys and whatfors. I certainly would have remembered the nickname of Charles “Martel” (Charles the Hammer) had I a smidgling grasp of French, or a decent history teacher. Good short read:

A book to buy or find – “The Real History of the Crusades” by Thomas Madden. I have read “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Western Civilization” by Anthony Esolen, and “How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization” by Thomas E. Woods Jr. – both of these have summarize the Crusades in concert with this article. Those be our forefathers.


Ever wonder where Green Peace® gets their energy? You know that ship they have (the B.S. Unicorn Fart? or is it named the Mighty Big Good for YOU!) doesn’t run on pimple oil…. Here’s a picture of them refueling:

That my chidrens (Shirley Q. Liquor pun intended – [youtube] ), is reality rearing it’s really real realness….. Rave on, says Buddy: [youtube]

Refreshing three and one half minutes from Jeff Miron, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Economics Department, Harvard University:

What is so not understandable about individuals negotiating with individuals to their own satisfaction? There is very little real need for a political class….


Bill Whittle as “virtual President” making the case for the second amendment:


Amen, Bill.

Field stripping a Glock with Ashley:


Makes my gun cleaning efforts seem blase…..

The Reese family would be interesting to interview in a few years. I’m sure at present they are very very careful about what they say and do, and whom they consort with. This is an appalling case of misuse of power. The lawful are at the mercy of the lawless, especially when the lawless are the law:

What happened to the concept of habeas corpus? Corruption at the deepest levels of state and local government. All for career advancement and PC ideology. Their time will come……


The old concept of “Left and Right” brain functions being clearly defined was debunked years ago. However, the actual functionality of these two clearly different parts is demonstrable and explained in this TED talk by Ian McGilchrist:

My thoughts? Glad to have a brain. Happy to know it works hard. Wish I had more perspective about that which it works so hard thinking about……. Time to grow a new lobe! Call it “monitor lobe”……

The breakthrough of this century may have occurred. It’s early years yet, but the “discovery” of graphene is a stellar event. Graphene super capacitors may be the next order of magnitude advance in electrical energy storage. The graphene super capacitor has the best attributes of both batteries and capacitors (batteries store a large amount of energy, and capacitors charge quickly) without the negatives (batteries are heavy/bulky, made with toxic/semi-toxic materials, take a long time to charge, wear out relatively quickly, capacitors discharge very quickly (despite their name, they don’t have much “capacity”)).. Here’s a glossy video with some data:

And here is a website which has more technical details:

This will be a major player in the energy storage field in a short time. The march of nanotechnology picks up pace….. Here are four products already in development from Vorbeck utilizing graphene:

If I had some $$$ I’d definitely invest in graphene technology. Various North American start-ups are listed in the article –

  • Vorbeck
  • XG Sciences
  • Graphene Technologies
  • Grafoid
  • National Nanomaterials
  • Xolve
  • Haydale

Further investigation necessary!

Fusion is the dream in nuclear energy development. Little radioactive waste, excellent energy / $$$ ratio, compact reactors. Lockheed has made a major breakthrough:

Fusion is the holy grail of energy. This approach seems very logical, very doable, very time effective. What would it be like if the entire world was first world? Another report on Lockheed’s intentions:

Smart people acting in a purposely unfettered environment produce results.

The Permian – Triassic Extinction Event is a big deal that happened way long ago. The chance of a recurrence is when, not if (sorta like flying helicopters). Here’s a brief very dramatic video:


Velly skelly! Not much “evidence” but lot’s of conclusions abound. A Wikipedia view here:

Maybe it’s the music in the video that ticks me off….. The Wikipedia entry seems to be less dramatic, more speculative, and amicable to competing theories….

However it happened, it cleansed the earth. And made ready the environment for le dinosaur. We weren’t in the picture (humans). What a pisser! To think that (statistically) the history of the world doesn’t include humans at all!

Dogs are special animals. How special? Recent research poses some extraordinary data. Three short videos:


This video is of a “street legal” Mustang that exceeds 215 mph in a standing mile (Texas Mile):


Comments – the music is horrible, the tune is fantastic (spinning the wheels in 3rd gear like there is ice on the road), the camera out the rear window tells the acceleration story!

Here’s an even faster Mustang at the same venue (world’s fastest to date at this event):


Conclusion – although not stock, these engines (for the most part) have stock blocks and bottom ends. The race preparation shops say the 5.4L bottom end is good for over 1000 hp – stock! That is fail-safe engineering on Ford’s part.





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Today’s hymn sung by Iris Dement:


Pan seems like a harmless pagan populist…… until…..


dumb cartoons, dumb cartoon, dumb picture, dumb pictures, dumb image, dumb images, dumb illustration, dumb illustrations

This is a true story –


I admit I would have used this line in the past if I had thought of it…..

Reading That Book

Sinsperation by Eric Per1in


Let the mystery be…….


There are many expressions to describe this time of year in Canada (even in Vernon). Transient, variable, changing, changeable, unsettled, moody, irregular. I use some less common but more descriptive words: incontinent, spastic, confused, whorish, unbefuckingleavable, and a Mcenroe like youcantbeserious! to utter a few. This week has been sunny and warm, windy, snowy, cloudy and freezing. Enough already. I’m in the mood for spring…… [youtube] Weather, you little rascal you…..

Joe (Dress-Up) Mekanic

p.s. Ramirez on the latest….

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

Michael Ramirez Cartoon

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