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Just when you think you’ve seen a lot of stuff….
Joe’s gif of the week!

Celebration of Winter Madness
Who better than John Prine to express the complete discombobulation experienced by Joe, me, and others (within us), how nutso Winter makes us feel?  Crazy as a loon:

John Prine has established the timbre.  Now some definition…..
Welcome to a short conversation in Joe’s and my head.  We are as Canadian as you can find.  Typical Winter back and forth.  :

Self affirmation – Joe and I aren’t batty but we do listen intently to echos:

Anybody Got the Time?
We are all seeking a perspective so incredible we can answer the Big Three:
1.  Who are we
2.  How did we get here
3  Where are we going
Joe and I dedicate this very special video to the anti-Trump legions squealing they didn’t sign up for this particular ride.
Go blame your parents!
That’s who bought your ticket.
100 years looks pretty puny:

Much more marvelous science stuff at Vsauce.

Diode Talk
The phenomenal characteristic of a diode is current will flow through it in one direction only.  Reverse the polarity across the diode and- nada, zip, rien, zero, nyet – no flow, Joe.
So too is the phenomenon of Lefties and Progressives who continue to trash talk the history, institutions, and culture of the West.  It only flows one way – Whitey is bad because……. privilege!  The West is bad because……. Whitey!
Back for the sheer love of entertainment, is Paul Joseph Watson to explain a little bit about the porosity, the hypocrisy of the Lefty platform when criticizing America (hence, the Western culture).
A simple query:  If America is so bad, why is every poor son-of-a-bitch in the world busting their hump to get to the West?
Joe and I shout DIODE!!!  J’accuse DIODE!!!
Delivered with the intensity and verbal arsenal unique to PJW:

When Climate Met Polity
Joe and I worship at the altar of “scientific method”.
In a world of constant conflicting comment (nice alliteration Dave!) it is one of the few processes available to anyone (with moxie) to help guide the conversation to a rational conclusion.  Lacking a conclusion, a more informed (hence valuable) conversation.
Joe says the Achilles Heal™ of the scientific method process is errant, missing, doctored, or corrupted data.  The first three mentioned may be the result of incorrect methodology or incomplete data measuring (to name a few possibilities).
The last two (doctored or corrupted data) stink of POLITICS!
To paraphrase Charles Krauthammer (see quote in Sunday Rant – 0817), “(Politics) is groups of men (women too – read “hu-man”) organized to gain and exercise power“.
Good news on the horizon is President Trump’s proposed Science advisor, William Happer.  He has been featured in this Sunday Rant before.
How sad to read that only since the Trump inauguration has it been possible for climate consensus “deniers” or “whistleblowers” employed by government agencies to tell the truth, to expose the data manipulation, to tell the story of corruption.
You can read some of it here, and Google search all day long for more of the same.
Joe considers this type of political meddling traitorous.  He would impose retributive punishment via legal channels against anyone knowingly pursuing this type of deception.
I, on the other hand, would let the shunning begin – let the sun shine in!

To ruin a person’s reputation in the world of scientific research would cripple their future prospects as a saboteur.  An example of such a litigation is the suit and counter-suit of Michael Mann (the Hockey Stick graph) vs Mark Steyn.  From Mr. Steyn’s perspective:

In a world of increasing global populations, economics (study of scarcity) becomes more critical in terms of human suffering.
The U.N. (and like minded Globalist entities) have a political agenda which siphons First World wealth for obscure, well meaning programs.
Joe and I have said in the past there are two major pursuits which would change the world for the better (i.e. by bringing Third World entities into the First World):
1.  Educate woman around the world
2.  Provide cheap energy around the world
After much deliberation, we have added two more:
3.  Teach everyone to speak English around the world
4.  Promote the “unalienable rights” statement in the American Declaration of Independence as valid anywhere on earth
We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
It may be a surprise to Canadian friends, but Canadian law does NOT honor the so-called “Natural Law” behind this statement – there is no inalienable rights clause in Canadian law.  Instead the “Charter of Rights and Freedoms” is infested with conjunctive / subordinate limitations which strand the individual and his “natural rights”  to the mercy (ultimately) of the Supreme Court of Canada.  “Reasonableness” is the cornerstone of such decisions.
Joe says fuck you!
This is weak tea.
Joe and I have a persistent belief that people can make intelligent choices, make correct decisions, when presented with accurate data, truth unvarnished, and access to argument – conflicting AND supporting argument.
Please don’t disabuse us of this fantasy.
Our theme song for the last weeks of the month from Hell:

Sanity vs Europe
Joe says Pat Condell tells it with just the right blend of snark and condescension.  I think the man is an UK treasure.
Why doesn’t the Queen knight worthy fellows like Pat?
Surely his philosophy is superior to a Paul McCartney or Elton John view of the world?  Oh!  We forgot!  He hasn’t generated the requisite one billion Euros or Pounds or Rubles for the crown….

Political Economics
Joe and I have listened to Dr. Mark Blyth a number of times in the past month.  Here is another presentation which clearly separates his views from the polarized perspectives of conventional economists:

Once more, closer to home:

Climate Climax
Joe and I will continue to post valid data supported criticism of the current governmental hysteria of “carbon tax” which is deemed necessary to fight the anthropomorphic evil of burning carbon based fuels.  Two problems with the government dictate:
1.  Carbon dioxide is not a problem, it is plant food
2.  If there were a global climate problem on the horizon it would be cooling, not heating
Past Sunday Rants have presented opinions from many real experts, the best of which are not climatologists but physicists or ecologists or anything but those who study climate or weather.  The why of our posting IS NOT cherry picking of information supporting the non-governmental position, but IS based on actual analysis of accurate data.
In a continuing effort to bring the rational point of view to this Rant, here is another noted and respected real live scientist who doesn’t tow the “official” line.  Dr. Fred Goldberg is not a climatologist.  His specialty is welding technology.  Why present his commentary on climate alarmism?  Why would it be pertinent when so many accredited “climatologists” support the rationale for the government position?
For the simple reason that he understands the scientific method (remember above segment on “When Climate Met Polity”?).  Furthermore, he uses the scientific method to arrive at his conclusions.
One conclusion he presents is the ground temperature data collected after the collapse of the Soviet Union is flawed, it is faulty, because IT WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE WORLD DATA.  Some folks might think that a moot point…..
For your intellectual I mean cynical viewing pleasure, Dr. Fred Goldberg:

The above presentation is literally a cornucopia of vital rudimentary observations.  Dr. Goldberg uses logic to analyze the data presented by government / international agencies and his conclusions are logical, profound, and easy to comprehend.  His delivery is dry, quick, and orderly.  Joe thought he was akin to Henny Youngman the comedian – one great idea (one liner) after another until you are reeling with cognitive dissonance overload.  Here’s Mr. Youngman from 1955 to make Joe’s point:

Back to the Dr. Goldberg presentation of one startling observation after another, here is one of the slides he uses (approx. 25:20 min. mark) –

Joe and I have never seen this fact before, although had we analyzed the available data, we could have surmised this figure.  The next slide in his presentation is equally revelatory to anyone who understands percentages – the anthropologic contribution to greenhouse gas (not “global warming”) is real AND IT IS INSIGNIFICANT. –

The above two slides and all the logic supporting them is less than two minutes of the presentation.  One-liner after another.  Start to finish.
Another slide a few minutes later (approx. 32:l5 min. mark) again presents the known data in a format that you would have to be obtuse not to understand. –

Dr. Goldberg presented this slide to show CO2 absorption in FRESH WATER.  The ocean (earlier slide) covers 70% of the globe, and it isn’t fresh water.  Did he goof?  No he did not.  The note under the slide gives the fact about sea water.  Conclusion?  The ocean is very sensitive to temperature change with relevance to CO2 absorption.  So sensitive, in fact, that the “observed” change of 1°C over one century produced a change of 30% in the ppm CO2 measurement.
1°C = 30% change in ppm (ocean temperature)
33 Billion tons = 0.06% change in ppm (anthropomorphic emission)
Any questions?
If that wasn’t sufficient, he brings in the PDO (Pacific Decadal Oscillation) with the data and analysis to deduct the influence on weather / climate.  What?  We have been lectured over and over that weather  climate.  BUT….
The PDO has an observed 60 YEAR cycle.  This will influence climate AND weather!

In other segments of the presentation he discusses the influence of the Sun (presence or absence of sunspots), the influence of cosmic radiation, then puts them in order of influence. –

This presentation was given in 2010.
Where oh where in the great world of global media was this information ever made public through a government body?
Joe and I will wait (but not forever) to hear from somebody, anybody, just when this information will be made public, taught at schools, or, more importantly, force fed to politicians who have good (emotional) intentions but NO SCIENTIFIC UNDERSTANDING.
Until that time we at Droveria will continue to make this information accessible (gotta find a way to grab the YouTube videos and store them on a private server data warehouse).
A great presentation that should be mandatory for ALL PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

Joe’s Garage
I caught Joe hard at work this week.
First time this year.
Not exactly Spring, but big bad mean old Winter has given us a reprieve.
The sap was warming if not rising.
Joe felt the need for speed –



The Sunday sermon portion of this weekly rant is usually reserved for information and interesting lectures that Joe (or I) stumble over as we cruise the Internet searching, ever searching.
This week CPAC 2017 (Conservative Political Action Conference) met in National Harbor, MD for their annual rally.  This year there was a difference: the President, the House, and the Senate are all Republican / majority Republican.  The Republican party is often represented as “the conservative” party in the two party system in America.  That characterization is changing.
Mr. Robert Davi is a rarity – a vocal, intelligent CONSERVATIVE Hollywood personality.  His two appearances at CPAC this year are noteworthy.  He is articulate, he is knowledgeable, and he has been a political pundit for many years.  His brief history of American politics from the ’70’s to present is worth the time to view:

Joe and I have to thank Mr. Davi for the story behind the word “calumny” (a false and malicious statement designed to injure the reputation of someone or something) from Roman times.  As many people are often quoted saying, “all politicians are crooks”.  He explains what the Romans did to counter-act these and other malicious accusations.  We also like his idea of making the “4th Estate” accountable.  Voting with your $$$ is an old and reliable method of exerting political force:


This week in Vernon was heartbreakingly close to a prelude to an introduction to a commencement of Spring.
Oh! lovely beautiful fragrant greening Spring!
It snowed again on Saturday night after a cold crisp below zero Friday.

Joe (forlorn) Mekanic
P.S.  Ramirez had another good week –

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