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[date Sun, Mar 3, 2013 at 11:54 AM]


R & R in Cowgary…….. again!

I could get used to this life of droRiley. Living to cook. Cooking to eat. Eating to live. I love symmetry. I love triads…… I weigh 250 lbs.

Time to go home……………
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I really like driving big trucks. A documentary about truck driving. Many brief interviews with truckers. If you’ve driven anywhere in the U.S. A. you might recognize some of the roads and places. Truck drivers are a varied lot:

Part 1 –
Part 2 –
Part 3 –
Part 4 –
Part 5 –
Part 6 –
Part 7 –
Part 8 –
Part 9 –
Part 10 –

Thursday I spent 10+ hours on a big dog (Greyhound). Times have changed. Long ago, I took the bus from Cowgary to Tucson twice and back again once. Those were the days of cramped seating, smoking allowed, impossibly tiny bathroom facilities, rattling, shaking, gear grinding as the driver searched valiantly for any of the very few, and a Screamin’ Jimmy (Detroit Diesel 2-stroke) making wonderful but noisy noise out back. And smoke, too (2 stroke diesels weren’t and aren’t very green).

Thursday’s ride was quiet, smooth, and quick. More seating room than on aircraft I’ve ridden. Musta been a Cat engine – lots and lots of pull from very low rpm’s. Some sort of semi-automatic transmission – smooth, always the correct range, and not one grindy grinding sound. The clientele seemed better, too. Albeit (seemingly) lower income folks, it was without calamity, screaming babies, or foul smells. Gave me time to contemplate my own situation and gauge personal coordinates…… Arrived home 4 hours later than when I drive myself, but much more relaxed and less tired. Cost from Cowgary to Vernon? $76.59 Cdn., all taxes in. That’s about half the fuel bill for my diesel truck. As Donald used to say, sweet!


Canada’s “Fruit Fly Guy” shows (more) cracks in the inscrutable-ness department:

“Multiculturalism” celebrates Canada’s version of Al Gore in the limelight………….. Those self appointed defenders of the “EnvIRonMeNt” needn’t answer ANY questions of ANY sort. Dontcha know they have visionary info and are on an unholy jihad to “save the planet” despite what the universe, the planet, and it’s inhabitants have in mind. They capitalize pushing a culture of guilt. The earth (contrary to beliefs, wishes, or observations) is expendable in the long AND short run (think millions and billions).

Not only are they the number one bird killer in the world (behind cats, of course), our noisy environmentally obtrusive and ugly pals the “stinking giant fans” (per Kate McMillan @ SDA) in Ontario will cost hundreds of millions because some of them actually DO produce some electricity:

Another indicator that the science / engineering / technology behind the “green energy” front is ignored for the political low hanging fruit(cakes). Shame on them all wherever they live and breathe.

More info than a greenie can handle about the negatives of wind turbine energy here:

Canada’s Human Rights Inquisition continues to exist….. This time with the help of the Supremes! What a gang of asshats – the Canadian “Chart of Rights and Freedoms” is a tawdry piece of work, and these well meaning folks who live on a distant planet have seen it necessary to further limit free speech with a fairyland ruling. Thanks to men with a voice such as Andrew Coyne, words will be stated:

Logic wise, enough holes to make Swiss cheese. I’m starting to understand at a very foundational level the fork in the road of law – Natural Law is obvious, often cruel, and always consistent. Law of Man is a fat hairy arse in a speedo – overstated, unrequested, ugly to see in action, unnecessary and disgusting. Even the Globe and Mail senses that something is out of balance:


Annie, get yer gun. The thought police have arrived. Read this short article about “pink shirt day”. The anti-bully crowd is bullying those who are the most susceptible to bullying! George Orwell saw it coming………..:

Here’s an episode of “Nanny State” re: bullying:

I learned the “punch in the nose” procedure in grade 4. I was on the receiving end of the punch. Much reflection followed. I advocate free speech includes the corollary understanding of being responsible for what you say. A kind of “self regulation”.


detroit enter at your own risk

The following makes me laugh. Hard. As Kathy Shaidle says, who is the bigger idiot?:

Which begs the question(s)…… What precisely is “racism”? Is there one culture with many sub cultures, or many unique and independent cultures? Either way, what makes them war? Does God have a sense of humor? If so, why don’t his most ardent and sincere followers? What is narcissism? Can an entire culture suffer narcissism? Read and laugh. Or weep. Your choice young fella:

Try and convince yourself that the following is the result of “environmental” influence (watch the video):

Is “multiculturalism” an appropriate term to describe the “environment”in which this social worker performs their daily “work”?:

Reading the article at the link made me realize that social workers at some time in their “career” are as dysfunctional as the “clients” they serve…. my kingdom for a robotic solution……. Here’s a quote –
“I think I got into social work because I had this idea of it somehow “killing” my ego. It seems silly, but it felt very real at the time. There’s a sadness to watching your idealism and convictions go to shit. Not to mention that working in such a thankless and fucked system will kill a sacred part of you. I feel tired. For the most part, people do not want help. They want money or they want drugs or they want death.”

How about the wonderful “multicultural” experiment named South Africa. (It still carries that name, but there is a movement to change it to Tawnianaland or Bonquawalaqweishaland, or Quanshekiyaland or…..?) Apparently, genocide isn’t genocide if it is white people being snuffed:

Notice the crime stats are not an order of magnitude different than those in the states, or I’mapean (European), or Kanuckistanislandia. So, is it “environmental”? “Behavioral”? Genetic fate? Hot sunny days? Logic? Individuals vs the mob?

More “cultural” fare from this black commentator who proposes the black community has played out the final demise of western / American society. A flash-forward in time (so to speak):

My observation? Hell hath no fury……… or, Myopia, thy name is civilization.

A link from Randy P. featuring the one and only Pat Condell delivering a word to rioting Muslims:

And here he is explaining why we, in the Western World® are racists in our approach to “Palestinians”:


You know he’s speaking true…….patronizing, liberal, racist perspective exacerbates the issues. Arabs must be held to the same standards we ourselves hold to be just. Can you imagine?


atoms attracted romatically to show attraction
Non polluting coal process. For real:

An argument that wind farms will produce MORE CO2 in some parts of the world:

Wind farm data ain’t the lie that it used to be:

Science fiction usually has more to do with reality than “progressive” wishes upon a star……
I think I’ll just go……


As Seen By

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Isn’t the Environmental Protection Agency a little bit too unhinged from reality? I give you the blind leading the deaf on behalf of the mute:

What in the world would possess any agency to completely abandon common sense and what their lying eyes see? You got it! A nice fat salary and a generous pension. To hell with reality or those who suffer. I’m gonna get mine. Well, you’re definitely gonna get yours…..


This story reminds me of growing up in southern Ontario and the early Alberta days. Riding in the back of a pick-up truck on sandy rural roads. Catching crayfish and frogs in the lake. Catching fish with the crayfish. Eating the frog’s legs. No licenses, no harm, no foul. Home churned butter and home made bread with home made preserves. Outhouses. Campfires. WTF happened?:

There is something to the concept of “womanizing” a culture. The trade off of freedoms for security is a strong lure; some say overwhelming. Banning something only works if you have the capacity to actually do it…..


Some like it hot. Some like it thought.

“Man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem which he has to solve.”

Erich Fromm, Man for Himself, 1947


Logical pretzels from Mr. Deity re: Identity Crisis:!

Lots more Mr. Deity on YouTube…… I like Mr. Deity and the Skeptic:


Mr. Deity and The Man is a hoot!:


Cheese and rice! Mr. Deity and the Woman is a classic:

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Back in Vernon. Seems I missed a ton ‘o snow while out east earning a fortune. C’est la vie bucko! The ground is wet. Very muddy in the yard. Grey vs gray every day. Can’t have everything said mom. Why not says I? Not much weather to talk about……

Savage Chickens - Over the Moon

Joe (homeboy) Mekanic
p.s. Ramirez always delivers… through rain, or snow. or shine….

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

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