Sunday Rant – 0816


Joe’s Comment
The cartoon is spot on.  Be on guard.  Idiotman is out there, waiting, wanting to meet you.

Music Video o’ the Week
Brilliant sound.  Exquisite composition.  Flawless execution.  Outstanding concept.  Joe finally understands what a “G” string is!:

Talent o’ the Week
Joe has an idea.
How about the males in the Middle East take some time off – maybe forever?
Let the hijab ladies see what they can do.  Let’s see what kind of horsepower they might develop if given the chance.
Guaranteed they will be hard pressed to compete with the raw talent of this young song bird:
This is Mia, singing the Stanley Steemer jingle.  Seems a low budget exercise.  I would venture she is also the video editor, costume designer, music selector, director, script writer, and clean up crew.
Joe is impressed.  The most creative he’s ever been is to rebuild a Norton motorcycle in the kitchen.

Embracing Cultcha
Joe and I are ambassadors to humanity.
We believe it is our duty as humanists to walk a mile (1.60934 kilometres) in the other man’s (woman’s, LGBTXRPGHADAFFY??) moccasins (shoes, Xie).
This week lesson will walk in Chinese shoe –
Chinese Shoe Learn to speak the Chynee:

Brought to you by Joe Mekanic as a public service for a better world.  Cha, cha, cha…..

Worship for All
The call to prayer in the religion of peace appeals to a broad collective:

Global Warming Redux
There are politicians everywhere in the Western world invoking apocalypse if CO2 emissions are not snuffled sufficiently.
There has been no science that ties CO2 to global warming.  Period.
Facts very seldom curtail the ambition of a fire and brimstone hell bent for glory righteously indignant political hack on a mission.
Any tax related to CO2 “emissions” is plain and simple, a tax grab.
This modest Sunday rant has posted links to dozens of real scientists who explain with great detail how the concept of CO2 as bad guy just ain’t so.
Here (encore!) is Dr. Don Easterbrook addressing the Washington State Senate Energy, Environment, and Telecommunications Committee on March 3rd, 2013.
If you have managed to avoid or ignore the facts to date, please take the time to listen to Dr. Easterbrook tell all.  He has no hidden agenda to bias his research and data analysis.  Unless, of course, you are one of those people who consider seeking the facts a “bias”:

More of the same at this link.

Funny Video o’ the Week
I know this is old as dirt but it’s still a giggle:

And yes, there is no atmosphere on the moon.  No atmosphere, no sound.  We get it.  Still funniest fart joke ever.

American Sailors in Iranian Water?
Joe thought that event of some weeks ago was very suspicious – American Navy vessels apprehended by Iran and held.
There were two boats.  Why not tow the dead one with the other?
If both boats were dead, were the radios, too?
Where was the Navy aircraft that undoubtedly patrol that area?
Why did John Kerry grovel and kiss ass when the Iranians had no legal right whatsoever to do what they did?
It’s no secret how they feel about America, and John Kerry –
John Kerry Iranian Cartoon
Joe still doesn’t know.
Neither does Charlie Daniels, but he has penned an open letter to those who are enemies of the United States.
A copy of the letter is here.
Joe liked it – here’s a quote –
A note to our enemies:
You think you know America, but you only see the tiny, inept, incompetent, cowering political tip of a very big, very capable iceberg.
You don’t know the Heartland where the people are fiercely independent and willing to defend this nation with their bare hands if that’s what it takes.  You don’t know the steel workers in Pittsburgh with muscles that could break a man’s neck like a twig.  You don’t know the swamp folks in Cajun country that can wrestle a full-grown alligator out of the water.  You don’t know the mountain folks in Appalachia who can knock a squirrel’s eye out from a hundred yards away with a small caliber rifle.  You don’t know the farmers, the cowboys, the loggers and the seagoing folks. You don’t know the truck drivers, the carpenters, the mountain men who live off the land, the hard rock miners or the small town cops who keep the peace in the rowdy border towns.
No, you don’t know America. You’ve only seen America through the eyes of an Ivy League ideologue. There are no calluses on his hands, no notches on his gun. He is naive enough to believe that people who only understand power can be swayed by political correctness, kindness and acquiescence.
Soon America will have a new leader, and I pray to Almighty God every day that we will choose the right one.”
Allan West also thinks there is something fishy.  The “code of conduct” all active military personnel follow is in his article here.
Perhaps Michael Ramirez has the best explanation –
Iran Policy - Ramirez

Canada Customs Moron

What, might you ask, will Canada do next to make it clear we are really off our gourd?
Here’s one to consider – the Yukon Quest – a 1000 mile annual dog sled race, is 33 years old.
For some strange reason this year, Canada Customs has reared it’s pinhead to stop the racers at the border for a declaration and passport check.
It boggles the mind.
The annual race is tougher than the Iditarod.  The race runs from Fairbanks, Alaska to Whitehorse, Yukon.
Is it the Shiny Pony responding to comments about Canadian Liberal politics?
Are the terrorists racing dog sleds across the frozen north to gain entry to our fair land?
What an embarrassment.
Oh! Canada!

Our friends in Big Sky Country are feeling the NDP love.  Rachel Notley thinks she is the “mulatto of Western Canada”.  That is, she approves of and employs the tactics of Barrack Obarroom – purposely bypassing the legislative process to attain her parties goals.  How do we know this?  The efforts of “The Rebel” news staff and their founder Ezra Levant.  The following presentation by Sheila Gunn Reid explains how she has been “black listed” from attending

The correspondence she discusses in the video is visible at this link.
The quandary is, the dilemma is, where do the citizens of Alberta get the news of what the government is doing?
Do all the citizens have to attend every government meeting to hear what happens with their own ears?
This begs a question.  What is the purpose of “freedom of speech”, a “right” given to all citizens, ergo a cherished duty and protected bailiwick of the “4th Estate“?
Freedom of speech is necessary in a “free” society to protect those who would say things that do not compliment or support the government.
Notley’s response is to prohibit those people from witnessing the events, thereby silencing their voice.
She is demonstrating an alarming naivety about free speech, the Canadian people, and especially that most annoying gadfly in Canadian journalism, Ezra Levant.
There will be consequences.

Joe’s Garage
The big time top of the competition heap of drag racing has some amazing stories.
One of them is the story of John Force and John Force Racing, 16 time NHRA champions in funny car.
These videos (1 – 14) are the story of John Force Racing, celebrating 25 years of incredible achievement (recorded in 2012).  A story of heroic struggle and fierce determination:

Watch all 14.  It will make you smile, and cheer John Force and his family into the future.



Free Shit or Bull Shit

Her Supporters Don't Care

Blind Date News

A poster in a bus kiosk in Russia translates to “Smoking kills more people than Obama”
Smoking Kills

Named Liberals

Helen Mirren Quote

Flies Taste Like Manure

She's Toast

Testicle Donation




Mountain Facts
How tall can a mountain be on Earth?
Glad you asked:

Atomic Bomb 101
While listening to the debate about Iran developing the “nuclear bomb”, the subject of centrifuges is mentioned, and the quantity of centrifuges is always part of the conversation.  Joe didn’t know.  Neither did I.  Google to the rescue!
The following video narrated by Bill Hammack of the University of Illinois is filled with interesting facts and information.  Did you know that the first atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki contained 60 kilograms of Uranium?  And that only 600 grams was consumed to create the explosion.  Very informative, but not enough to help you build a bomb in your basement.  Take a few minutes to watch:

Now when Joe and I hear about Iran (or anyone else) building “weapons grade” uranium we know the importance of the centrifuge, and why so many are required.  Nifty….

Ancient Rome
This video is a computer generated rendition of the city of Rome, circa 300 AD.  Dr. Bernard Frischer created the rendition, and Dr. Steven Zucker converses with him as the point of view travels the city.  Fascinating:


Continuing the cultural sensitivity theme in this particular rant, here is John Derbyshire presenting to the 2014 American Renaissance Conference on the topic of China.  Joe and I have an interest in this topic from many perspectives.  One that irks Joe no end is the almost infinite influx of cheap Chinese-made goods that flood our Canadian markets.  The tools for the most part are junk compared to the historically American / British / Canadian sourced tools that Joe has worked with for the last 50 years.  I echo Joe’s concern, and add that no foodstuff from that source shall ever be purchased by us here in Vernon, BC.
Mr. Derbyshire has many interesting facts and observations about the history of China, the “Chinese” people (suplize, suplize, not all same!), and their migration / immigration to the North American continent.
Here is John Derbyshire talking about “China, America, and the Chinese in America”:



This week has been fantastic for February.  The snow is almost gone – only a bit left in the back field.
When the sun is out, definitely tee shirt weather.  Cloudy?  Sweater weather.
4 weeks to Spring.
I can hold my breath that long.
I reckon it is time to take down the Christmas tree……
RIP Christmas Tree

Joe (Grinning) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez always causes grins – from Investor’s Business Daily



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