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Joe’s Comment – Perspective is as essential as attitude.  Mathew Diffee captures three different but similar perspectives on perspective.  Reflecting on how I spend my time and what tangible results are evident i.e. results per hour or attitude per task or explanation required to normalize feelings, I’d say I have some ‘splainin’ to do.
But, it’s getting late (at night, in life, for reckoning, to seek redemption).
I offer a song in lieu of clarity – the mud pecker anthem – Everyday People:



Famous Cover Songs
Joe and I fell into a trap many many years ago.
The trap of bonding a memory with an emotion: we shall explain.
We couldn’t afford to buy the actual artist’s recordings, so we bought (when we could) albums of cover songs.
We had a recording of “Charlie Brown” that was included in a cover album.
Time and emotion bound that version to us; we liked it, yes sir, we did.
When we finally heard “Charlie Brown” by The Coasters, we didn’t like it, no sir.
In our primitive very selective Sheldon-esque mindset, (The Big Bang Theory reference) the music wasn’t right with the emotion.  We vote NO! for change.
We were much simpler then, a child, with a childish petulance for having it our way.  Kinda Frank Sinatra, but not.
Here are 10 “Classic Recordings” Joe and I know from that time long ago.
How “Baby Boomer” of us.
We thought we were listening to the rock original artists:

Here are another 10 songs that we didn’t know we didn’t know who, you know, from the country genre:

Of course, the deviousness never ends.  Much to our surprise, there are more than the 20 included above.
For prurient interest, here are some more.
You will want to hear because many of these songs will trigger a fond memory, even if it isn’t sung just the way you like it:

And last, but no where the end of the list, here’s another bunch.
Joe and I were only able to guess a handful of the original artists, but we loved hearing again some of these songs from that great archive in the cloud.
Some of them we didn’t know, and that too is just dandy with us:



CO2 – It’s a Gas Gas Gas!
Unlike the punch line of the song about Jumping Jack Flash, carbon dioxide is much more essential for life than Mr. Flash’s whim.
After all, who would miss Mr. Lips (aka Mick Jagger) if he had never existed?
CO2, on the other hand, gone missing, would negate all life on earth.
Definitely an apples and oranges argument.
Dr. Patrick Moore, a heroic Canadian and icon to Joe and me, sees the truth, the facts, the data, and much like young Johnny Nash, he can see clearly now, and it is going to be a bright sunny day.
At one time the CO2 concentration in Earth’s atmosphere was 7000+ parts per million.  Currently, the data point is in the proximity of 420 ppm.
Joe (and I) ask, what happened to the other 6,580 ppm (+/-)?
Dr. Patrick Moore answers, why, it was all consumed in the life/death cycle of organisms.
Joe derives two inevitable conclusions from this horrific fact
1.  the total volume of CO2 on earth is directly related to the longevity of life on earth, and,
2.  those selfish little creatures who capture and sequester CO2 in their life cycle are the enemy of all other life forms on Earth.
Dr. Moore’s website is here, called
His paper titled “The Positive Impact of Human CO2 Emissions on the Survival of Life on Earth” is found here.
Joe and I believe Dr. Moore is on the leading edge of understanding.  His argument is that the human efforts of developing what is known as the “Industrial Age”, the use of coal and so-called fossil fuels and other combustibles, as a byproduct of these efforts, has increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere….. AND THAT IS VERY VERY GOOD for life on Earth.
Quoting from the paper –
“…..The solubility pump and the biological pump continuously remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The solubility pump refers to the high solubility of CO2 in cold ocean water at higher latitudes where sinking cold seawater carries it into the depths of the ocean. The biological pump refers to the sequestration of carbon from biomass and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) from planktonic shells, corals and shellfish into the deep ocean sediments. During the past 140 million years,these processes have removed more than 90 percent of the CO2 in the atmosphere.” – pp6
“…..The truly astounding figure is the estimate of 100,000,000 Gt (one hundred million billion tons, also known as 100 quadrillion tons) of carbon in carbonaceous rocks, all of which originated from CO2 in the global atmosphere. If all that CO2 had remained in the atmosphere,it would represent approximately 70 current global atmospheres by weight at 100 percent CO2. This highlights the fact that during the Earth’s early times, vast quantities of CO2 were out gassed from volcanism. During the past 3.5 billion years,the vast majority (about 99.5 percent) of the carbon in that CO2 has been sequestered in carbonaceous rocks and to a much lesser extent,fossil fuels. It is interesting to note that our closest neighbouring planets, Venus and Mars, have atmospheres that are dominated by CO2, likely from early volcanic eruptions. Neither of them evolved life that could convert the CO2 to CaCO3 to be buried in marine sediments.” -pp7
The entire paper reaches a conclusion that perhaps increased levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are NOT the end of life on Earth.
Quite the contrary.
Here are the last two paragraphs in the conclusion –
“…..A powerful convergence of interests among key elites supports and drives the climate catastrophe narrative.  Environmentalists spread fear and raise donations; politicians appear to be saving the Earth from doom; the media has a field day with sensation and conflict; scientists and science institutions raise billions in public grants, create whole new institutions, and engage in a feeding frenzy of scary scenarios; businesses want to look green and receive huge public subsidies for projects that would otherwise be economic losers, such as large wind farms and solar arrays. Even the Pope of the Catholic Church has weighed in with a religious angle.  Lost in all these machinations is the indisputable fact that the most important thing about CO2 is that it is essential for all life on Earth and that before humans began to burn fossil fuels, the atmospheric concentration of CO2 was heading in a very dangerous direction for a very long time.  Surely, the most “dangerous” change in climate in the short term would be to one that would not support sufficient food production to feed our own population. The current “pause” in global warming recorded by two satellites and thousands of weather balloons, now nearly two decades on, does give pause to the hypothesis that higher CO2 will inevitably lead to higher temperatures.   During this period of no significant warming, about one-third of all human CO2 emissions since the beginning of the Industrial Age has been emitted into the atmosphere. The best outcome would be that CO2 does cause some measure of warming, but somewhat lower than that suggested by extreme predictions.  We should ask those who predict catastrophic climate change, including the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, some pressing questions regarding the outcome if humans had not intervened in the carbon cycle.
•What evidence or argument is there that the global climate would not revert to another glacial period in keeping with the Milankovitch cycles as it has done repeatedly during at least the past 800,000 years?
•What evidence is there that we are not already past the maximum global temperature during this Holocene interglacial period?
•How can we be certain that in the absence of human emissions the next cooling period would not be more severe than the recent Little Ice Age?
•Given that the optimum CO2 level for plant growth is above 1,000 ppm and that CO2 has been above that level for most of the history of life, what sense does it make to call for a reduction in the level of CO2 in the absence of evidence of catastrophic climate change?
•Is there any plausible scenario, in the absence of human emissions, that would end the gradual depletion of CO2 in the atmosphere until it reaches the starvation level for plants, hence for life on earth?
These and many other questions about CO2, climate and plant growth require our serious consideration if we are to avoid making some very costly mistakes.” – pp18
Needless to say Joe and I hold Dr. Moore up as a paragon of clear thinking and rational deduction.
How long before the hoi polloi catch on?
Or will they precipitate an outcome as envisioned in the movie “Idiocracy“?
Last word – “Galaxy Song”:


Corona Virus Highlights
Dr. Shawn Baker has coined a phrase “homo petrificus”, the petrified human.
As in fear of other humans infecting you with pestilence:

Dr. Baker continues to emphatically state that it is OK to be wrong, but it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to be stupid:

A final rant from Dr. Baker.  His weird idea appeals to Joe and me.
He says people should maybe, just maybe, get their body and immune system in the best shape possible to fight disease.
What a novel idea:

From the website “EatGruelDog” a reflection on the mask farce.
The piece is called “Masking the Science“.
This is a worthwhile read, for it encompasses much more than the scientific facts regarding type of mask and targeted pestilence.
A quote from the article –
“…… In truth, we wish masks worked. If they did, it would be a cheap, and easy way to control the spread of Covid. The idea that they protect not only their wearer, but also those people around them seems noble. We wished masks worked because citizens are spending billions of dollars on them.

We wish masks worked because most Americans wear them now. Telling them it was unnecessary will not make them happy. We wish masks worked because they have become a symbol for virtue and social responsibility. Anyone who doubts their utility is personally attacked; as though they don’t believe the viral pandemic is real, or don’t care about those who die from it.

We wish masks worked, because they distract from other important Covid related issues such as: school closings, lack of access for non COVID related illness, increased mental illness, elderly dying alone, missed youth experiences, substance abuse, suicides, increased poverty and homelessness, suppression of free speech, censorship of science, disruption of supply chains, government agencies used to oppress small businesses, restriction of religious gatherings, travel disruptions, isolation protocols, modeling over actual data, quarantines, lockdowns, contact tracing, and global harm of the economy that most impacts the working class, vulnerable and poor.

We wish masks worked.

But they don’t.

Joe and I have experience with wearing a mask.
Our experience is that cheap light weight over-the-ear paper types are less than useless, and can cause discomfort, infection, upper respiratory complications if worn too long or too often.
Needless to say, our refusal to wear such a garment / accessory / safety item to reduce the spread of a virus causes friction in some situations.
The ad absurdum insistence that by wearing a mask the “curve will flatten” or you will become less contagious or you will prohibit contagions is ludicrous.


Joe’s Garage

Starship SN9
The Space X folks are proceeding with testing.  A spectacular crash and explosion on the landing pad when something goes kittywanga catawampus.
Joe says they will learn more from the crash data than they would have if the landing had been successful:

The Edelbrock performance company has been producing performance parts for vehicles in Torrence CA since 1938.
That’s 11 years before Joe and I were born.
Vic Edelbrock Jr. was a hot rod enthusiast.  His self-made performance parts for his ’32 Ford (back in the ’30’s) were so successful, he started a company still well respected in the vehicle performance industry.
The company is no longer owned by Mr. Edelbrock.
The current owners have filed with the California Employment Development Department to notify the closure of the Torrence head office.
The filing identifies the loss of 270 jobs, 217 hourly workers, and 53 salaried employees.
Joe and I have used Edelbrock intake manifolds in the past.  We have one for a Ford 351 Windsor engine in the shop, waiting for a future build.
Edelbrock still produces many parts for the flathead Ford engine, the engine that started the business 82 years ago.  Here are some of the parts listed at Summit Racing.  We are saving our beer bottle money to buy some for our flathead engines (we have 4).
We think this may have to do with the sinking shit ship called California.
Edelbrock has a Ub2b channel here.
Here are three bone heads talking about the news.  They don’t seem to have a clue, other than the inventory from Torrence left for Olive Branch Mississippi before Christmas 2020:






If Joe and I had to identify with a political “group”, we would, by elimination, be in the Libertarian box when all values and beliefs be considered.
We have pined to be a “Classical Liberal”, though both words no longer mean what they meant.
We present a definition/discussion from Stanford University as background here.
Time for a blast from the past.
Here is Milton Friedman (RIP) from 2011, discussing “Libertarianism and Humility”:



This week in Vernon BC was mild, all week, and until midnight tonight, Sunday.
The weather predictor dudes, the guys who get paid whether they are right or so far off they aren’t even wrong, are forecasting -20°C tomorrow.
That will blister Joe’s ass.
If there is one thing Joe dislikes more than anticipating nasty weather it is actually living through nasty weather.
It is now 1/4 through February.
If our calculations are accurate, Winter is 1/2 the way through, roughly.
Not much can be done other than stay busy, stay warm, and stay sane.
In this case, two out of three IS bad.
Three out of three is mandatory:


Joe (sweaterman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is well insulated –

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