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Joe’s Comment – What is this intrigued?  I would be scared shitless.  Not particularly ataraxic would be my reaction.  Great metaphor for something….

NounA state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity.

Loosen Up
Joe and I have received some push-back re: our commentary and politics.  Seems we are NOT PC enough but we ARE crude, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, misogynistic, fat, ugly, stupid, wrong, ad infinitum….
We are all that and need a shave, haircut, and bath (really really need a bath) too.
Outside the ad hominum attacks, where (oh where) is the counter argument?
Some data to support the argument might help, too.
Meantime, here’s a laugh out loud bad lip reading that made us snicker:

Trump and Immigration
Joe and I have been watching the Left, the Right, the MSM, and all those intellectually ill equipped protesters have weeping screaming sky-is-falling eyeball rolling hysterics over President Trump actually doing what he said he would – he put a hold on travel from 7 countries identified by the Obama administration as problem areas.  The hold is intended to give the new administration time to review vetting procedures of people seeking entry to the United States.  It is not permanent, it is not “racist”, it is not “Islamophobic”.
It is legal.  There are many precidents and examples from former administrations / Presidents / congresses to support his actions, even some by Jug Ears.
We went looking for some sage and sane analysis of what it all means.
President Trump has started a snow ball down the slope which will become an avalanche that culminates in saving the Western world. Need a primer?  Here is Stefan Molyneux to do the ‘splainin’:

Needless to say, Joe and I are grinning…..
Imagine a politician actually fulfilling a campaign promise.
Imagine a politician actually fulfilling two campaign promises (that’s a stretch, da?).
Now, imagine a politician actually fulfilling all of his campaign promises.
Can’t do it can you.
There has never been a politician like Donald Trump.
Joe says he’s NOT a politician, but is a business man with a great capacity for delivering to his customers.
In this instance, the customer is We the People.

Nigel Farage
The “Father of Brexit” addresses the EU parliament and confronts their bias against the new President of the United States.

Crime and Ideology
Why do events like Milo Y speaking at U of SC Berkley turn in to a CF with the lefties running amok burning, smashing, beating?  Surely the First Amendment is seen by both sides of the debate as a foundation stone of Western liberty, Western culture, Western values.
There is data.  Lots of data.  Data that suggests strongly that the mindset of the Left is more conducive to criminal behaviour that that of the Right.  Stefan Molyneux is a Canadian philosopher and Dr. John Paul Wright is a professor at the University of Cincinnati .  His research and teaching is focused on criminal behaviour, specifically the “biosocial” aspect of criminality:

There are links to Dr. Wright’s papers on the subject under the video.
Well worth the time to read and absorb.

Joe’s Garage
A good week for Joe.
Our friend Mike G. got busy and did some work for us.
We now have our ’97 Expedition, 2000 F150 Super Cab short box 4X4, and our 2003 F150 Super Cab short box 4X4 all running like they should.  The Expedition needed a 5.4L engine (which came from our donor 2001 Expedition), the 2000 F150 needed a 4.6L engine, and the 2003 F150 needed a transmission cooling line patched up plus a tune-up.  Ready for Spring!
Pictures are below in the “Weather (or Not) category.  For an obvious reason.

On a different tangent, revival / vintage racing is catching on all over the Western world.  Here is a lap of Goodwood race track in a 1963 427 cu. in. Ford Galaxie owned and driven by Bill Shepherd.  Joe likes hearing that big FE engine revving up where only dogs can hear it, and seeing Mr. Shepherd sawing away at the steering wheel as the rear end breaks loose accelerating through corners well in excess of 100 mph.  Very fun!:

That wasn’t enough.
Here is Mr. Shepherd and his ’63 Galaxie in a heat race at Goodwood from 2013.  Goodwood is located near Chichester, West Sussex, on the south coast of England.  Lots of fun passing other vehicles in the race.  This car is a door slammer!:




Professor Mark Blyth is an economist.  He has an opinion that “predatory capitalism” is failing world-wide.  Jimmy Dore explains:

This is the concept that Joe and I have been grasping at for years.  The banks are NOT sacrosanct: there is no balance in the world-wide financial system.  More Mark Blyth on the subject of Brexit, and why it is good for working people:



This week in Vernon weather-wise is why Joe and I hate February.
We really have had enough of double digit below zero temperatures.
We have also had enough of “hard water”.  My three recently repaired Fords illustrate what we are saying –


Joe (Snowy) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez for the masses –

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