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Mystery Illness

Quote o’ the Week
“I seldom end up where I wanted to go, but almost always end up where I need to be.” – Douglas Adams
Joe was thumbs down about the above quote.  Douglas Adams was the author of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.  Time is the spoiler.  Joe says its too airy-fairy.  I didn’t think about it too deeply until Joe pointed out that need is akin to “have to”, which is totally bogus.
As Joe says, “You only have to do one thing in life, and that is die.  Everything else is a choice.”
We will settle for the following witticism from Benjamin Franklin:
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.”

Vid o’ the Week
Dr. Carin Bondar rocks the world of invert fauna with her vision of blurred lines called “No Spines”:

With a great sense of humor and flirtation, she introduces the world of invertebrates in a graphic catchy musical video.  This isn’t the first time music has been used to discuss a scientific subject.  Perhaps the most famous is Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements Song” from the ’60’s.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take Carin’s effort every time..  She is making learning very interesting.  Take a look at her YouTube channel.

Social Proof and We (that is, Us)
Bill Whittle is one of the good guys.  This is one of the most recent presentations he made in December 2015.  Compelling arguments delivered in a staccato burst of energy.  Logical conclusions.  Good message and advice in a humorous engaging insightful package .  Very moral.
What gets Joe and I wondering is why not a viral response on YouTube?
No kittens frolicking?
No promises of the promise of titties?
Too long for modern attention spans?
Mr. Whittle says the message will gather momentum with three ingredients:
make it smart
make it funny
make it sexy.
No comment from us.  We know what social proof implies.
Joe and I have been the one person in the crowd who spoke out, who helped, who swam upstream on more than one occasion.
That’s all it takes.
A catalyst:

T.J. Sotomayor
This man tells his truth.  it is not complimentary to the segment of the black community he calls “niggaz”.  He is not prosecuted, condemned as racist, or dragged in front of a “human rights” kangaroo court.  Why he do dat? you ask.  Because of the color of his skin.  Isn’t that a bitch?  Ain’t it funny?  A variation of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” based on race and humanity.
Joe and I have posted Tommy Sotomayor in our rant many times in the past.  He is an outspoken black man to say the least.  His version of the truth broadcast via his “TNNNews” website incurs the wrath of large numbers of black people who are furious that he would “betray his race”. He has been threatened, robbed, beaten, and threatened with death.
His answer to them is unapologetic, “in your face”, uninhibited.
In the following video he has some advice for president Obambi –  Don’t ban guns, ban “niggaz”!
Here is T.J. Sotomayor with his views on young blacks running wild in America today:

Do yourself a good.  Click on this “TNNNews” link.  Watch a handful of videos.
There are people who do know the difference between good and bad.
These people exist all through the population of the world.
Operating at all levels of class, culture, influence, social standing.
Better for the world, we say…..

Joe’s Pick o’ the Week
Do you have any idea how many web pages / unique URL’s exist on the Internet?  No, you do not.  Some folks try to measure it.  The WWW (World Wide Web) is only a very small portion of the Internet.  The WWW surpassed ONE BILLION pages in 2014 (currently less than one billion).
We all use “search engines” such as Google, Bing, or one of the other top 15.
With all this excellent help a seeker usually finds something related to the search.
What do you do when you have a curiosity for more knowledge / information / data / entertainment / education but don’t know how or where or what to call that which you seek?
For those few moments when Joe has a moment of “free” time to slake the hunger of his curiosity, a quick satisfying solution is “STUMBLEUPON“.
Very straight forward to use.  Click on the link above.  When there follow these simple steps:
1.  Register (it’s free)
2.  Select your interests by category (there are 512 specific categories – Joe chose 47)
3.  Click on “Stumble” – the algorithm will select a web page that meets one or more of the categories you have chosen
4.  Fine tune your experience by selecting “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” (or neither) before clicking the “Stumble” icon for the next page
That’s where we found the story about signage that will be common in near future.  Check this out –
No Synth Biology Allowed
Digg and Reddit are two other sites for polymath interest, but SumbleUpon is more personal and personalized.



Political Spectrum

Groundhog Prediction

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ISIS Coalition

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Truck Snow Angel

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Charlton Heston Quote - Political Correctness

Larson - Are We There Yet

Chuck Norris Bday

Tag Team Nagging

Where Did the Remote Go

Adam and Eve Belly Buttons

Intent of the Law



Maximilien Robespierre Quote - Secret of Freedom

Winston Churchill Quote - Free Speech





Dr. Bill Warner explains the insidious nature of sharia law.  He contends that IT IS ALREADY HERE.  This video disturbs Joe and I.  See if you agree:

Dr. Warner has been studying the history of Islam and the West for many years.  His most impact full video is called “Why We Are Afraid: A 1400 Year Secret“, which has been included in previous rants.  Another presentation from Dr. Warner places some of the onus on us as citizens to educate ourselves.  This is an informative educational video – “A Taste of Islam”:




Joe and I are big fans of Charles Murray, the author of “The Bell Curve” which is an analysis of data gathered in America that is specific about race, culture, intelligence, class, success.  He and his co-author Richard Herrnstein (now deceased) wrote this book as a celebration of outstanding revelations.  The PC elite and upper academia instantly shunned the book, and derided their analysis of the data.  Not I.  Not Joe.  This book is an eye-opener, an order of magnitude thought changer, a peripatetic event.  The interview following is from 1994:

The topic of “dysgenesis” is breached.  More in a future rant about this legitimate observation of data.  In the mean time, here is an abridged audio book version of “The Bell Curve” for posterity, narrated by Charles Murray::



Definitely weather this week.  Of the good kind.  3 inches of snow on one of the weekdays, all gone now.
The temperature is hovering around zero overnight and always above zero during the day.
This is good.
There were 9 hours 39 minutes 51 seconds of daylight today (Sunday).
This is also good.
However, it was cloudy all day on the 2nd of February.
Only 6 weeks to Spring……
Groundhog Phil

Joe (Chillin’) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez never worries about his shadow – from Investor’s Business Daily


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