Sunday Rant – 0523


Joe’s Comment – To date, 2023 hasn’t bit my nose off.  Nevertheless, I am on maximum alert, code red, hyper aware, maximum rpm.
The animated gif below shows how I feel.
I’m luxuriating in a slow and steady so far….. so good.
Scratch that itch!I’m not naive enough to think things can’t topsy-turvey in a matter of heartbeats.
My future vision is strained to the max, but I’m not seeing calamity, apocalypse, tsunami, holocaust, doom, or general mayhem.
Other than elevated prices for everything you can think of, some shortages of some things you didn’t think of, and general crappy weather in an unusually harsh Winter, all is well.
It doesn’t feel like a FAFO moment…..
I’m not getting a glimmer of famous last words, either.
My, what a feeling just before the witch of winter arrives in two days…….

Canada Trivia

–  Rex Murphy: No Surprise the ‘Squeamish Inquisition’ Wants to Stop Peterson’s Ottawa Talk

Peter Zeihan on Canada
In this video Alex Conconi presses Peter Zeihan to comment on the future hopes of Canada.
Joe and I listened with interest.
Something about this fellow Zeihan twists us a bit sideways.  We’re not sure if it is his hubris or his smirky-smirk or his perspective.
For your information and viewing pleasure.
Joe and I cannot be held responsible for any adverse reaction “triggered” by viewing this analysis:

COVID Tidbits

Scott Adams
The Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams has been featured in this rant before.
Joe and I stopped watching his punditry several years back, when he took the “get vaccinated to fight COVID” path.  At the time, he did advocate that each person make a personal decision based on informed choice, but he was clearly taking the government approved cheerleader role.  We found his logic lacking.
He analyzed his position, i.e., his age, his physical and medical condition, his exposure risk, and whatever variables he considered in his vaxx or no vaxx decision.
In the following video, he admits he has grave misgivings about his decision.  He states that he now has to worry about after effects and post vaccination complications.  A case of buyers remorse…..
From his own mouth an admission that the people who did not get the COVID vaccination (and did not die) now have natural immunity and no complications.
Joe says it takes a big man to admit that he did wrong.
We won’t take a bow.  There is no “Victory” here.  As did Mr. Adams, we analyzed the situation from our perspective only, and made our choice.
It helped that Joe and I are well educated in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), but that wasn’t the deal maker / breaker.
Our choice was based on much the same deductions as Mr. Adams.  What made our antennae stand up was the inconsistency across the spectrum – panic that the hospitals were overrun, but there was not one honest picture of such an event, the wearing paper or cloth masks to prevent a virus from spreading, the leaving the mega stores open, but closing small businesses indiscriminately, the prohibiting travel, the withholding data, the misrepresentation of facts, the firing of doctors for their medical association given right to prescribe what they see fit, the blockade against use of known safe medicines and medications by order of law – the list is long and onerous.
What Joe and I saw red about was the loudly proclaimed “OR ELSE!”  Or else what?  Are you going to put us in jail?  Are you going to fine us?  Are you going to inject me against my will?
Our loud proclamation was clear and unambiguous….. LIKE HELL YOU WILL!!!
Read any of our Sunday Rants from the past three years, and you will get the gist of our argument.
The turning point for Joe and I was we know how to think critically.  Data, facts, analysis, logic….. all friends of ours.
Critical thinking is lost on about 80% of humanity.  Here in Vernon BC, it seemed even worse.  Lost some friends, gained some allies.
We probably won’t watch his channel in the future – even this “mia culpa” has some wormy-ness.
Here is Mr. Scott Adams in his own words:

–  Elon Musk suffered COVID jab injury: ‘I had major side effects from my second booster shot

Ivor Cummins
Our favorite statistician provides excellent data proving the COVID response was a sham.  And a shame.
When will the guilty receive their punishment?
About the same time Hell freezes over, Joe reckons.
In the meantime, there are bonus links under the video if you find it on Ub2b:

Pfizer Criminal Acts
This short video features Dr. Robert Malone commenting on the information Project Veritas recently released about a Pfizer employee, Jordan Walker talking about the future Pfizer virus/vaccine program.  Mr. Walker carries (in his very light loafers) the pompous title of “Director of Research and Development – Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning”.
If this is so, Pfizer is involved in illegal gain of function experimentation.  This information was first released on Twitter.  Kudos to Elon Musk for letting the fur fly, and the chips fall where they may.  Mucho kudos to Project Veritas for exposing this travesty:

Megyn Kelly adds her comments in a conversation with Michael Knowles (Daily Wire) about the gay senior manager from Pfizer:


This next meme is oh so true.  In a game of roundabout, the guilty accuse the innocent of unacceptable behavior –



Joe’s Garage

Abiotic Oil
Joe and I never questioned the narrative that crude oil and natural gas is “fossil fuel”, that is, a product of decay of long buried plant and animal remains.
Joe and I are trusting sorts.
Someone forgot to tell the Russians.
Scientists in the 1800s purported the theory that oil is NOT a product of decaying organic material.  They proposed that oil is produced by extreme pressure and heat deep in the mantel of the earth, at the core / mantel boundary.  Recent research indicates that 10 miles or more below the surface hydrocarbons do form.  And it is a renewable resource.
Fancy grapefruit.
Fancy that!
The following video makes the case for unlimited naturally formed oil and gas resources that have nothing to do with ancient plant and animal life.
If this is so, you can add the oil and gas mega businesses to the long and ever longer list of those who have lied, cheated, and misinformed the general public for economic gain.
I hold Joe in very high regard.
He tolerates me, with the odd atta boy tossed in.
Both of us are dolts:

So where did the moniker of “fossil fuel” come from?
Our speedy research talent found the following video of Col. Fletcher Prouty being interviewed by Marc Rauch of The Auto Channel.
Col. Prouty explains how the term came into being, why, and what the real fact of the matter is regarding the source of natural oil.
This information is not new.
Colonel Prouty died in 2001 (RIP), so this video is from a long time ago.
Once again, Joe and I are gobsmacked.
Doesn’t anybody anywhere ever tell the truth, the whole fucking truth so help us doG?
How could we get to 74 years of age and be so stupid?
Joe says come by for a cup of tea and he’ll explain himself.
As for me, a great big goose egg zero for effort:

Ronnie “Roadster” San Giovanni
Mr. San Giovanni is also known as the master of the Ardun OHV conversion for the venerable Ford flathead V8.
In the following video, he establishes a new record speed for a Ford flathead V8 powered vehicle – 205.744 mph.
Joe thinks that the Ford flathead V8 will be around for a while.  It was first produced in volume in 1932, and still setting records 89 years later (2021 Bonneville Speed Week).
We watched it several times.  Joe counted 5 shifts.  Really fast shifts.
Who ever heard of a Ford flathead V8 turning 7 thousand RPM?:

Another video showing Ron and Laura’s collection of early 30 Fords, and an impressive collection of Ardun head equipped flatheads.
Joe says if only we were born rich instead of beautiful……:

Snow Abuse
This is an excellent primer on how to abuse snow.
Peg, at ZipTiesnBiasPlies shows how to get it done!
If you are snow in northern Alberta, be afraid.
Be very afraid!
If you are a snow hugger, maybe don’t watch at all…..
The snow abuse starts at 17:10:

Trans-Am History
Jay Leno, Mike Joy, and Ken Epsman talk about the Trans-Am Series origins, and the competition between the manufacturers.
An early Mustang, a ’70 Camaro, and a ’74 Javelin are featured.
Joe and I liked the trip around the block in the Mustang.
That 289 cu. in. engine is highly tuned, and sounds so:



This Sunday sermon is a special treat for Joe and me.
Dr. Jordan Peterson converses with Dr. Victor Davis Hanson.
Two men who we admire for their depth of knowledge and their ability to converse in language comprehensible to us mud peckers, the dirt people, the salt of the earth.
Joe wonders why the brilliant and elite and our political betters don’t spend more time paying heed to such men…..
The exchange is titled “The Downfall of the Ivy League”:


This week the weather in Vernon BC stayed mild until Thursday.
Dilly-dallying around zero Celsius – a few degrees below overnight, a few degrees above during the day.
Joe and I were getting used to feeling OK about the Winter.
Then Thursday struck.
-12°C overnight, and -7°C during the day.
A little wind to make things tingle.
No respite up to tonight, Sunday.
Although it was clear and sunny Saturday and today.
Tomorrow is expected to continue cold and clear.
Sorta like Calgary on a mild day.
Joe and I worship the sun.
We can tolerate cold if there is a clear sky.
The dread month February (Greek for harridan) is right around the corner.
Two more days of whatever, then the bitch makes an entrance.
Joe has chewed his (aka mine) fingernails to the quick.
It ain’t the nasty that jangles his nerve endings, it is the wait that gives him the heebie-jeebies.
It has been a very long while since we’ve experienced a warm and loverly February.
Time as usual will tell all (thank you Ms. E. Thrasher).


Joe (jacket time) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez, unadulterated –

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