Sunday Rant – 0517


Joe’s Comment – What better cartoon for this time of the year?  Winter madness and cabin fever have got a grip on me.  This is a time of reflection and self assessment.  The individual’s eternal quest for freedom and liberty is offset by the reality of existence – we are social creatures constantly looking for recognition and approval.  People want love.
One’s self determines one’s self esteem, one’s self worth, not the “others” around us, although the “others” heavily influence the outcome.
It’s a dog’s life out there.  Better to be self motivated, self determined, maybe even self employed.  Read some Ayn Rand.
There may be advantages –

Laughter and Medicine
This is a celebration of good people with a great sense of humor overcoming what might be considered malpractice.  Had these two people been somewhat less tolerant the possibility of a lawsuit with large numbers involved is not inconceivable.
This sweet woman’s laugh is infectious!:

Intellectual Froglegs
A highlight every few weeks is an opus from Joe Dan Gorman at Intellectual Froglegs.  Once again, the left-thinking folks take the brunt of responsibility for bone-headedness:


Global Hoo-Ha
Joe and I have been following the presentations of many people who are trying to rationalize the climate hysteria with science, data, and common sense.
The following interviews  with Patrick Moore and Judith Curry by Tom Woods on his radio program  demonstrate that real science is available in this field.
Both Dr. Moore and Dr. Curry have websites and YouTube presentations that are accessible by anyone with an Internet access and browser.
Here is the Tom Woods Show featuring two real scientists with their views on climate change:

Joe’s Garage
The world’s fastest ship is a record Incat has claimed for it’s latest high speed creation.  The Francisco is a high-speed ferry capable of carrying 150 cars along with 1000 passengers at speeds in excess of 50 knots – approximately 60 mph.  The G.E. gas turbines run on LNG or distillate and produce 22 megawatts each.  The water jets displace 24,000 litres of water each PER SECOND.  That is 12,680 U.S. gallons total per second.  Joe is always impressed with superior engineering.  The real mystery is why does Joe work on Fords?:



Once in a while there is an opportunity to lean back and enjoy fine sarcasm, polished rhetoric, laser insight, and good humor all rolled up in an intelligently composed presentation.
One such presenter is Canadian Mark Steyn.
The following is an address by Mr. Steyn to the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs) in Melbourne AU in February 2016, wherein he discusses freedom and liberty with the background of cultural current affairs.
Humorous, insightful, fact-filled, and brutally honest:



This week in Vernon continues the reprieve begun last week with zero and slightly above zero Celsius temperatures.
No more snow, no wind, lots of clouds.
A few sunny afternoons and mornings too, to lift spirits.
Still the fierce fury of February to endure.
Not enough mild yet to forgive and forget old man Winter….
Where is Joe’s sense of humor when its needed?

Joe (Mad) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is steady as a rock all year round –

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