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 Freedom (just another word)
Time Flies - Groucho
Joe flies off the handle when the truth is not forthcoming, no matter how you manipulate the language.  Anyone remember the big flood in Alberta waaaay back in 2013?  Remember how Albertans came together to overcome the “man vs the elements” challenge?  If you do you might also remember the High River RCMP fiasco – the good old “raw carrots mashed potatoes” were guilty of breaking into homes and seizing materiel, most notably firearms.  It was a majorly big deal when it happened, because it just happens to be illegal.  It is STILL a majorly big deal.  John Barlow (conservative MP – Macleod, AB) carried the issue to the H of P, where the questions he tabled have FINALLY been answered….. almost…..partially.  You can read his tabled questions and the answers here.  Neither question 791 or 792 have been answered in full.  Joe has a few things to say about this magnificent CF (cluster you-know-what).
First off, Joe doesn’t need government “authorization” or “approval” or “certification” to recognize or exercise his freedom, his liberty.  He bristles at being challenged by “authority”.  Another thin ice issue is the concept of “rights”.  You can bleat all de do dah day about your “rights” but the final rendering is do you have the power to enforce them when required, when necessary?  Joe has a strong suspicion that if lying dead in a pool of your own blood, vomit, and entrails your so-called “rights” are not paramount in your mind.  That is the great divide, the final frontier, the point of no return.  Doesn’t matter what the “Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms” babbles about.  That document looses ANY force with the second sentence: “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.”  Now tell me, dear reader, WTF is “reasonable limit” or “demonstrably justified” or “a free and democratic society?”  Now relate that to the “right of free speech” (fundamental rights) or “right to life, liberty, and security of person” (legal rights).  Sounds purty as a peach, but it is bull poop with a capital BS.  If what happened to Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant and dozens of others at the hands of the Canadian Human Rights Commission doesn’t either scare the shit out of you OR make you ashamed to be Canadian, you simply aren’t Canadian (Canadienne for les autres).
Either you have “free speech” or you don’t .  Yoda agrees, there is no reasonable limit.  Either you can back up your rights as an individual, or you can’t, “free and democratic society” be damned.
When you get a “guarantee” from Sears on a product or service, there is verbiage to make clear what that guarantee entails.  I.e., they will replace, repair, refund, or reject your claim based on the words.
The CCRF “guarantees” what, precisely?  Enough of that…. what BS.
Back to High River.
High River RCMP
Under the auspices of searching for people in distress, the RCMP broke the law of the land.  Kicking down doors?  If no one responds to a knock or shout, the door is locked, the curtains drawn, a note on the door indicating the owners are somewhere else – pretty good assumption that NO ONE IS HOME.  Seizing firearms?  Under what trumped-up legitimacy?  Some of the bogus verbage spewed by the RCMP to justify the illegal entry concerned “firearms improperly secured” or some such rubbish.  Further, the RCMP prohibited people from accessing their own property!!!  This makes Joe furious.  The fucking government AND it’s jackboots have no business doing these things.  For ANY reason.
If a person is so foolish as to return to, or refuse to leave their residence no matter what danger or impending danger exists, it is their business.  No one else has that authority.  No one, not even GOD ALMIGHTY (the ever present imaginary entity).
The picture above of a High River resident exploring his options / venting his frustration doesn’t begin to show how close the “authorities” came to experiencing what the American Second Amendment is really all about – the people’s RIGHT to an armed response against tyranny from government.
There were some individuals who did NOT obey the government forces.  They are the people who understand that NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE YOUR “RIGHTS” BUT YOURSELF.
This issue is as important as the redaction of section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Charter.
Who is responsible for indemnity in High River?  What happened in High River is not an anomaly.  The assumption that the law stands above the actions of the citizenry only works if the law is respected by all parties.  Caledonia, the CHRC, High River, demonstrators (all types – the hired goons and the plebeian earnest well-wishers, and the law abiding citizenry), government employees, the RCMP, the average schmoo and the biggest big shot – everyone is accountable under the same set of laws.  Otherwise, ?
Infringements of the sort in High River CANNOT be dismissed because of the “natural disaster” requiring a new set of laws.  This is how George Bush meandered into hostile territory with the “Homeland Security Act”, although in that case the law makers of the land agreed to the change in law.  The argument stems more around the first, fourth, fifth, and sixth amendments re: liberty lost.
Joe recommends all Canadians join the National Firearms Association.  Joe also recommends vigilance, and lots of reading, fact searching, and discussion with your family, neighbors, peers, workmates, friends.  These are the people most likely to be near you when the fecal excrement meets the rotary air displacement mechanism.  Know the company you keep!
Freedom and Enslavement
Last point from Joe.  He is very happy he wasn’t living in High River.  He would be dead or in jail for defending his rights.  Andrew Klavan tells all about freedom of speech –

Ben Shapiro finishes the thought

Man’s Inhumanity
The attempted extermination of identifiable groups of humans by other identifiable groups of humans is one of many sad demented actions carried out by homo sapiens in the name of their “culture” or “God” or political ideology.  Tuesday, January 27th, a memorial for one specific group of humans self identified as “Jews” was held to remember an event named “holocaust”, perpetrated by Nazi Germany.  The so-called “leader of the so-called “free world”” did not attend.  Perplexing not.  Barry Obambi (sorry, can’t force myself to utter his name even in print) is a disgrace to the United States and the western culture.  The ENTIRE Democrat administration has no moral compass…..  If you don’t see it yet, after 6 years of incompetence, deceit, obfuscation, lying whoring corruption there is a good chance you may be color blind…..
Pat Condell has noticed a problem.  There is a resurgence of “Jew hatred” (there is a name for it – antisemitism) in Europe.  There always has been antisemitism in the doctrine of Islam.  It was there before the term antisemitism existed.  The Jews were probably the first to see through the plagiarism and corruptness of a certain “true prophet of Allah”.  What else would get them star billing in the “last written word of the true God” as the bad guys?  Listen to Pat Condell and see if you agree:
Joe and I are 65 years old (what a coincidence!).  We survive our parents who lived through the “Great Depression” and the Second World War.  Here in Canada our parents handed us a world full of opportunity and optimism.  Canadians of our age, our generation have not had to take up arms to defend our country or our culture or our civilization.  Joe and I are embarrassed to admit our entire lives have been free of the worry of physical harm (other than incurred through individual efforts such as hockey, or mouthing off at the right time to the wrong person…..) and thought all people everywhere were enjoying the same security of person, the same opportunities, the same optimism.  We were apolitical.  There.  I’ve said it.  Apolitical buffoons.
What did we miss?  There are records and video and reports.  The number of first hand witnesses approaches zero as time drifts along.  There are those who argue these events did not happen.  They argue semantics, they argue minutia, they argue orientation, cultural influence, religious “right”, propaganda, politics, justification, whatever.  As a boy, Joe (and I) saw images and film which is permanently burned into our collective conscience.
Dwight D. Eisenhower attended the camp at Ohrdruf (a sub-camp of Buchenwald) video above.  His rationale for doing so?  It was his duty, he felt, “to be in a position from then on to testify about these things in case there ever grew up at home the belief … that the stories of Nazi brutality were just propaganda.”  Seemingly, he intuited then that these crimes might be denied.  George C. Patton ordered the military police to round up 1,000 citizens from Weinmar (nearest town to Buchenwald) and bring them to witness what their leaders had done.  The MP’s were so outraged that they paraded 2,000 civilians through the camp.  More information here.  Buchenwald was one of many camps: a list of the prominent here.

Global Warming® Is Cool!
This graphic pretty well sums up the ENTIRE hysteria about “climate change” as an anthropomorphic function –
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Sunday Sermon

From the pulpit today Sam Harris makes the argument that there is no such thing as “free will”.  Witness the development of Mr. Harris’ ideas as he makes his case.  His position is in opposition to that of Daniel Dennett:
Joe and I are more inclined to accept Mr. Dennett’s premise and conclusion, despite the good humor and logical sequence of Mr. Harris while making his point.  The argument, though logical, seems semantic.  Perhaps a new term needs coining to describe why you make choices and are responsible for them….
God Big Break Theory



This week in Vernon was one of relentless cloud and temperatures oscillating around the freezing temperature of water.  Except for Saturday, which was warm, sunny, clear, lovely.  Spent the day breaking ice on the driveway and walk, shoveling it away, and finally cleared the first 50 feet or so.  Sunday (today) our reward for suffering an entire sunny day was 4 inches of fresh snow.  How considerate of the weather!  Coulda suffered sunburn…..
Shaken Not Snowed
At least the days are getting longer light and shorter dark.  Hang on!  Only 3 more months of winter!

Joe (Iceman) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez always shines….


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