Sunday Rant – 0420


Joe’s Comment – The Universe Song (Monty Python) is another expression of the above, from a similar perspective:

So remember when you’re feeling very small and insecure, how amazingly unlikely is your birth“.
Much like my religious bottom line: knowing my personal ignorance, lack of comprehension, and dearth of wisdom, the objective is to forge on boldly to the last chapter.
Gotta see how this incredible mystery ends!


Candace Owens
This week Candace interviews Lisa Daftari, an American born daughter of Iranian immigrants.  She is an investigative journalist who’s focus is the middle east.
Ms. Daftari has dedicated her life to educating Americans (and the free world) about the realities of life in the middle east.  In this interview, she and Candace focus on Iran under the oppressive theocratic Islamic regime of the ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
We Westerners don’t know how good we’ve got it.
Do we have to experience the worst of tyranny to appreciate the freedom and liberty we take for granted?
Watch and listen:


Davos 2020
This is the speech President Trump delivered to the World Economic Forum on Tuesday, January 21st, 2020.
All encompassing.
Worth the time to listen:


Joe Biden
What to think of this person called Joe Biden.
Could he be as dangerous as he seems?
Some see him as a doddering old grandfatherly pervert.
Joe and I have a much darker image in our heads.
How did he become wealthy?
Certainly not by inventing something the whole world demands.
Certainly not by the overwhelming intelligence he exudes with every word and phrase.
Certainly not by hard work.
As a matter of fact, he wasn’t at all wealthy until he left the vice presidency.
After 43 years of nursing at the public teat, 43 years of “politicking”, his net worth was embarrassing – here’s a report from 2011.
Yet, since 2017 he has become a multi-millionaire.
Joe and I think of Shirley Bassey’s great song, “History Repeating“, with the Propeller Heads.  We’ve seen it before and we’ll see it again.
Now hear us clearly – Joe and I are Dirt People.  We do not seek fame or fortune or flaming flatulence.  We want to be left the fuck alone to pursue our own interests.
But….. when a lying whoring jack-off perv like Joe Biden could even be a finalist for such an important position (remember your Charles Krauthammer boys and girls), we Dirt People start paying attention, and start getting concerned.
Two more steps and we’ll be getting involved.
Here is a video of Tucker Carlson detailing how the Biden family climbed both the corruption and illicit wealth mountains.
My Joe says not to worry, for Joe Biden is a fool and a pervert.
I tell my Joe that a fool is a tool in the hands of his betters.
At one time Joe Biden passed a bar exam.  We are speechless.
This has got to be a living breathing Irish mobster:


Joe’s Garage

Slave Lake
There are some guys.
And then there are some other guys.
And then, there are some Canadian other guys.
The guys at Zip Ties n Bias Plies are some of those Canadian other guys to the nth degree!
In this very recent video, Peg wanders around his lovely collection of old trucks in -40°C weather, trying to start them at this insane temperature.
All while using a collection of truly crappy used and tired batteries.
Slave Lake is a 1989 F250 with a 7.3L IDI diesel engine.  Using another F250 (or F350) with a Windsor gasoline engine as a push vehicle (it was a bitch to start) they finally resort to push starting old Slave Lake.
After what seems to be a few miles, the engine fires to life.
Diesel fuel, depending on the mixture (#1, #2, ??) can have problems with gelling starting at -9°C and is usually in serious gel territory at -40°C.
Of course, Peg pegs it as soon as it will run with the clutch in – full rpm is de jour with these crazies.
Net result is a snapped V-belt, a torn pinion seal, a loss of coolant, and a cranky 7.3L roaring until it is too hot to re-start.
As one of the commenters posted, “This truck is gonna be running after the cockroaches are extinct.”.
Joe and I agree.
We have a collection of four Ford IDI diesel trucks that run, and another 5 IDI diesel engines without trucks.
A most loyal power plant.
We have been watching Zip Tie videos for years.  Slave Lake takes a kickin’ and keeps on tickin’.
If you enjoy seeing bone yard vehicles getting the ever lovin’ crap knocked out of them, a prime YoubeTube channel is here:

Here’s another from Zip Ties on the proper use of Sea Foam:

A few other channels with similar themes:
–  Deboss Garage:
–  Vice Grip Garage:
–  Whistlindiesel:
Joe and I go to church and prey for forgiveness after watching these channels.

Joe and I love this story.
Once more, with feeling:






The sermon this Sunday features a new Rex Murphy discussion with our hero Patrick Moore.
Dr. Moore gives a more in depth personal history and reveals his foundation beliefs in this delightful interview.  Rex is his usual warm and inquisitive host.
This Rex Murphy channel, RexTV, is a gem:


This week in Vernon BC was a nice surprise.
Snow on Monday and a dusting on Tuesday.
Very wet snow.
The rest of the week was slowly warming, with a short bit of sunshine, too!
The deep snow in the back yard is damn nasty.
It seems crusty until you put some weight on it, then it is a toss-up if it will give way with your weight (and you sink in over 12 inches) or semi-support your weight (and you sink in 2 or 3 inches).  That makes for a jerky stilted walk and is hard on backs.
Not that we are complaining.
The nasty rat-bastard poop-head month is just a week away.
February is worse this year ’cause it has an extra day.
A leap year.
Joe and I have already wasted one day (at least) this year, so an extra to make the difference is appreciated.
And we are now only 66 days away from April 1st Eve.
Not to mention the longer days……

Joe (crust-walker) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez must be on holiday.  Our usual source only has this new cartoon –


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