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Joe’s Comment – Ain’t it a shame….  Time is a sinister jester.  It may be harder on men than women.  Certainly feels that way to this old man.  It takes courage to get old.

It takes an idiot to enjoy Winter…  Winter madness is strong this year.  The nasty month is next.  Hang on Sloopy!

MLK Day – Jan 16, 2017
Joe and I were young impressionable lefty leaning teenagers when Martin Luther King (Jr.) had a DREAM in August of 1963.
This was the year of the split window Corvette.  I remember Ronny D. and I at the Chev dealer on 16th avenue excited and breathless over this beautiful car.  It was black on red, wasn’t it Ron?

This was the year Beatlemania began.  We heard the music on the radio and we watched four lads from Liverpool sing on the Ed Sullivan show three times the very next year (1964).  Keith W. found a life-long interest:

The dreaded USSR launched the first woman into space – Valentina V. Tereshkova.
The Sabin oral polio vaccine was implemented – no more worries, Charlie!
The Avengers kept Joe and I up late to watch the impeccable Emma Peale (Diana Rigg) and sparked a lifetime crush – Joe and I pine for her to this day as well as schoolmate Heather P., who was long, lean, classy, and brunette too (Crescent Heights High School, Calgary AB).

Alcoa introduced the first pull tab beverage can.
AT&T released the first touch tone phone.
Phillips invented the cassette tape.
The first Lear jet took wing.
This was a great year to turn 14 years of age.
Some nastiness occurred in 1963 too.
The Profumo scandal rocked the UK / international diplomatic circles.
The USS Thresher nuclear attack submarine sank in the Atlantic, killing all 129 on board.
American involvement in the Vietnam tarbaby war kept ramping up.
The “civil rights” movement in the U.S. turned more violent.
JFK was murdered in Dallas TX.
Joe and I remember some of 1963.  As a 14 year old Canadian boy, we weren’t that steeped in political acumen – we were budding lefties.  Too young to understand, too busy to listen, too distracted to care.
So what became of the “civil rights” movement that is marked and characterized by the Federal recognition of Martin Luther King (Jr.) day in the U.S.?
Joe and I will let Stefan Molyneux tell the story:

Civil rights just meant the Declaration, the Constitution, the Amendments, and the entire body of law finally applied equally to all citizens no matter what the details and idiosyncrasies of their individuality.
Theory and practice meet at the crossroads.
If you believe that, you haven’t been watching.
Joe and I have only one word to say – Benghazi.

Victor Davis Hanson
More prescient thoughts from historian Dr. Hanson, from a Hoover Institute interview with Peter Robinson in 2010.
Joe and I listened and we were amazed at how pertinent his words are today.
The New Old World Order:

The outgoing POTUS leaves behind a legacy.
Not the legacy he would expect to be revealed, reveled, promulgated and disseminated.
While record numbers of Americans went on welfare, lost jobs, and witnessed the decimation of the “middle class”, Mr. Jug Ears and family spent a whopping $96 MILLION U.S. DOLLARS (and counting) on vacations and non governmental pursuits.  The informed say the amount will breach one hundred million before his term is up.  The Africa safari (official function) is said to have cost $100 MILLION U.S. DOLLARS alone!
Joe and I consider this immoral.

The ass hole was voted in to do a job, not squander the People’s Treasure.
He’s probably a shitty golfer too.
Are his golf scores confidential like his college transcripts?
Just saying……  and who cares.

Speaking of Jug Ears
One of the most satisfying sights during the inauguration ceremony was seeing the Obambi mob boss and his moll flying off in a helicopter.
I suspect the last ride on Air Force One delivering Jug Ears and Moose to California was worth every penny to put some distance between the doers and the finger pointing blamer from Chicago.
Sadly, it is fact that he will return to Washington DC to continue his “I am the greatest” reign as a “black man” of import.
Joe says he ain’t worth the dust on Thomas Sowell’s boots.
The list of failures, embarrassments, deceptions, scandals, felonies, and outright lies is legion for this Nobel prize winning mulatto.
Here’s a list of his 10 biggest lies.
As time goes by the facts will surface.  This is the most corrupt president ever.

The Donald (Mr. Long Odds)
Joe and I are amazed that Mr. Donald Trump has been inaugurated as the 45th POTUS.
He was not our first choice.  Nor our second.  Long odds – he was the pick of very few pundits or know-it-alls at the get go.  Joe and I wish him and his cabinet the very best in making his promises come to fruition.  We are in accord with a large number of his positions.
What the last, failed, administration misunderstood is that ideology cannot replace reality.  Saying so does not make it so.  Ignoring the facts while mouthing platitudes (held as beyond reproach) cannot change the truth of existence.
The inaugural speech is embedded below.
Joe and I found it refreshing from a patriotic perspective.  Very refreshing that President Trump spoke mostly about We The People, and reiterated many of his platform promises.  We especially liked “now is the time for action”.

His cabinet choices, his platform, and his work ethic, combined with majorities in the Senate and Congress are about to be put to the test.  Good luck Mr. President!
Only time will tell…..

Speaking of Foul Mouths
Joe has a bad habit of indulging in profanity.
Not unrequited.
Joe never curses unless provoked.  A gentleman until irritated beyond control.
We’ve been told that cursing is the recourse of ignorance, the response of unimaginative persons, low intelligence on display.
Joe doesn’t care.
A recent study suggests people who curse unabashedly, the foul mouthed among us, are the most honest.
So there says I.  Joe says fuckin’ A.  We don’t speak for Donald Trump.



There might be some hope that the fiasco of anthropomorphic global climate change hysteria is at it’s most fevered pitch.
After all, how long can the pea-and-shell game the governments of the West have been foisting on the folks carry on?  Sooner we hope than later the globalist agenda of taxing the rich to pay the richer will run out of gravitas.  You can fool some of the people some of the time……..
Joe and I are fans of Dr. Patrick Moore and of Stefan Molyneaux.  Both Canadians.  One knows the environment, one knows logic.
Here is a discussion between them of the science of climate change from 2014.
What we want to know is why don’t any of the government bureaucracies anywhere listen to the scientists who know what is going on?
It is a mystery:



Finally the double digit sub zero cloudy snowy freezy crappy dirty weather has popped up to zero with sunny skies and no wind.
By Joe and my reckoning, it has been just over 6 weeks of crapperoo.
Weather was nicer in Calgary for goodness sake!
What is this world coming to….. in Celsius, please.

Joe (Dancing) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is premium this week! –

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