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To Our American Friends
The prospect of Hillarious Clit-One becoming the next president of the United States of America is frightening.
To me, to Joe, to millions and millions of Canadians and Americans.
As we did with Obambi, Joe and I plead with all our American friends – and enemies, and neutrals – if the optics of electing a “first” are irresistible, for the love of God please choose someone worthy of the position.
Obambi was and is as close to a Manchurian candidate as is possible to imagine.  He will be remembered in history as the worst president ever elected.  There are so many good, honest, brilliant black men in America that would have done a better job.  Indeed, they are better Americans and better people.  So much for the first mulatto president…..
So too, is the case for the first female president.  Hillarious is a criminal.  Why besmirch the gender honor of women by electing a very poor example of a human (who happens to be female) to “break that glass ceiling”?  She deserves nothing less than life in prison, along with her two (ten? twenty?)-timing hasbeen:

Some very wise people have stated that the voters get what they deserve.
No matter how brow-beaten America has become and for whatever reason, it is still the greatest nation on earth.
Ladies, to elect this harridan as your choice of first female president is not acting in good conscience.
Be patient.
There are majestic woman leaders to be found among your citizens that will do honor to the position and your gender.
Be patient……
Drop In the Ocean

The “Caliphate Curve”
There is an argument that ISIS can be defeated at will by the West, should it focus on doing so.
But what of the 15 other groups (in Syria alone) the Tony Blair Faith Foundation insists have the same ideology and goals?  What of the rest of the Muslim world?
Joe and I usually place our “snapshots” about the terrorist wackjobs in the appropriate religion of peace category below the fold because it is usually “nothing new here, more of the same, move along”.
Not this time.
Click the link to this article by Daniel Greenfield of Sultan Knish titled “Understanding the Caliphate Curve” – for Joe and I, this is a quantum leap in understanding the motivation of such groups.
Pertinent quotes –
The official ISIS story, the one that we read in the newspapers, watch on television and hear on the radio, is that it’s a unique group whose brand of extremism is so extreme that there is no comparing it to anything else. ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. Or with anything else. It’s a complete aberration.
Except for the 15 other Jihadist groups ready to step into its shoes in just one country.
The last Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, was selling non-Muslim girls as sex slaves after the invention of the telephone. A New York Times report from 1886 documented the sale of girls as young as twelve, one of them with “light hazel eyes, black eyebrows and long yellow hair”. An earlier report from the London Post described Turks, “sending their blacks to market, in order to make room for a newly-purchased white girl”. This behavior is not a temporary aberration, but dates back to Mohammed’s men raping and enslaving non-Muslim women and young girls as a reward for fighting to spread Islam.
The ISIS behaviors that we find so shocking were widely practiced in even the most civilized parts of the Muslim world around the time that the Statue of Liberty was being dedicated in New York City.
To Muslims, the end of slavery is one of the humiliations that they had to endure because of the loss of the Caliphate. Europeans forced an end to the slave trade. The British made the Turks give up their slaves. The United States made the Saudis give up their slaves in the 1960s. (Unofficially they still exist.) When the Muslim Brotherhood took over Egypt, its Islamist constitution dropped a ban on slavery.
We are not at war with an organization, but with the idea that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims and are endowed by Allah with the right to rule over them, to rob them, to rape them and enslave them. ISIS is the most naked expression of this idea. But it’s an idea that everyone on the Caliphate curve accepts.
If you read below the fold, watch the video from Raheel Raza re: “The Numbers”, where she gives statistics on Muslim population’s opinions.  These are large numbers of people who do NOT accept Western values.
The concept of a caliphate is disturbing enough.
When combined with the insidious methodologies being used to infiltrate the non Muslim world with this sinister ideology, any sane person has a moment of panic.
Joe and I have a personal definition for blasphemy –
Blasphemy is when one person anywhere in the world is killed in the name of religion.
Time to turn up the volume…..

 Recession Prediction o’ the Week
Man in a Barrel

Joe and I are always alert to the “heartbeat of America”.  No, we don’t mean Chevrolet, we mean the economy (stupid).
We still remember the early ’80’s when the Chicken Littles of the Western world stampeded inflation in Canada into the 20+ % interest stratosphere.  We lost two properties and damn near our home simply because we DID NOT PAY ATTENTION!
A few rants ago we posted a link to information about trucking and rail traffic in Canada and the U.S.A. – traffic had slumped in November in excess of 50%.
Those figures were not an anomaly.
The problem is world-wide.  The website “The Arts Mechanical” has researched this trend – read about it here.
The trend noticed then has not abated – the volumes for truck, rail, and shipping are down to pre 1990 levels.  Here’s the latest rail traffic graph from the U.S.A.  At this website you can also get the Canadian and Mexican figures which are similar –
Rail Traffic Data
The economy is slowing, buyers are reticent, volumes are way down.
On a local level Joe and I have noticed temporary shortages / soaring prices in local stores, but these may be the result of poor crops and / or seasonal production.
Be vigilant.  A good time to keep your economic eyes open and your wallet closed.

Prager Weekly
When we were young more than one afternoon was frittered away reading the tales of the knights of the round table while imagining life in those times.  The artwork from the masters of so long ago is especially inspiring to young fertile imaginations.  It never dawned on us to query the disconnect associated with the time period and the common expression used to describe this misunderstood epoch – the Dark Ages.  In this week’s Prager University vignette, Anthony Esolen, professor of English at Providence College, explores the question, how dark were the “Dark Ages”?:

Nature, Naturally
Joe and I are not “greenies”.
We aren’t environmentalists – more like environment neutral.
As for scaring the living bejesus out of children (or the modestly intellectually endowed) about the terrible mess man is making of the planet, we pass on that, too.
Doesn’t mean that we don’t care, or wouldn’t help, or don’t know right from wrong, or we can’t appreciate the wonders of the natural world.
Joe used to like hiking in the mountains.  Here we are at Shadow Lake in Alberta, 1971 –
Dave - Shadow Lake - 1971
His cynical view was it will take the real estate developers millennia to fuck up the mountains……
Now that the stage is set, here is a short video about the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone Park.
What a pompous title to a smarmy presentation.  Lovely scenery, brilliant photography, amazing animals.  Smooth and silky narration with a crappy message:

Humans can’t seem to stop thinking that we are key to the Universe.  At the very least to understanding the Universe.  Or something…..
All the blathering bullshit the narrator spews about wolves “changing the environment” because man re-introduced them to Yellowstone is just that – bullshit.
Wolves do what wolves do.  Elk and others, beware…..
Furthermore, this wonderful gushing worship of the beneficial influence of wolves didn’t have to play out in Yellowstone.
Man is the reason the wolves WEREN’T there all along.
Wolves were considered a menace, an annoyance, a danger, so man killed, trapped, relocated them all.
The term for a food chain natural hierarchy is “trophic cascade“.  When the park “managers” removed the wolf, cougar, and any other top predators, the effect is called a “top down cascade” – by removing the top predators the entire food chain is altered.
The mismanagement of Yellowstone Park by “environmentalists” and government park “services” caused a massive disruption of the natural ecology.  There is evidence it will never be as it was.  Which, by the way, is moot.  The environment responds to a variety of influences, especially climate.  Climate is ALWAYS changing; always has, always will.  The sun, the motion of the heavenly bodies, the internal manifestations of the earth – all affect climate.  Until that time in the distant future when the sun goes red giant and consumes the earth the climate will change.  Poof!  No earth!
Hence, consider the environment (specifically, “natural environment” or “Nature”) in Yellowstone Park.  Books have been written about it, talks have been given about it, famous people have included it in their presentations – as an example of how NOT to “manage” Mother Nature.  The following is a brief excerpt from a Michael Crichton presentation where he stresses his position that environmentalism is NOT a religion, that the environment is always changing and we must be responsive to the changes:

Some people have the misaligned and misguided belief that humans are responsible for “preserving the earth”, “preserving nature”, “preserving the ecology”..
Joe asks, if that is so, which snapshot in time, which epoch, which period, and which locale on earth is the defining model that preservation efforts attempt to achieve?
The Muslims would go for 700 AD (with GPS), the rest of the world would argue until cows evolved into birds….
But, Joe says if we can choose, we choose early Paleozoic – CO2 levels around 4,500 pp/million, lush vegetation, amazing animal life, warm temperatures.
Bananas, pineapples, date palms right here in Vernon.  Yahoo!!  That is, if there is a Vernon.
Alas (and praise be to the natural order), humans and humankind are too puny for this task in our present iteration.
Maybe a million years from now we will have more know-how, if humans are still around and still human.
Until that time, STFU and severely limit the power of government.
The Founding Fathers were on to something when they created those magnificent documents.
As Milton Friedman stated “I challenge you: Name for me a single government program which has accomplished its intended objectives, rather than the opposite… which has not done more harm than good.”

Burkina Faso
Is a crappy little land-locked “country” in west Africa.  It is a “semi-presidential government” shit-hole just over 1/4 the size of British Columbia, with about 17 million citizens.  French is the official language of government.  A “nation” surviving on the generous grants and donations of wealthy countries.
Innocent people have been slaughtered by the local representatives of the “religion of peace”.
Six Canadians were among the 23 dead.
This is a picture of Maude Carrier, who was one of the victims along with three other members of her family. –
Maude Carrier
A beautiful French Canadian doing God’s work in an impoverished foreign land.
Maude’s husband Yves Richard was contacted by Justin Trudeau on Monday.  Yves grew weary with the political rhetoric from Trudeau, made his point, and hung up on the Prime Minister.
A quote from Yves –
My prime minister called me and began speaking in such a canned manner, wishing me good luck, offering me his condolences and talking about them as a source of Canadian pride,” he said.
“That’s when I told him to stop his political blabbing.
“If he’s going to call me, then at least he should know who the Carriers are. It wasn’t out of Canadian pride that they were doing what they were doing but rather because they were basically good people.”
The good and generous nature of Canadians is renowned world-wide.
To avoid any possible misunderstanding, these Canadians were Christian volunteers on a humanitarian aide mission.
There are better ways to help the third (fourth, fifth,.. xth) world shitholes without sacrificing those who care whether the people trapped in these “countries” flourish or flounder.
Joe and I are grieving for Yves and his family.
As for Mr. Haircut (if he was a hockey player he would be knick-named “Cement Hands”), fellow Canadians, please reflect on who you have elected to be the “face” of Canada in the International community.

George Jonas
Joe and I occasionally exposed ourselves (intellectually) to the sharp wit, humor, and deep thoughts of George Jonas.  We feel akin to him; somewhat intellectually, and, because, NORTON.
Joe and I owned two of these beasts – a 750cc Commando and an 850cc Commando.
Anyone who rides Norton knows something special………..
George Jonas
An immigrant to Canada (after the failed Hungarian Uprising in 1956), George lead a polymathic (“having learned much”) personal and career life in his adopted country.  His life experiences gave him an understanding of freedom and liberty that most Canadians don’t have, can’t fathom.
Dead at 80 years of age.  R.I.P.

Resolution o’ the Week
Resolution Reality

Best Cartoon o’ the Week
A little late for Christmas, but it’s mostly political….
Mary and Joseph


Never Trust an Atom

Thanks to Bob G. for the following.  French Canadian logic c’est domage….
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Milton Friedman Quote - Belief in Freedom


Women Had Guns Before the Vote

Gun Math

Guns Are Welcome



Raheel Raza is one of the outstanding women who speak out about Islamic terror.  She is different in that she maintains she is Muslim.  So be it.  Here she gives the numbers on who is who in the Muslim zoo:



What in the world would you do if you were accused of thinking there was a difference between “races”?  What would you do if you were accused of thinking that there is a superior race?  Time to talk…..
Dr. Michael Levin is a professor of philosophy at City University of New York.  He is the author of “Why Race Matters”, a best seller first published in 2005.  Get a supply of your favorite libation, a comfortable chair, and get schooled by Dr. Levin on why “Whites Are Superior…. It’s What the Facts Support”.  Based on the measures and standards of measurement, he makes a rational, compelling argument:



Almost a NOT this week.  Very mild for winter – hovering around zero Celsius – lots of snow melting.  Only shoveled snow once.  It rained several different times during the week.
This has to do with the polar vortex and the Pacific ocean and whatever else.  The polar vortex is always oscillating.  The east coast of the U.S. is getting what missed us in B.C.  The following is a video made several years ago from satellite data that maps the polar vortex to the globe.  We don’t want those low cold air masses in B.C. anymore.  More about this NASA video here.
You’re welcome.


Joe (sweater only) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez doesn’t melt in any weather – from Investor’s Business Daily



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