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This rant is my journal. The following is a repeat of something I broadcast on Tuesday of the past week. I request any of you who read this – PLEASE GO TO THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE AND SIGN THE PETITION (if you haven’t already done so):

I subscribe to TELUS optical services. The internet access is good, the phone service is as it always was, but TELUS optical television doesn’t have Sun TV News (among other items). My request to TELUS has as yet not changed anything (surprise, surprise!). Bell, Rogers, and Shaw do include Sun TV News in their offerings. I don’t know why I have 30+ American television stations but can’t get Sun TV News, a Canadian broadcaster. Isn’t the whole total load of bull shit all about “Canadian Kulture”, “Canadian Society”, and “Canadian Values?”. Apparently the CRTC hasn’t changed since I started with the Okanagan Telephone Company back in 1976…… Just another annoying regulatory entity currying to some elite cabal…… If CBC and CTV can’t stand the heat, they might think about improving their service instead of screaming “RACIST!” at the top of their lungs………. Further if Sun TV News is a threat to Canadian society, culture, and values……… so am I. Their analysis is more accurate and “on issue” than what I have seen with the mainstream offerings.

If a newsworthy event is reported from a variety of perspectives, you have the luxury of determining for yourself what you feel and how you react. Too often the bias from the reporter / purveyor colors judgement. Sun TV News isn’t totally unbiased. I don’t know if that is attainable by any human endeavor. However, their offerings certainly don’t deserve scorn or shunning from the regulator.

When it is easier to get Al Jazeera television than a Canadian news station there is something amiss…….

Please sign the petition. This isn’t about whether you like the service or not. It is about access being limited or denied. Freedom of choice is only valuable if you have choices.

This week’s journal rant brought to you by the following sentiment –
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Multicultural Gravy Train
Is it a cultural phenomenon or is this the new norm? –

Am I being insensitive, or does this sound like the “Idle No More” gospel?

The Idle No More crowd has more questions to answer. For instance, where did the $$$ go in B.C.?:

Someone isn’t very able with accounting procedure. I wonder who(m)?

An article about life in a northern “first nation” town – well worth the read:

This is what happens when an Indian opposes “Idle No MoreĀ®”:

Anthony Sowan reminds me of my Indian friends and acquaintances who did not grow up on a reservation. Keep it up, Anthony!

Some Indians have their heads screwed on more intelligently. Harken to the sound of $$$ flowing into the coffers of the Haisla “First Nation”:

After all, why would anyone in a resource rich environment want to be immune to the ebb and flow of personal, local, national, and global economics? Go, Haisla, go!

Chief Clarence Louie of the Osoyoos Indian Band is an example of a modern chief who “gets it”. A presentation in Manitoba from 2008:


There are many parts to this presentation that will automatically load after the first. Individual presentations are accessible from the right sidebar. Excellent down to earth advice and direction for ANYBODY.

Trawna Ontarieyeo (Hog Town)

Mayor Rob Ford wins 2 for 2. The lefty-liberal crowd soils their collective panties:

Go Rob go! There are enough crooked disreputable graft-taking dishonest immoral and incompetent city officials in the world. Your girth? Arrogance? Not against the law (yet). An honest politician? Jesus, love me……
Of course, not everyone sees it the same way. Here’s an article about the same issue, from the same news source, on the same day, but a different journalist:

Is this the sign of an attempt to present two views? Double Jesus love me!

Great Canadians

When I read an article written by Conrad Black, I have to dust off the dictionary. Love his writing, his wit, and his political stance. Here he is talking over Thomas Mulcair’s head:


Sarah Palin strikes a chord with me. Barack Obama couldn’t see his way to sign the “Born Alive Act” to save aborted children that were born alive, yet he rags on about protecting our most helpless and innocent. He is a sham:

This much maligned woman speaks truth. Unlike a certain resident of the white house, I would follow her lead. It doesn’t matter that she didn’t receive a tony liberal education from the “right” college. Listen to her argument, then judge her by the same.

The larger tragedy is that there are so many people who drink the same Kool Aid as the anointed one, Barry Soetoro. Shame on them all.

Gun control advocates at a public meeting get schooled:!


Hillary Clinton took the stand and said her bit regarding Benghazi on January 23rd. It was painful to watch, so I didn’t. She shouts down questions, and summarizing by saying what difference does it make? – when 4 are dead, others harmed, all traumatized. Is it politics that make people loose their moral compass? Or are politicians people who have already lost it / never had one? She is evil. Mrs. Clinton gets a comeuppance from Rand Paul:

But none of them asked her the important questions. When did you know? Who made the decisions? Where were you? Alas, she is not the most culpable. Down with them all….

After all, it couldn’t happen to us. We are educated, aware, and oh! so liberal…… Comments from Greg Gutfeld:

He’s got a point – reversing the party identity makes Benghazi disappear. Bias is bias no matter how you spell him.

SANDY (as in big storm non-hurricane)

Why no uproar? Why no indignation? Why no help? It IS a blue state….. hmmmm:


The common wisdom says Asians test almost 1 standard deviation above norm in IQ compared to the “average” “white” North American. So what are these intellectual powerhouses doing with their God given advantage? This article indicates that being honest isn’t high on the list:

One more incident in a “long march” of incidents. The Chinese have been obtuse about patent law, and intellectual property. The following article suggests it is an aggressive and coordinated act to prohibit foreign companies from prospering in China:

Many Westerners are also advocates of “isolationism” and punitive tariff law. In theory, I’m a free trader. In practice, it hasn’t ever EVER happened, which coerces everyone to adapt a survivalist attitude. There is no such thing as a “level playing field”. That said, education, knowledge, history, and experience are the key to minimizing risk. It is a dream to say risk can be eliminated. I hesitate to say “manage risk” because planning for all known possible risks doesn’t eliminate the “unknown unknowns”. I’m with Donald Rumsfeld on that issue……


Total wow factor – Dude Perfect:


How many hours of practice? Eye hand coordination beyond normal understanding…. The out-takes are hilarious.


I (sometimes) listen to Meat Loaf when no one is around. This video is a piece of performance art (what target audience?):

another version of the same thing is almost as good:


Meatloaf and Karla DeVito delivered entertainment. Not opera; too close in time, history, and reality. Raw might be a word……


3D printers are gaining credence. I used to dismiss them as interesting technology valuable to engineers and designers for prototyping, but not too useful or practical a tool for the general public. Since then it has been proven that weapon components can be created via 3D printer, with the attendant political shit storm about “regulations” ( ). Now a Dutch student is designing a house to be built via large 3D printer. Seems my assessment was too conservative:

Note: if the above link doesn’t work, you can go to: to read the article.

The miracle of human propagation is the subject of this TED presentation by Alexander Tsiaras, entitled “Conception to Birth – Visualized”:

Mystery of mysteries. This short presentation will be supplemented with further work by Mr. Tsiaras and his team. It should be mandatory viewing by all. Even before “Dancing With

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