Sunday Rant – 0324


Joe’s Comment – The cold weather and one foot of “climate” have finally arrived.
The F350 diesel starts just fine if plugged in for a few hours, ensuring I have mobility.  All is good.
One month of Winter on the books as of today.
I’ve made the decision to treat the snow removal issue like last year – doG made the mess, he can clean it up.
There is a path trampled into the snow from the street end of the driveway right to the front porch stairs.  Good so far.
Snow is falling tonight – wet and warm.  A big thaw coming in the next few days.
The idiot on my shoulder has been at ease all week.  I’m sleeping better and less anxious about the weather crashing, because it has crashed and it ain’t that big a deal.  Except I repeat this behavior every Winter.
It is difficult to clutch pearls and wring your hands when wearing insulated mitts.


Quick Dick McDick
A “ride along” with QDMcD to do some cooking with friends.
Saskatchewan and Canada’s agrarian ambassador visits his friend Faren Saufort who owns “The Dam Smokehouse” in Nipawin SK.
The objective is to participate in a fundraiser for mental health.
And learn how Faren prepares his smoked whiskey chicken.
Sounds and looks delicious!:


The Culture

Yes indeedy!
Here is the same presentation on Rumble:

The German Farmer’s Protest
Tucker Carlson brings the protest to America.
Same same in Canada.
No shame in the so-called Main Stream Media®.
Joe and I are unsure of the outcome, because Germans are a little better educated than the average Canadian (in our not so humble opinion).
And a little less tolerant about being tyrannized too.
Now if the folks from Holland join the melee, we’ll have a real protest!:



Queen (?) Nefertiti
What a beautiful face!
Presumed to be over 3000 years old, and not a wrinkle.
After watching the video, the beautiful face is all we know for certain.
The French and Germans and British (and others) had great fun tomb raiding.
Joe and I are glad they did, otherwise the fabulous treasures may never have been shared with the world.  Indeed, may never have seen the light of modern day.
We appreciate art, although we are sorely deficient in artistic talent.
In the eyes of us beholding, a work of priceless value.
Here is a history of the mystery of Nefertiti:


Dr. Willie Soon
Joe and I have been a fan of Dr. Soon since the first time we saw him present on the subject of CO2.
He is full of energy.
He is tremendously intelligent and an icon in his field.
He has a great sense of humor.
Our first exposure to Dr. Soon was in early 2018.  Alas, if you follow this link, Dr. Soon’s presentation has been removed from Ub2b.
Tucker Carlson interviews Willie, and lets him have unfettered freedom to speak.
The presentation below is on Rumble.  Who knows how long it will be available?
Not even The Shadow, we reckon (thanks and a hat tip to James C.):


Dr. Ken Berry
A terrific summary of your personal PHD (proper human diet).
This presentation is a summation of all the knowledge Dr. Berry has accumulated in the last 5 or so years about the nature of the “proper human diet” (aka PHD).
Joe and I watched and tried to absorb as much as possible:

A flashback to last week’s rant.  Some sage words from Mary Ruddick –

Joe’s Garage

The Taurozzi Pendulum Engine
An Argentine engineer and inventor named Eduardo Taurozzi patented the design for the pendulum engine bearing his name in 1974.
He has been developing this engine since then.
Joe says it is an interesting experiment with a unique design.
Mr. Taurozzi has proven it can actually work.
But….. it has many inherent problems.
Joe compares it’s uniqueness to that of the rotary engine.
Both engines are designs that eliminate or minimize problems found in a conventional 4 stroke internal combustion engine, but in doing so create additional problems unique to their design.
So far the 4 stroke ICE design comes out on top.  This is understandable.  The ICE engine has been in production and development for well over 100 years.
Joe and I don’t see the conventional design being usurped any time soon.
Believe us when we say many brilliant minds have been thinking about just that – how to make a better mechanical work producer – for longer than internal or external combustion machines have existed.
Drive4Answers (aka D4A – he prefers to remain anonymous) does the analysis with his usual enthusiasm and thorough understanding of the subject:

413 cu. in. Dodge
Our friend Darryl Schaumleffel was a Chrysler / Dodge enthusiast.
The team at “Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop, Inc.” (aka JAMSI) is a father and son team who record very knowledgeable engine machining videos.
In this presentation, a 413 Dodge is the focus of attention.  Not content with a stock restoration, JAMSI decided to build a 483 stroker!
Joe and I learned a lot about the innards of the old time Dodge big block:




In the spirit of presenting ideas from all perspectives, the following video is an attempt to ask the question, “Is Genesis History?”.
Joe and I watched after two stalled attempts – the S.T.E.M. force in us is strong.
However, we learned some interesting biology that inspired some original thought in our little pea brain.
The analogy presented comparing computer programming with the 4 dimensional activity of DNA struck us as argument changing.
The effect of time and environment on a species or sub-species when explained as radiating from an original design also made subjective sense.
Perhaps the scientific method that has served humanity well for the past 400+ years needs some tuning up….:


This week in Vernon BC the weather delivered a full spectrum of Winter “climate”.
We got double digit below zero Celsius temperatures every night.
We got over a foot of snow.
We got wind chill.
We got dark gray (and grey, too) skies.
Joe and I can’t legitimately complain, for the cold and snow and ground freezing didn’t come until the second week of January!
Not your usual Okanagan winter.
Now Joe is agonizing about how long the cold and snow will stay.
It is Sunday evening – today the temperature was above zero in the afternoon, and the snow on the streets became slush.
The forecast is for increasingly warmer day and night temperatures until the first week of February.
Of course, Joe breaks into hives at the thought of February.
His cabin fever and winter madness are noticeable; a tick below his right eye and an itchy scalp.
It is our tradition to count down to April 1st, like whistling past a graveyard.
A few cartoons / memes to lighten the spectre of two more months of “climate” –


Joe (two sweater +) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez marches on like Time –

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