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Joe’s Comment – Sam Gross is a cartoonist with a dark side humor.  In the deepest darkest depths of January it is inevitable that I spend time reflecting on the past and extrapolating into the future.
My usual sunny disposition is quite fragile when the snow glistens, the ground is hard, and walking is a controlled slip-slide over ice or a trudge through virgin crusty snow.
Frankly, I don’t see a purpose for cold weather.
You can’t grow carrots in a snow bank.
Life requires water in liquid form.
Nothing is more humbling than to stand under the stars on a cold clear winter night and gaze heavenward at the majesty of the infinite.
The snow squeaks underfoot.
The harsh breeze forms ice in my beard.
I feel small and vulnerable, yet unbroken.
Winter is my lowest ebb.
Diminished and reflective, I take humble relief in the following Bruce Eric Kaplan graphic – in the tenuous fragility of an isolated soul.  There is always an opportunity to improve, and an unconscious drive to do so.
No matter your stature or hubris.



Quick Dick McDick
Saskatchewan’s ambassador to the world talks about the grader guy:


Viva Frei
Joe and I are hooked.
We are not fans of lawyers or “the Law” or the judiciary.
We are fans of right and wrong, of following a moral compass.
Not that we are paragons.
We are a work in progress.
Filthy lucre and/or politics has an immense influence on the legal system.
Need we mention a few cases of WTF?
OJ Simpson, killer, walking free.
Conrad Black, falsely accused, railroaded and jailed.
My friend Ben, an innocent bystander injured by a vehicle out of control, waiting 6 years for justice, for a settlement, for a resolution.
It’s a crime
Share it fairly
But don’t take a slice of my pie
So they say
Is the root of all evil today
But if you ask for a raise
It’s no surprise that they’re giving none away:

To summarize, human nature being what it is, law, lawyers, judges, prisons, and the police are necessary to provide an avenue to recourse when an injustice is plead and the aggrieved party or parties cannot or will not agree.
Otherwise there may be a Hatfield vs McCoy feud in the making.
Joe and I have had very minor collisions with the legal system.
Never bitter.  Mostly humorous.  One hilarious!
However, the opportunity to learn what we can and be royally entertained too is being fulfilled by David Freiheit and Robert Barnes, the former a Canadian and the latter an American, both lawyers.  It is now a Sunday evening event for Joe and me to tune in to their very popular legal podcast.  They discuss current events and cultural anomalies from a legal / lawyerly perspective.
Joe and I don’t always agree, but the discussions are lively and in depth.
Until we find a more interesting legal eagle team podcast, here we will be on a Sunday night:


Brokeback Obama
Oh Suzanna,
Don’t you cry for me,
’cause Obama’s in the bathhouse now,
What can it all mean?”
According to Dinesh D’Souza, our very own newly minted American president was instrumental in squelching Larry Sinclair’s story.
Joe has said it many times before; what Larry does is women’s work.
The jug-eared Munificent Mulatto will skate from all charges and all sins.
We’d like to see a “white hat” win just once outside of a duster film.
The following short video is from Dinesh D’Souza’s film “Trump Card”:


Joe and I admit freely we are NOT just aficionados of music.  That is to say, the term doesn’t capture our depth of appreciation.
We have the hallmarks of an aficionado: a passionate devotion, blushing fandom , enthusiasm for certain genres.
But there is much, much more.
Saying we like music is much like  saying Wayne Gretzky is a hockey player.
For each of the 37 persons occupying our head (37 identified to date), music serves a purpose, performs a function.  Some overlapping sets, others completely unique.
Joe has often said, if it were unavoidable, were we to loose eyesight or hearing, our default, we would choose eyesight.  The sounds of life – people’s voices, birds chirping, the muse of music, wind in leaves and thunder in the heavens, laughter, blessed laughter – all are priceless sensations.
Music is a form of sound, of audible frequencies; pleasantly organized “noise” if you will.  Or, unpleasantly organized noise.
That leads to our inability to “grok” certain recognized musical formats/cultures.
We ponder….. is it that we need more (than 37?) wackos in our head to appreciate structures like Rap or Musak or Reggae?
Or is it we, as the supreme data wienies we are, don’t have a cultural background in sync with the sound, and all we hear is annoying noise?
From our children’s early reading adventures –
Q.  What noise annoys an oyster?
A. Simple.  A noisy noise annoys an oyster!
A. Complex.  The noise of a noisy oyster hoister hoisting moist oysters with a noisy oyster hoist!
And from those marvelous forgotten times of the 1930’s, Frank Crumit singing about a perplexing quandary for the ages:

Akin to another old tune that twists the tongue and baffles comprehension:

One such category of musical bemusement for Joe and I is jazz.  We don’t mind some if there are human voices present.  Instrumental?  Not so much.  Perhaps it is the ever-present tobacco smoke, alcohol, and twitchy beat often present…..
Joe says we were ruined for instrumental jazz in Miss Kennedy’s grade 7 music class.  Barry J. and Jim B. would “play” their recorders in a frenzied cacophony of mindless fingering, huffing and puffing in no particular rhythm or order, to the delight of some students and the dismay and exasperation of our esteemed instructor.
All of which is preamble to the point of this music segment.
Joe Jackson, proprietor of “The View from Lady Lake” blogsite, has posed a list of ” 10 must-have albums for your definitive Jazz Record Collection… “.
Joe and I aren’t about to panic, although not one of these “albums” is part of our collection on disk, tape, CD, DVD, or data file.  Not remotely interesting to us.  A few classic tracks, but mostly bleh.  Tempest in a teacup.
Joe says “jazz” is the noise of chaos in the radio telescope ear to the universe.
We can’t kick our head into the space of searching for a pattern, any pattern, that resembles “intelligence”.
A spastic drug addict tased in the middle of his chest might produce the same noise.
Sorry boys.
The Mandelbrot Set is much more interesting to Joe and me.


Joe’s Garage

Skid Steer Skills
Joe and I have a skid steer.
It is a RobertaCat 743DS.
We call it Roberta because we’re not that familiar with her yet – when we really know how to drive her, we may call her Bob.
We move dirt around the yard, push or pull our collection of Ford trucks that can’t move under their own power, clean snow off the driveway and road when it gets too nasty.
We are OK doing all these things and haven’t broken Roberta or hurt ourselves…… yet.
However, this video demonstrates what a REAL skid steer professional can do:





The sermon this week is Victor Davis Hanson in conversation with Troy Sennic, discussing the decline of American culture and society.
Dr. Hanson’s Ub2b channel has not been taken down (yet) – here’s a link.
Joe and I think Dr. Hanson is an American treasure.
He often blends classical history with current events and opens our eyes wide.
Here is his commentary about “An Exhausted Civilization”:

By the by, the theme music playing at the start of the broadcast is called “The Hebrides”, written by Mendelssohn:



The week in Vernon BC was, once again, mild!
Half way through January, the dread way below zero Celsius is not a forgone conclusion.
Joe is quite pleased with himself.
He had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather, but is pleased to take credit for not falling to pieces with cabin fever and winter madness.
That is a big bonus.


Joe (super blah!) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez is a constant –

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