Sunday Rant – 0319


Joe’s Comment – I spent the day outdoors in slightly above zero Celsius temperatures, working around the yard and on various vehicles.
After today, the above applies entirely to me with the following modification – my mind thinks I’m 14 years old most of the time.
A smart ass comment, all good and well until you actually do try to work…..
Good doG!
Things became more and more insurmountable as the day wore on.
I dragged my sorry butt to bed early tonight.


I have difficulty speaking English.
Joe doesn’t worry about it: he and I are simpatico.  He lets me do the talking.
And so it goes.
Or we did go, until we saw this video.
Can you imagine our excitement at learning the Star Trek Universal Translator is a reality?
Will now we fluently be talk like to stranger!
As the caption says, “Top 5 Best Translator Device You Never Seen Before”:

Joe, the eternal pessimist and coyote (prankster) can hardly wait to save up enough money for two or more of these babies.
Joe figures to select a pair of languages (English and ???), speak the English, then leave two (or more???) translators in a room together to have a discussion.
We gonna talk the talk…..


Manly Manliness
Joe and I laugh loudly.
The Gillette ad admonishing abhorrent behaviour by men clumsily (maybe intentionally?) painted all men with the same brush.
The behaviour identified as reprehensible is NOT MANLY MANLINESS.
The preaching addresses the choir, not the reprobates who do the dastardly deeds.
Those be dumb shits; a subject for another day.
Here, let Paul Joseph Watson do some ‘splainin’:

In a companion piece, young Mr. Watson gets right to the point of the spear: words are cheap; reality bites hard.
Once again Joe reminds me to quote Ayn Rand for effect: “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality”.
Once again, Paul Joseph Watson will explain:

What is the take-away?
Real Men™ take care of themselves, their families, their communities.  If that means taking risks and doing dangerous tasks, so be it.
Having Milk of Magnesia words and Pepto Bismol solutions proffered as the true path will not resist the onslaught of the real world.
As Joe says, “just ’cause you say it don’t make it true”.
‘Nuff said.


John Stossel
Mr. Stossel has a thoughtful response to the government shutdown:


Patriotic Passion
Don’t this beat all.
A tiny 7 year old girl with a voice from Heaven and passion to sing it right:

Tell me, wise ones, where is the passion in Canadian anthems?
Joe and I don’t feel it.
This little lady, Malea Emma, has more fire in her tiny voice than Joe and me times ten.
This is the opening ceremony for a soccer match.
Good grief……


Joe’s Garage

Mother of All Pipes
Seems like the innovation and ingenuity of Western technology have no bounds.
This “pipe” is a main component for a petrochemical processing plant.  As the video description says, “Occurred on January 6, 2019 / Edmonton, Alberta, Canada “This 820-tonne, 13-meter-tall, 96-meter-long piece of petrochemical development equipment, called a splitter, is heavier than Caterpillar’s largest mining truck which is used in the oilsands and six times as large. The splitter left Dacro yard on 91st St. and 51st Ave. in Edmonton, AB at approximately 9:15 pm on January 6, 2019. It is expected to take four days to arrive at its destination just north of Fort Saskatchewan, AB. Mammoet Canada is the haul specialists.””
Joe says those articulating manned and self-powered bogies are truly amazing.
We tried to count the number of axles under each bogie.  We came up with 25 dual wheel axles.  Your sum may differ.

Long Life Tips
Joe and I are in the tie year with our father.
He died at 70 years.
Last year (2018) at our annual check-up with Dr. Boucher just before our birthday (in BC you must have a medical every year for a class 1 driving license after the age of 65 years) his advice to we was lose some weight get the blood pressure down and that damn cholesterol.
Not wanting to go out with a tie, and definitely wanting to see our grandchildren mature, we took his advice to heart.
It is time to book our annual medical, preferably mid-February.
Our weight is down 45 pounds.
Our blood pressure is 118 / 79, pulse 76.
We don’t worry about cholesterol (thanks to Dr. Kary Mullis).
Our carnivore diet continues.
We stopped drinking alcohol.
All was well, so we thought, until we stumbled onto this little bit of wisdom –

Want To Live Longer? Make Sure You’re A Fat, Coffee Drinking Alcoholic By Your 70s

Among other observations are the following –
Researchers from The 90+ Study have published many scientific papers in premier journals.  Some of the major findings are:
–  People who drank moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee lived longer than those who abstained.
–  People who were overweight in their 70s lived longer than normal or underweight people did.
Joe said to turn back, it’s a trap!, but I wouldn’t listen.
Our saving grace is we’re still not skinny, and we’re definitely not adverse to a drink or two.
Maybe we’ll see 71 yet…..





This week a discussion with Dr. Bart Kay by Garry Kirwan, host of Biohacker’s Lab YoubeTube videos.
Dr. Kay is an expert on human physiology and nutrition.
You may find his knowledge contrary to your mindset:



This week in Vernon BC was a continuation of the mild.
A very easy to stomach winter, so far.
A touch of snow early in the week is mostly gone due to above zero temperatures and a light breeze to dissipate the moisture.
Joe and I are ecstatic that half way through January the daily temperature is two T’s and a sweater comfortable.
Only 71 days to April 1st!
I think we’re going to make it through another winter!

Joe (energized) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez works for us –

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