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Joe Speak
Joe says the obit column in the local paper gets a lot more traffic in the wintery months, especially when the snow is deep and the temperature low, the skies grey,grayer, dark.
Page after page of pictures and stories of the recently deceased or the long since deceased – curtain calls, we suppose.
Litanies (prolonged or tedious accounts) of deeds done.
Testimonies from family and friends left behind.
Sub-standard poetry.
The wrong pages to turn for inspiration, for comfort, for humor.
Joe says everyone should write their own obituary should they be clear minded enough to do so.
On reflection, everyone should write their own obituary.
Winter is hard that way……
It is a time when S.A.D. people (seasonal affective disorder) stretch their reflections to include the melancholy aspect brought on by the above mentioned weather.
Not an ideal frame of mind.
Joe’s solution?
Pick a time, get comfortable, then wallow in it ’til you puke.
Sort of a vaccination technique.
Invoking that methodology, here are a few Joe “picks for the season” (and for reading the obit pages).
Lordy, lordy, there’s a train goin’ nowhere in my life –

Get the swing of it?
Not the things you can change.
More the things you can’t…..
for the misunderstood jailbird in everyone,
for the victim of time and life:

Now you should be feeling it good and hard.
Unrestful restless restlessness.
Cabin fever and winter madness are nasty paramours:

No tears yet?
No great regret?
No snowy egret either?
If this one doesn’t do it, yer made of stone…

OK, done.
Melancholy over and out
Back to work….. and play……
You are welcome.

Cowgary Hijinks
On Saturday last, late at night, two men with the first name Mohamed shot up a night club.  Did anyone see it in the local paper / TV news / radio?
As of today (Monday) it is unknown if this is connected to terrorism or gang activity or a hard-core lover’s spat.  (note: since modified per video below).
You’d think that the locals would have some interest in knowing what the hell is going on….

Don’t know if you’ll see information anywhere else.  Click on this Rebel link.  Ezra Levant hard at work.

Prager Weekly
This week the subject is the “War on Boys”.  From a schooling perspective, my son Donald is a victim of this war.  As was I to a much lesser degree.  I can imagine any man or boy who watches this short video presented by Christina Hoff Sommers has four reform tactics that can alleviate some of this imbalance, to begin improving the education experience.  Why not let boys be boys?  Boys are NOT defective girls.  Any such perception is perverted, unwarranted, and most likely politically motivated –

Cowboy Humor
A poem from Baxter Black, a cowboy poet, recited on the Johnny Carson Show in 1987.  The poem was written to reflect on the “scientific” evidence that plants “feel” pain.  A true vegetarian’s nightmare:

Joe’s Garage
Quarter mile drag racing in the stratospheric level of top fuel dragster is way past some enthusiastic good ol’ boys going to the track with their toy for a weekend of racing.
It is science and technology in action.
And lots of $$$ of course.
This video is a demonstration of the fuel pump for ONE CYLINDER of a dragster.  There is a steady stream followed by 3 to 4 seconds of copious fuel flow shown in the video.  It’s no wonder they call these motors “controlled explosions”.  Did we mention the fuel is nitromethane?:

Top fuel dragsters generate more than 8,000 horse power, and use over 12 gallons of fuel to make a 1/4 mile run.  The following video is from 2012 when the Kalitta drag team allowed Popular Mechanics magazine to document a special on “How a Top Fuel Dragster Works”.  Fascinating for anybody, especially the gear-heads among us:

Five thousand dollars in engine bits every run?
One more “sport” Joe won’t and can’t afford.


Paddle Board BBQ

Bill Doesn't Choose Hillary

Thanks to Robert G. for forwarding the following –
Canadian Peso

Translating Karl Marx

Cremation Bad Idea

John Sharp Williams Quote - Too Much Government

Sign of a Hunter

Small Enough Government

Mark Twain Quote - Obituaries

Thomas Jefferson Quote - Enemies of the People




Megalodon Tooth

For reference, the relative size of Megalodon
Megalodon Size



Thomas Jefferson Quote - Tyranny in Government

Cold Dead Hands Department
Molan Labe (molṑn labé) is Greek for “come and take them”  – according to Herodotus this was the response of Greek King Leonidas to the Persian demand to lay down their weapons during the battle of Thermopylae.  During the Obambi years, sales of guns and ammunition in the United States has more than doubled.  The cheeky bastards known as “We the People” have the right to protect themselves, acknowledged and guaranteed by the Constitution.  The POTUS doesn’t see it that way.  Take a gander at this photo and caption –
Molon Labe

When you see this logo, you will know what is meant –
Molon Labe Logo


President Obambi will not utter the words “Radical Islamic Terrorists” in reference to ANY outrage from the well known authors of rape, murder, genocide, slavery, beheadings – good old fashioned terrorism.  The article at this site tells the story of an ISIS “militant” who killed his mother because she wanted him to leave the cause.
That there is true love, ISIS style.
From the website thereligionofpeace the latest numbers – 27,638 deadly terrorist attacks since 9/11.
Tell me again how this is a peaceful religion, because I’m having doubts….



The Dunning-Kruger Effect is a phenomenon whereby incompetent people perceive themselves to be much more competent than they actually are.  I.e., poor performers think they are performing at a much higher level than they actually perform.  The highly competent people, curiously under rate their performance.
Dunning and Kruger have postulated that the effect is the result of internal illusion in the unskilled, and external misperception in the skilled:
The miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others.”
This topic makes Joe very nervous.  Too close to home.
For me not so much.  I was always a cocky bastard.
How about you?



This is NOT the same picture as posted in the 0216 rant.
There has been 12 more inches of snow since then.
Did we get Ontario’s weather by mistake?
Good grief……

Joe (hermit) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez knows more than he’s telling, from Investor’s Business Daily





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