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Joe’s Comment – So far so good.  Two weeks into January before the nasties arrive is a good start.  By nasties I mean double digit below zero weather.
Staying busy, staying warm.
The greatest invention list keeps getting longer.
By far, the biggest bang for my buck is the amount of information I glean from having access to the World Wide Web with my favorite computer.
The only negative I can imagine about the Internet is by sitting too long in front of a monitor you will atrophy in mind, body, and spirit.
I haven’t reached that milestone yet.
As soon as I install a computer in the bathroom, and a refrigerator, that’s when the worries will start.
For now, I can still walk, talk, and eat up a storm.
All is good.
The obsession with surfing for knowledge and entertainment is making the worst part of the year very palatable.
Come on April!



Quick Dick McDick
First episode of the year from Saskatchewan’s and Canada’s agrarian ambassador.
From his introduction, it is obvious that nasty winter weather has descended on the good folks of Saskatchewan.
Even here in the Okanagan Valley an SW is a good plan for our older IDI Ford diesel trucks.  They are cold blooded to the nth degree.  Joe’s dually won’t think of starting on a summer day without a little snort of Cosby sauce (aka ether).  For Winter starting, it is a big snort, followed by a dreadful clatter of pistons and rods rattling their malcontent.  That’s the way it’s done.
2024 is going to be a fabulous year!:

BC Vaccine Mandate
The union representing Purolator workers in BC sued the company for firing unvaccinated workers.  The court has ruled that the workers be paid for time lost, and to be reinstated if they so desire.  An Epoch Times article here.  From the article –
A decision last month by arbitrator Nicholas Glass in the Purolator case, however, could play a significant role in future decisions, Ms. Anton told The Epoch Times.
“The Purolator case was a game changer,” she said in a phone interview. “It was a very well-written decision and it is the first time that a decision maker has gone down this road of, first of all, ordering compensation, that I know of… and secondly calling into question the British Columbia Public Health Officer.””
BC is the last province in Canada that still has a vaccine mandate for health workers.
Joe and I think this legal decision is:
a. just, and
b. about fucking time.
If Joe and I have any major concerns about the legal / justice system (and we do, in spades), the absolutely abysmal slow speed has to be our number uno grievance.
Speed of judgement, all things considered, is not a guaranteed milestone of good and exact jurisprudence.
For example, “Roe vs Wade” took a long time to arbitrate and the ruling, non constitutional (and wrong), destroyed at least 50 million lives.
Indeed, if Roe vs Wade is used as a measurement, it proves that time is not a meaningful factor in good jurisprudence.
The BC government is guilty of a heinous mistake.
Joe and I are acquainted with many people who lost their jobs because they had the backbone to stand up for their constitutional rights.
We will not hold our breath waiting for an apology or for the guilty bastards to face due process.
What we will do, having lived through the hysteria and insanity, be even more vocal about loosing our faith in any institution, business, association, or government body.
Once bitten twice shy is an old adage.
Is there such a saying about being totally betrayed by the very institutions that are in place precisely for the reason of stability in uncertain times?
Bah, humbug!
The “crooked timber” of politics at best is a worst case scenario…..

The Culture

Dr. David Martin
Dr. Martin has been an advocate for sanity during the entire COVID fiasco.
His bona fides are impeccable: he has been exposing fraud and criminal actions for over 30 years as an expert in biological warfare.
His presentations have been featured in this rant many times.  His “Paul Revere” warnings have been clear and direct, such as in Sunday Rant – 4621 (which presentation is no longer is available at the link we posted in our rant).
Joe and I thought Dr. Martin had the gloves off in his previous speeches.
However, in the video below the lion roars.
He condemns the W.H.O. (World Health Organization), calls to disband it, and demands the prosecution of the perpetrators.
He insists there was no pandemic but there was a “genocide”.
Joe and I found this presentation both revealing and an “I told you so” moment.
It seems there are some people who(m) cannot resist playing doG.
The likes of Dr. David Martin represent front line warriors against evil  disguised as humanitarian research.
Joe wonders how long this information will be available?
For posterity, this presentation was from Dr. Martin’s presentation to the European Parliament in Strasbourg France on September 13th, 2023 :



Dr. Zoe Harcombe and Dr. Anthony Chaffee
Last week in Sunday Rant – 0124, we included a video from the poop doctor.
We expressed our concern about the misinformation included and the insistence that although the man is focusing on the wrong end of the telescope, he provided some valuable information about the mechanics of the gut.
In this video, Dr. Harcombe corrects the story.
She has been featured previously in our Sunday Rants, the earliest being Sunday Rant – 2719.
She and Dr. Chaffee talk nutrition for the human mammal.
The lack of necessity to consume fiber is a key point of the discussion.
Another is the value of fruit / vegetables as sources of the essential nutrients that support health.  A worthwhile time expenditure:

Dr. Ken Berry and Mary Ruddick
This is a data presentation.
Mary Ruddick travels the world investigating the “Blue Zones” and the indigenous peoples of the world, seeking knowledge of their health issues from the perspective of nutrition.
Ms. Ruddick, much like other “heroes” of the nutrition science world, was very ill and received very little relief from conventional medical intervention.
Her efforts to help herself lead to a career that brings aide to thousands.
Not only is she beautiful, well spoken, encyclopedic, and full of zest, her research confirms for Joe and I how fundamental to human well being a “proper human diet” is, and what that entails.
A lovely visit, easy to understand, and very pleasant to watch:


Joe’s Garage

Astrobotic Moon Landing
On Monday last, a Vulcan rocket carrying a payload for moon landing launched from Florida.
The NASA project, named “Peregrine” has unfortunately suffered a propellant leak.
The video below is a report on what the folks at Astrobotic have been able to do to enable Peregrine to complete the mission.
Joe notes that if this was happening 20 years ago, it would be front page news.
However, our current culture is obsessed with narcissistic pursuits such as gender identity and all its attendant misery.
Spoiler alert – the Peregrine capsule is returning to Earth and will be burned up on reentry.  Information not included in the video.
This video is a short history up to Saturday.
For current updates, click on the Astrobotic link above.
Joe says it’s about time humanity got back on track to colonize the Moon:

Drop Deck Trailer
Joe and I have often wondered about such a trailer, but we’ve never seen one – until we found this video.  The spring arrangement seems wonky to Joe, and I have concerns about the “U” frame integrity.
However, our heavy trailer has terribly steep ramps requiring a 10,000 pound winch to pull things on board.  Even with a snatch block we’ve bogged that winch down to a slow growl.
An interesting video that gave us some ideas for our own version:




This week the sermon is a documentary.
In this video, the concepts put forward in the first book of the Old Testament, Genesis, are discussed by numerous scientists.
The contention is that many geographical features found in the world are not necessarily the result of billions of years of exposure to environment.
Joe and I strive to present various (and sometimes sundry) theories, arguments, philosophies, ideologies, and opinions for the sake of understanding all sides of a debate.  This is one of those times.
Joe says he’s not too worried about whether or not Genesis is verbatim.
What is important to him is the freedom to present various ideas and let the exposure precipitate validity.  No worries, mate!:


This week in Vernon BC the weather that Joe and I have been anticipating finally arrived.
At present, Sunday evening, it is balmy -18°C, having risen from a very nasty -27°C on Saturday.
We are living the dream!
And it snowed.
We have about 8 inches of Canada’s major crop all over the property, indeed, all over the valley.
Joe calls this temperature and snow combination the “DEW” – distant early warning – because no one can sneak up on you: the snow squeaks with every step.
Wouldn’t you?
Lying around under a clear starlit sky at ridiculously chilly temperatures would certainly elicit a complaint or two from our lips.
Joe and I can hardly wait for that faggot Trudeau’s carbon tax on our heating bill.
January will be a bugger.
It makes us wonder if the elected representatives assembled in Ottawa have forgotten how the average Joe and Jane live in this frozen country (second lowest average temperature behind Russia – Canada’s average is -2°C)…..  Or are our politicians so far above average that they’ve never worried how to make ends meet in a cruel weather winter?
Forgive us for our illogical thinking, but a country blessed with natural resources up the wazoo shouldn’t be punishing its citizens for existing.
Which begs the question – do the natural resources of this nation belong to Canada, and if so, why can’t Canadians, each and every one, benefit?
There are some mysteries that defy logic.
Meanwhile, it is only half way through January.
The frozen-titted harridan of the calendar, February, has yet to arrive.
We shall see.
I think old people might die more in February than any other month, if it only had an equal number of days.  Being several days short of normal brings the total down.
The forecast promises relief by Friday, with nighttime temperatures a single digit or two below zero, and daytime ditto above.
Joe is a pessimist.
He says we’ve been here before with rosy future weather predicted, but what was forecast turned to crap as the days arrived then departed.
Tune in next week to find out if Joe has hibernated.

Joe (two sweater) Mekanic
p.s.  Ramirez will be busy this year –

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  1. Dsquared thankyou enjoyed the whole dang thing. I am not of the mind to engage in brain consumption, but I do enjoy gravy. A modification on blood. Makes my beef delicious. It is so nice to see Mary Ruddick likes pork fat. They got a problem with wild boars. I have a solution. A restaurant called the Boaring Bar and Grill!
    Cheers CR

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